“Do no harm, do good, stay in love with God.”

These three simple rules guided the action of John Wesley three centuries ago and they continue to be general rules of discipleship for us today in the United Methodist Church.

In addressing the first rule, “do no harm,” Bishop Rueben P. Job, in his book 40 Days with Wesley, described it this way:
“It is not that complicated. And when practiced, it works wonders in transforming the world around us. This first simple step, when practiced, can provide a safe place to stand while the hard and faithful work of discernment is done. I will guard my lips, my mind and my heart so that my language will not disparage, injure or wound another child of God.”

I love Bishop Job’s wise and timeless words, but on this one matter, doing no harm, I do not agree that it is a simple matter. There are times when we must choose between which option does the ‘least harm.’ There are other times when our simple human nastiness bubbles out of our mouths and we wonder, “Did I just say that out loud?”

Sometimes I’m amazed to hear someone say, “I don’t really have a filter” or “I’m not afraid to tell others exactly what I think.” What they are really saying is, “I don’t really care about you or what you think. I’m more important than you are.” The painful truth to these statements is that far too often they describe ourselves, not others. I know it’s painful to admit that about myself.

David Gregory, in his book “Dinner with a Perfect Stranger", shared a conversation about human sin. One of the table companions writes on the back of a business card and puts Mother Theresa’s name on the top of the card and Adolph Hitler on the bottom. He connects them with a line and asks, Where would you put yourself on the line?

To illustrate how far we have fallen from God’s perfect grace, he then describes placing the card on the sidewalk and climbing to the very top of the Sears Tower in Chicago to find God. All of humanity is that far removed from God. There is no way possible for any of us to be restored to a perfect relationship with God, save the grace of Jesus Christ on the cross…not even those we consider to be saints. The fabric between God and us has been torn and can only be repaired by God.

Is it any wonder society and even our wonderful church struggles with “do no harm?” Even St. Paul struggled with his own sinful nature. “I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate. Now if I do what I do not want, it is no longer I that do it, but sin that dwells within me.” (Romans 7:15, 20) Keep on keeping on and be encouraged by our desire to avoid harm, doing good and staying in love with God.

“I heard a voice thunder from the Throne: 'Look! Look! God has moved into the neighborhood, making his home with men and women! They’re his people, he’s their God. He’ll wipe every tear from their eyes.'” (Rev 21:3-4 Message)

Loving God, remind me often today where I find my identity. May I never forget that I am your beloved child. May I listen for and hear your faintest whisper, feel your slightest touch, respond quickly to your call, yield to your word of correction, rejoice in your companionship, and serve you faithfully all the days of my life. Thank you for hearing my prayers and accepting my life. I offer them to you as completely as I can in the name and Spirit of Jesus Christ. Amen.
~Bishop Ruben Job

Your humbled servant in Christ Jesus,

Dale Golden
“Revival of Israel with Ezra and Nehemiah”
April 22-July 1 Series:

June 3 Nehemiah 3:1-5 - There is room at the wall for everyone!
Beginning with the high priests as laborers, setting the example at the Sheep Gate. All but the nobles take turns through chapter 3, each tribe making repairs and rebuilding every wall section and gate, ending with the goldsmiths and merchants finishing back at the Sheep Gate. In God’s kingdom, everyone has a part to play, but will we all play?

June 10 Nehemiah 4:1-6 - Taunts of unbelief
What are the Jews’ external and internal threats to rebuilding their ancient city. Leadership, faithfulness and calling upon the Lord is paramount to success. “Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord...is great and awesome….”

June 17 Nehemiah 5:1-2, 5-7, 9-12 - Being accountable to God and each other
Nehemiah calls people out when they treat fellow believers in the same ill behavior as society. He helps those who have been given much to understand their greater responsibility to their kindred community. Love God; love each other.

