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Breakfast Club with Catherine Weller
Casual book talk and news with Catherine. 
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Lit Knit
Craft Circle and conversation, not just for knitters. Come craft with us!
Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday 
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March 28
April 11 & 25

Collectors_ Book Salon   COLLECTORS' BOOK SALON 
Join bibliophiles for the Collectors' Chat. Light refreshments
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Every last Friday
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March 30: Delose Connor, History Through the Great Books
April 27:
  Craig Smith, Juanita Brooks and the Mountain Meadows Massacre  

From Tony Weller  
Independent Bookstore Day
Independent Bookstore Day: Saturday, April 28th
Bookstores are hubs of culture. Humanity crosses chasms of time, geography and language with bridges made of books. Cities and towns used to be more thickly populated with independent bookstores. Stock-empowered corporations thinned our numbers in the Nineties but curious thinkers, intellectual explorers, community builders, revolutionists, dreamers and romantics cannot be fully oppressed. Happily, independent bookstore numbers have increased in recent years as new intrepid curators of dreams have joined durable bookstores like Weller Book Works in bringing broad sensibilities, unique passion, and diverse books to local readers.

Independent Bookstore Day is Saturday, April 28th. It is a day to celebrate and recognize local bookstores for the value and light we bring to the community. We work hard to provide you with a smart selection of books, chosen, described and arranged by careful hands of dedicated readers. We are the people who run independent bookstores. Objects that contain big human spirit need to be carried in many different baskets. No-one knows enough about books to master this occupation fully. It is simply reckless to store knowledge and cultural heritage in single corporate packages. At no moment in history have monopolies served the interests of humanity or planet. In our time, there has been grave consolidation of influence in nearly every commercial sector. This is bad for society, bad for citizens and the Earth, bad for diversity, and by connived extractive design, bad for local economies. If you value what we do, help your friends to visit us. Give your support to locally owned businesses of worthy ilk.

Of course, reading is the main thing after acquiring books, but the process of examining and choosing them is itself adventure. Browsing a bookstore is not like online browsing. In Weller Book Works, one cannot ignore the vastness of the human experience. There are thousands of reading paths from which to choose. Apprehending this wealth, one is forced to accept the limits of time and the awesome and unavoidable fact that each moment is rife with choice. Open minded browsing is exploration -- mystifying, humbling and aspirational.

Join Tony on Independent Bookstore Day as he creates stencil art on your items. Read more about it in Tony's full article on our Blog. 
Best Weller's Pick for March-April
The Hunger by Alma Katsu    
20% Off 
The Hunger 
Alma Katsu
G.P. Putnam's Sons
Publisher's Price: $27.00
Our Price $21.60
Review by Frank Pester 
The Donner Party is one of America's Epic Tales, one that gripped the nation, and was the source of many books. Here is a supernatural twist to the harrowing story. Alma Katsu's retelling grips you at the start as the rescue team makes its way to a hastily built cabin, the home of the last survivor of the ill-fated team, plowing through snow that is chest deep to their horses. The first thing the team encounters is the smell of carrion. They'd been told that Lewis Keseberg was there and they were to bring him back, alive or not. They approach the cabin slowly with rifles raised. "Several unexpected items lay discarded in the snow: a pocket prayer book, a ribbon bookmark fluttering in the breeze. A scattering of teeth. What looked like a human vertebra, cleaned of skin...."
The Hunger is an eerie, thrilling look at the volatility of human nature pushed to its breaking point. All along the way which is fraught with hardship, depleted rations, bitter quarrels among team member families, and dry desert landscapes, the party members feel an evil presence. As sickness and hunger come they sense something is not right. They point fingers at each other, even the beautiful Tamsen Donner, and suggest she may be a witch. Early on the trail a young boy goes missing. When he is found, the incredibly dismembered body suggests to the party that something evil is following them.
After they stop at Fort Bridger to rest and regroup, they follow the ill-advised route known as the Hastings Cut-off, a shortcut that was devised by the Western promoter Lansford Hastings. A member of their party goes on ahead with a native guide who returns in fear of the evil lurking ahead.
Alma has used this historical tale and enlivened it with her character development. You feel the conflicts between party members. The thoughts and uneasiness are vividly portrayed.
The Hunger is like one of those horrific photos or news stories that one turns away from but keeps coming back. A quote at the end of one of the later chapters sums up the tale without giving anything away. "Then the Lord must be mightily displeased with you, because he has led you into the valley of death. Make peace with your Lord before it is too late, because the hungry ones are coming for you."

You can purchase The Hunger on wellerbookworks.com.

Books and Bridges: Moroni Benally speaks on Indigenous Erasure and the Navajo Kinship System.

Andrew Nadon uses his unique take on magic, mind reading and comedy to entertain you as aLittleMentalist!

William Victor Smith reads and signs  Textual Studies of the Doctrine and Covenants: The Plural Marriage Revelation .

Bill Humbert reads and signs his book Employee 5.0, a guide for job-seekers in the 21st century.

Books and Bridges: G eorge Handley will explore the significance of Wallace Stegner and Wendell Berry's thinking about the importance of a sense of place in American culture in this presentation and reading of his books Home Waters and American Fork.
Rare Book Spotlight
Under the Dome, Stephen King.  An unopened copy of the special Illustrated Collector's Edition  with collector's cards and custom slipcase. $250.
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