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Medical students & staff across the USA are losing their heads over our Escape Game in a Case. 
VENTURE UP Client News
July / August 2018
No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible. 
~ Fortune cookie

I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is a garbage man or the president of a university.  
~ Albert Einstein 
Russia is Mexico with Nukes.
James Phillips
CEO Nonomech

Defeat is a state of mind. No one is ever defeated unless defeat is accepted as a reality.
~ Bruce Lee

I can't clean my room because I get distracted by all the cool stuff I find. 
~ A cartoon 

When rich people fight a war with each other, poor people are the ones to die.
~ Jean Paul Sartre

It's one big club. And you ain't in it.
~ George Carlin

Did you know?
Summer at Work 
... kind of

Rockwell Automation
Cleveland, OH

Rockwell  employees in Cleveland dive into the Escape Game  to discover that the real culprit behind the D.B. Cooper case lurks among them.

Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing
Pittsburgh, PA

ARM staff in Pittsburgh team up to find ways to escape the box during a Strategic Games event.

Pittsburgh, PA

TransCanada HR staff engage in indoor games to gain new perspectives on teamwork.

Planet Fitness
Nashville, TN

Giving back to the community is a high priority from the top down at
Planet Fitness, who donated the bikes  they assembled to local kids in need. 
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