June 24 Nehemiah 6:15-16, 7:1-2 - With God’s help, anything is possible!
Words can be deceptive and harmful. Nehemiah builds both the wall and unity among the people and in the end reminded us that vengeance belongs to the Lord alone. Tribe by tribe the wall is built in just 52 days. Build it and they will come.
June Events

1 Howard Osterhouse
1 Alyssa Panda
4 Joleen Golden
4 Lucy Halavin
4 Ed O'Quinn
5 Frank Krizon
5 Mark Thompson
7 Josephine Bland
7 Dean Kellogg
8 Dawn Godwin
8 Ruth Ann Miller
8 Elena Vergara
9 Tori Ball
9 June Shearin
12 Marge Crist
13 Mandy Austin
14 Freida McCray
15 Warren Saxon
16 Carol Crimmons
19 Martha Parissi
21 Patricia DeBellis
26 Patty Hunt
26 Lori Jones
27 Alma Barker
27 John Dill
27 Jason Kellogg
29 Gaynelle Johnston
  • The deadline for getting information in the weekly worship bulletin is every Tuesday.
  • The deadline for getting articles into the monthly newsletter is the 20th of every month.

02 David & Jan Shipman
  • 39 yrs
03 Hermie & Norma Clemente
  • 51 yrs
03 Dilbert & Gwen Clifton
  • 60 yrs
15 Jim & Angie Hyde
  • 27 yrs
15 Mark & Susan Moor
  • 16 yrs
18 David & Judy Ward
  • 45 yrs
20 Steve & Karin Roland
  • 31 yrs
21 Dale & Joleen Golden
  • 43 yrs
21 Warren & Lana Saxon
  • 54 yrs

If your contact information (name, mailing address, telephone number, email address) has recently changed, please notify the church. You can call the office at (386) 734-4425 or email Lori Jones at officemgr@trinitydeland.org.
To call, write or send a member a card or email, contact the church office to request an updated "People Directory."

Below is a list of 46 members for whom we have no address. If you know how to contact someone on the list, let Lori Jones know:

1. Mr. Ray Allison
2. Calla Brewster
3. Mr. Peter Bukur
4. Mrs. Peter Bukur
5. Rainy Burris
6. Karen Carter
7. Benjamin Carter
8. Nancy Carter
9. Thomas Cooley
10. George Daviglus
11. Russell Densock
12. Louise Densock
13. Douglas Fogle
14. Richard Gaylord
15. Charles Gilreath
16. Sally Harrison
17. Mr. J Johnson
18. Steve Johnson
19. Faith Kurth
20. Mrs. Maddox
21. Helen Martin
22. James McGregor
23. James Moore
24. Lee Moore
25. Dennis Mulcahy
26. Susan Mulcahy
27. George Nesmith
28. Ronnie Nester
29. Patti Patten
30. Timothy Peterson
31. Yvonne Peterson
32. Patricia Poitinger
33. Martin Quinn
34. Roger Reese
35. Melinda Reese
36. Shirley Skinner
37. Maxine Smith
38. Sam Teague
39. Myra Teague
40. Mrs. Unkefer
41. Margaret Vieth
42. Robert Walker
43. Gabrielle Walker
44. Amy Wommack
45. Halsi Yanta
46. Janet Zimmerman

Below is a list of 31 members whose last known address we have in our files is no longer valid. If you have a new address for them, send to Lori J:

