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IIT Roorkee Heritage Foundation
(a non-profit 501(c)(3) US organization)

2018 Activities Update

IITRHF team wishes you and your loved ones a happy, healthy, and joyful 2019!

Dear Harish,

IITRHF was founded on 07/07/2007, and is now  in its 12th year of operations. Here is a recap of the calendar year 2018
Our programs:
  • Annual Heritage Excellence Awards (~50 awards/ year)
  • Annual Business Plan Competition Awards (~5 awards/ year)
  • Summer Internships at US universities
  • One year Internships in US companies
Accomplishments to date:
Over 160 alumni donors have joined hands towards these milestones:

  • Establish a Faculty Chair in Soil Dynamics
  • Establish annual Best Faculty award for Rs 2 Lacs
  • Facilitate 1 year paid internships at Cisco US for 15+ students
  • Facilitate 1 summer internship at Purdue University
  • Arrange 15+ guest lectures at IITR campus
  • Award 45+ awards in Annual Business Plan competition 
  • Award 48+ travel grants for Research Paper Presentations
  • Distribute 450+ Heritage Excellence Awards, and
  • Coordinate lab equipment donation to IITR worth US $250K
All this has been possible because of alumni contributions and volunteer efforts. Please spread the word to your fellow Roorkee alums to donate to IITRHF, and check with your employer for matching contributions to double your donation.

If you like to participate as a co-chair for any Program, or have idea for a new Program, please let us know. 
Republic Day Message from Director Ajit K. Chaturvedi

Here is a Republic Day message from IIT Roorkee Director,  Prof. Ajit Chaturvedi

IITRHF Lion Donors honored as IIT Roorkee Distinguished Alumni 2018

Please join hands in congratulating Prof.  Brij Agarwal & Prof. Sudhir Jain, winners of  the prestigious IIT Roorkee Distinguished Alumni Award for 2018 .

Prof. Brij Agrawal (ME Mechanical 1966)  
Distinguished Professor & Associate Chairman at Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) in Monterey, California (USA) and Director at Adaptive Optics Center of Excellence for National Security and Spacecraft Research and Design Center.

Prof. Agrawal has worked at Communications Satellite Corporation (COMSAT) and International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (INTELSAT) in the past, where he conducted research on spacecraft structures and design and participated in the development of many satellites. He wrote the first textbook on spacecraft design: "Design of Geosynchronous Spacecraft", and has also developed several techniques in spacecraft attitude control to avoid instability due to interaction with solar flexibility and liquid slosh. Prof. Agrawal has received numerous awards for his achievements. For more information, please click 
here .

Prof. Sudhir Jain (BE Civil 
Director, IIT Gandhinagar (IITGN)

Prof. Jain has been at the helm of IITGN since its founding 10 years ago, introduced unique academic programs and initiatives, and made a mark for himself. He is a Fellow of Indian National Academy of Engineering and past President of International Association for Earthquake Engineering. He set up the National Information Centre of Earthquake Engineering and the National Program on Earthquake Engineering Education. Prof. Jain was instrumental in the development of several important seismic codes in India, and held numerous leadership positions at IIT Kanpur. For more information, please click  here .

IITRHF Program: Annual Excellence Awards 

2018 Excellence Awards Update: 

This year, 200+ students applied for Annual Excellence Awards . T he results are being tabulated and finalists will be given a cash prize plus a certificate at  IITR (date to be finalized).

IITRHF Annual Excellence Awards (50+) are spread across all departments. Of these, 40+ are personalized by donors in their family members' names.

The following personalized awards were setup during 2018.

Naresh Chachra, BE Mechanical  1971, 

and his son
Sumit Chachra,  BTech Electrical  2003

established a personalized  award in their name
"Naresh Chachra and Sumit Chachra Excellence Award" .

Rakesh Verma, BE Mechanical  1981

established a personalized  award in his parents name - late Shri Dhara Singh and Shrimati Shanti Devi.  His father Shri Dhara Singh was also an alumni of Thomson College of Engineering , and earned Diploma in Civil Engineering in 1947

Prof. Medini Singh, BE Industrial 1983 

established a personalized award in his family name.

