Let's meet in beautiful Chaska, Minnesota in October
to unify our voices, energies and work, and to transform the world!

"And, if not now, when?"
- Hillel the Elder
All who aspire to be on a Sage-ing journey are invited to come together and stand for the well-being of the future. There will be keynotes, presentations, workshops, interactive sessions, music and dance. Engaging elders from a wide spectrum of cultures and traditions will inspire and unify us as we create greater good for our world and rising generations. Start imagining how you will call on stories from the past, live fully into an insightful present, and activate a transformative new narrative.

Keynote speakers and numerous presenters will include creative thinkers, artists, writers, musicians, and more. Please click the names below for a corresponding website for each of our five keynoters.
Matthew Fox   is a spiritual theologian and activist. He founded Fox Institute and is a scholar at the Academy for the Love of Learning. He writes, “At this critical time in human history, when the earth is being ravaged…we need to gather those who offer a future of compassion, creativity, and justice to speak their conscience as never before.”

Chief Luisah Teish   is a storyteller-writer and artist-activist. Chief Teish is an initiated elder (Iyanifa) in the Ifa/Orisha tradition of the West African Diaspora. As a seasoned storyteller, she teaches the secrets of story and how to evolve and transform one’s current reality by becoming more awake, free and empowered. She combines personal, political, creative & spiritual approaches to finding purpose.

Larry Long is a singer/songwriter, community organizer, educator and creator of an inter-generational process called "Elders' Wisdom, Children's Song". He uses music to help people learn to work together, and bring a world of peace. Larry’s ballads focus on celebrating community and history-makers.

Dorene Day or "Waubanewquay" is a traditional healer, singer, and member of the Ojibwe Nation. Dorene is an "Ojibwe-Anishinabe Kwe" of the Waubizayshi O’dodem-Marten Clan, grounded at the Ojibwe Reservation in northern Minnesota. She is a strong advocate for youth, women, families, health and wellness, and culture-based healing and education.

Maria Genné is founder and artistic director of Kairos Alive! which transforms lives through dance and story. Kairos Alive! is an inter-generational and inter-cultural program, featuring live music and participatory dance. It promotes creative arts, health education and community well-being.
We look forward to welcoming you at  Oak Ridge Hotel and Conference Center  in suburban Chaska, Minnesota - a 30-minute taxi/Uber/Lyft ride from  Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport  or from  Amtrak's Union Depot  in St. Paul. The 130-acre campus includes a 100%-accessible  
conference center, comfortable rooms and suites, fine food, bright, flexible gathering spaces, a lake and 1-mile walking path, a Chartres-style hilltop  labyrinth , and a full fitness facility with a gym, handball court, and saunas.
Come a day early for exciting pre-conference opportunities beginning Thursday morning October 25. Sessions will integrate the following themes: Transformative Narrative, Sacred Activism, Spiritual Eldering, and Holistic Aging. 

A welcome reception starts at 5 pm CDT with the opening assembly following at 7 pm. Conference concludes Sunday noon, October 28, with a post-conference Sunday afternoon session: "Diverse Elder Voices: Wisdom Keepers of Resistance and Resilience."  Watch for upcoming details.

Online registration is coming soon: 
Watch for the February BULLETIN.
Would you consider volunteering to be part of the 2018 Conference planning? Many teams will be formed soon in interest areas such as hospitality, local arrangements, design, silent auction, technology, activities, marketing, music, registration, transportation, etc. Use this link to leave an email with your name and contact information. We will be in touch soon with details. We thank you!
Sage-ing International gratefully accepts donations of any amount from all supportive individuals who believe in the mission of this Conference. Your generous support, whether you will be attending or unable to attend, is greatly appreciated.

The work of  Sage-ing © International  grew from pioneering visionary, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, who published ground-breaking insights in the book  From Age-ing to Sage-ing . Reb Zalman invited a new vision of aging embracing a model of introspection cultivating deep wisdom and the potential for assuming the role of a sage in a world deeply in need of elder wisdom. He precipitated a global conversation about how aging can be a conscious, meaningful and valuable part of life. We continue the journey that he began. And the  time is now for  "Elder Voices Transforming the World - Our Stories in Action!"
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