  1. Wilma Aberts – 1125 Private Rd, DeLand, FL 32720
  2. Edith Allen – 113 W. Chipola Ave. DeLand, FL 32720
  3. Chantalle Altland – P.O. Box 3661, DeLand, FL 32721-3661
  4. John Weaver – P.O. Box 3661, DeLand, FL 32721-3661
  5. Taylor Anderson – 421 N. Woodland Blvd. Unit 5653, DeLand FL 32723
  6. Tracey Baumgartner – 508 Wild Cherry Dr., DeLand, FL 32724
  7. Rodney Blevins – 2541 E. Lake Dr., DeLand FL 32724
  8. Karen Blevins – 2541 E. Lake Dr., DeLand FL 32724
  9. William Bosco – 1608 Gaudrey St., DeLand FL 32720
  10. Jeanne Bosco – 1608 Gaudrey St., DeLand FL 32720
  11. Lesleye Erickson – 1031 Garvin Place, Louisville, KY 40203
  12. Daniel Fogle – 1919 Ladybug Lane, DeLand FL 32720
  13. Jennifer Fogle – 1919 Ladybug Land, DeLand FL 32720
  14. Raines Freeman – 400 Howry Ave Apt 30, DeLand FL 32724
  15. Paula Freeman – 400 Howry Ave Apt 30, DeLand FL 32724
  16. Elizabeth Furlong – 1160 Orangewood Rd, DeLand FL 32720
  17. Richard Jackson – 30 Dearborn Court, Lawrenceburg, IN 47025
  18. Joan Kartzmark-Honeycutt – 313 Stonington Way, DeLand FL 32724-7313
  19. Avis Killing – 706 Deerfoot Rd., DeLand FL 32720
  20. Karen Lyster-Mullen – P.O. Box 3067, DeLand FL 32721-0247
  21. Sarah Bosco Maki – 831 North Arlington, DeLand FL 32724
  22. William Mastny – 411 Shangri La Circle, Edgewater FL 32132
  23. Carole Miller – 1210 North Stone St., #102, DeLand FL 32720
  24. William Mooney – 453 South St., DeLeon Springs FL 32130
  25. Dorothy Mooney – 453 South St., DeLeon Springs FL 32130
  26. Michael Newberry – 1558 Brendon Palm Ct. #304, Orange City FL 32763
  27. Lisa Parissi – 1074 E. French Ave., Orange City FL 32763
  28. Edward Pennington – 1114 Cari Place, DeLand FL 32720
  29. Debby Squires – 2739 Bird Nest Court, DeLand FL 32724
  30. Grace Swartz – 247 N. Blue Lake Ave., DeLand FL 32724
  31. Homer Wilkins – 929 Bosco Ble Ave., DeLand FL 32720
SEPTEMBER 26 – 28, 2018
The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, Leawood, Kansas

Learn how to equip your ministry team with practical
ministry ideas translatable to your context.

  • Pre-Institute speakers sharing their latest, most innovative ministry ideas
  • General Session Speakers sharing the newest leadership growth strategies to help maximize your leadership impact
  • 70+ ministry-specific breakout workshops with useful and feasible take-aways from every session adaptable to your own ministry setting

Build up the local church by renewing leaders and
reinforcing the vision of both clergy and laity.

  • Create plans and ideas for your congregation to reach new people
  • Maximize your impact as an effective leader and a strong leadership team
  • Discover God’s clear purpose for your call to ministry and leadership to fulfill the church’s mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world

Come away recommitted, passionate and confident
for the future of your church and ministry.

  • Experience vibrant worship, prayer and encouragement to help you find hope, meaning and purpose as a Christ-follower and a leader
  • Connect and fellowship with peers from a variety of ministry contacts across the country
  • Cast a vision for your church to transform lives and your community

Pastor Dale was truly inspired last year when he attended the 2017 Leadership Institute. For that reason (and more) members of the Administrative Council are encouraging current and future leaders of our church to consider attending this equipping, strengthening and inspiring conference. Trinity plans to send a small contingency to the 2018 Leadership Institute in September. If you are interested, please see Pastor Dale Golden for application details.

Greetings to all Trinity UMC Members and Friends,
As I reflect on the concept of "Church Historian", I realize that within this context here it is really a matter of being a historian of a specific congregation, us. We have always been a part of the universal church gathered in the name of Jesus Christ. However, we are distinct within that universal setting with our own grasp of the Gospel for the people and circumstances of our locality.