For a complete list of all personalized award donors, visit PersonalizedAwards page

To set up a personalized award in your family name, please reach out to 
Program Chair:    Aditya Gupta (Mechanical 1974) at

For progress to date, please visit  Heritage Excellence Awards

Giving Back to Alma Mater
IITRHF facilitates Group and Individual Tax-Exempt Donations
The Class of 1983 and the Class of 1993 organized group donations to IITR with the help of IITRHF.

Vivek Verma organized the 1983 batch donation (at their Coral Jubilee) for "Professional Development & Innovation Awards Sponsored by the Class of 1983"  to recognize deserving IITR students, and to honor the memory of "Class of 1983 Departed Friends".  The annual cash awards along with certificates will be given to innovative undergraduate engineering/ architecture projects under the "Professional Development & Innovation Awards" scheme.

Nikhil Jain organized the 1993 batch donation (at their Silver Jubilee) to provide financial   aid to IITR students facing financial hardships due to personal circumstances, and to support Students' Technical Projects that can compete at national and international level.

 Prof. Brij Agarwal  (ME Mechanical 1966) and his family members  established a   personalized scholarship at IITR  in his parents name "Shri Ram Saran Dass and   Shrimati Parmeshvari Devi"

  In addition to above, IITRHF acknowledges additional contributions from the following alumni during    2018   
  • Dr. Brij Agarwal - ME Mechanical 1966
  • Dr. Ajay Kumar - BE Mechanical 1968
  • Rajvir Singh - BE Electrical 1968 - Sponsor, IITRHF Annual Business Plan Competition
  • Mahesh Garg - BE Chemical 1981
  • Amit Bansal - BE Chemical 1987 
  • Roop Goyal - BE Electronics & Communication 1988
  • Sahil Bhardwaj - BTech Computer Science & Technology 2001
  • Saransh Choudhary - BTech Metallurgy and Materials 2007

            Prof. Brij Agrawal                   Dr. Ajay Kumar                             Rajvir Singh                               Mahesh Garg

               Amit Bansal                            Roop Goyal                             Sahil Bhardwaj                      Saransh Choudhary

IITRHF Program: Annual Business Plan Competition (BPC)

IITRHF partnered with IITR's Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell) for E-Summit festival at
IITR campus on 2-3 Feb, 2019

IITRHF has been organizing Annual Business Plan Competitions since year 2009. 

For the year 2018-19, IITRHF has partnered with E-Cell at IITR with a sponsorship of INR 1,50,000 for three prizes for IITR alum startups: Best Overall Plan, Most Innovative Award, and Judge's Choice Award.

E-Cell IIT Roorkee was established in 2006, with the vision of making the campus a favorable avenue for upcoming student entrepreneurs, and continues to grow every year. With 50+ members and a network of 150+ startups, this student community is constantly spawning innovative ideas. 
E-Summit (, the annual entrepreneurial festival at IITR is the flagship event of E-Cell and attended by 2000+ students from 400+ colleges across India. The event is supported by organizations like Startup India and Make In India.  Major attractions in the past include B-Plan competition with opportunities for funding, Google Startup Weekend, and the Dribble Meetup. This year lineup includes: "Productathon" for entrepreneurs  to showcase and validate their ideas & products, Startup Case Studies, and the Leadership Series where leaders from different domains share their expertise.

For more information contact (+91 8872205522)
IITRHF is proud to share the story of Chizel, an IITR startup, that won IITRHF's Best Plan Award in 2015 Business Plan Competition.

Please congratulate Chizel for winning a $1,000,000 investment from GSF, an Indian accelerator.

Yash Rane  and  Akash Behl (both Mechanical 2013), co-founded Chizel ( ), after few years of working in industry.  Chizel,  a Pune-based venture has taken 3D printing mainstream by applying its technology in architecture, real estate and marketing, to deliver miniature, scaled down 3D printed models of residential buildings, apartment complexes, shopping malls, bungalows, row-houses, townships, institutional complex, resorts, industrial models, interior design models, commercial and hospitality structures, both single and multi-coloured, all equipped with superior automation, wireless integration application and electronics.

Yash Rane, CEO Chizel (sitting at left) and his team

WE THANK our Lion Donor, Venture Capitalist, and Serial Entrepreneur, Rajvir Singh (BE Electrical 1969)  for sponsoring IITRHF Business Plan competition for past several years to encourage IITR entrepreneurs make such stories possible.

For further details visit 

Program Chairs: 

IITRHF Program: Heritage Internship Program (HIP)

HIP facilitates summer internships in US and Canadian universities to complement classroom learning at IITR and broaden student's outlook and research goals

Benefits for Students
  • Conduct research with leading faculty in reputed universities
  • Interact with research students
  • Explore graduate and doctoral programs and advisors
Benefits for Faculty
  • Find talented students with a passion for research and learning
  • Screen potential graduate and doctoral students
  • Know that your guidance made a difference in someone's life

Benefits for Donors
  • Support a program that promotes professional, co-curricular and overall development of students
  • Be a proud sponsor of a program to enhance the learning of students from your alma mater
  • Gratitude of being able to provide opportunities far greater than those available when you were in the same boat

If you are a University faculty and would like to offer internship to an IITR student (and potential PhD candidate) in partnership with IITRHF, please reach out to HIP Program Chair:

Rachna Lal (M.Arch. 2003) at

2018 HIP Recipient: 

Parth Gupta,  IMSc Applied Mathematics,  Class of 2020

Faculty Sponsor: Prof. Ananth Grama, Purdue University

Internship Details:  P arallel and distributed computing architectures, algorithms, and applications. 

Parth has worked on novel classification algorithms to determine storms from satellite images. These algorithms are expected to be incorporated in an ISRO satellite.

IITR Alumni and Gold Medalist Prof
. Subhash Suri  joins IITRHF's 
Heritage Internship Program to provide Research Internship Opportunities
IITRHF welcomes our alum Prof. Subhash Suri, BE (E&C) 1981 to
IITR Heritage Internship Program

Prof. Subhash Suri is a Distinguished Professor, and former chair of Computer Science at the University of California,  Santa Barbara, where he directs the Applied Algorithms Lab and the Center for Geometric Computing.  His primary research area is theory of algorithms and data science, with applications in artificial intelligence, robotics, social networks, databases, and game theory, among others Prof Suri is a Fellow of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), the American Association for the Advancement of  Science (AAAS), the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE), and an ACM Distinguished Scientist.

IITRHF Program: Academic Industry Collaboration

The Academic-Industry Collaboration  program was established several years ago as a long-term partnership between IITR and Cisco USA, that led to faculty and equipment grants for telephony and security lab at IITR campus, and several all expenses paid 1-year internships for IITR students at Cisco 
For achievements to date, visit Academic Industry Collaboration page.

In addition to IITR students, IITRHF recently facilitated inclusion of students from IIT Gandhinagar and JP Institute of IT at Noida under this program. The current Directors of both institutes are IITR Alumni.

If you want to explore a similar partnership with your company, please reach out to  Program Chair: 

Pradeep Kathail (Comp. Science 1995) at



IITRHF Board Member Dr. Kiran Panesar runs 
ENCORE Campus Awards 

The Class of 1989 setup Encore Awards at IITR in 2015 after their Silver Jubilee celebration. A record 107 students from Class of 1989 joined hands to raise over INR 43 Lakh, and set up scholarships to recognize all round excellence, encourage women in science and technology, and to help needy and meritorious students.
The Encore awards include (a) O verall excellence award for INR 50,000 (given to 2 or 3 students), and (b) A merit-cum-means award for INR 30,000 (given to 5 or 6 students).
Since these awards were established, they have become the most coveted awards at IITR campus. One of the reasons for the success of the award has been the rigorous, fair and transparent evaluation of applicants, including an in-person interview by Class of 1989 who travels to IITR specifically for this.
Here are some stats:

3 Merit
4 Means
3 Merit
5 Means
3 All-round excellence
5 Merit-cum-means
2 All-round-excellence
6 Merit-cum-means
Girl Awardees
3 4

For more details and to find out about the winners, please visit the website:

Program Representative: 

About IIT Roorkee Heritage Foundation (IITRHF)


IITRHF is a USA based 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.
All US donations are tax deductible to the extent permissible by law.

PS: Several employers will match (upto triple) donations to IITRHF.

All IITRHF programs are run by volunteers with no financial overhead. Contact with feedback, or to volunteer -or- co-chair a program.

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