We have a goodly history from our founding in the last decade of the 19th Century during a period of economic stress. A hard freeze disabled the citrus industry in Florida during that time. It challenge the future of this fledgling congregation of the Methodist Church, South, which had just started its congregational life and mission. Our forbears, though challenged by the economic downturn, nevertheless sacrificed and continued to grow. We have continued to exist and to grow. We, along with other Protestant denominations, reached a peak of membership and service amidst the turbulent times of the mid-20th Century. We have since that time become smaller in size. The task in front of us in the world and community, however, has continued to grow and intensify.

Charles Wesley wrote these words set to music now sung as a hymn, "And are we yet alive, and see each other's face," (No. 553, Methodist Hymnal) we come to worship, to study, and to feast together "seeing each other's face." We have this fellowship because of those over the years who have pressed on so this work might continue. We no longer see the faces of so many who have worked so hard to be faithful to God's call through Jesus Christ. Their faith enabled their sacrifice of time, their giving of talent, and their giving of economic substance to establish Trinity United Methodist Church for the 21st Century. The context of our time is, of course, different in its particulars, but our human, social, and political needs to which the Gospel is addressed will continue on as it has in the past.
The Committee on Church History is designed to explore and recover the past story of our congregation's members and their stories so as to "paint an inspiring picture" to which this generation of members will add. This will take time and require some energy on its part and we invite you to join this group if you have an interest, even an "inkling" of an interest in history, people and stories that are relevant to our life together. All we need now is you!

Contact me by email by using this link or inform Pastor Dale of your interest and willingness to help. We will get in touch with you soon.


L. Tom Cunningham, Historian

On May 9th, we had our regular meeting where we heard a report given by our new Security Manager, Jeff Hansard. Jeff brought to our attention some potential issues and observations that may require additional security components. The Trustees will further explore this issue at our June meeting.
We recently received and accepted two very generous estate gifts of which a portion ($50,000) has been set aside to be administered by the Education Committee for a new endowed scholarship fund to be set up with the Florida UM Foundation. The remainder will be kept by the foundation and will be designated for our Building Fund.

Our next meeting is June 13th. Blessing to all from the Trustees!

Daniel Vergara, chair
Members of the Worship and Kitchen teams met with our architect, Dana Smith, to review the latest drawings of the new church design. Revisions are still being made, according to their input and suggestions, but we are moving closer to a final design.

Questions? Contact a member of the Building Committee or call the church office for a list of committee members.

Trinity uses a number of communication tools to educate, inform and raise awareness of its many activities, events, programs and services, such as worship bulletins, brochures, videos, PowerPoint slides, flyers on bulletin boards, YouTube videos, newspaper articles, Twitter postings, etc. Listed below are descriptions of some of the more popular tools. If you would like to "sign up" to receive such communications, simply click on the links below or call the Church Office to inquire at (386) 734-4425. Lori Jones will be more than happy to assist you.

  • Our E-Newsletter ("Trinity Today") is published monthly on the 1st of every month. E-Blasts are separate emails sent less frequently and usually deal with a specific issue or two that may need immediate attention. Both e-communications are sent our using a program called Constant Contact. To begin receiving these emails, click on this link to sign up!
  • Facebook is a great way to stay informed of what is going on at church, especially including videos of our services, music and special events. If you are on FB and have not found us, click on this link or type this address in the search box: Trinity United Methodist Church, DeLand. If you are having difficulty finding us, contact Conya Hartman, Lori Hansard or me.
  • Our Trinity Updates via telephone calls have become a popular favorite with members. John Campbell records these messages using an automated program called PhoneVite - although you would never know that because the name of the church will always appear on your caller ID. (So you will know it's safe to answer!) These weekly calls will inform you of important news and pending events. If you are not receiving our calls, give Lori Jones a call at the office or email me at Anita Campbell to give us your preferred cell or home telephone number.
  • We hope you won't...but please know...you have the option to stop receiving our emails and calls at anytime. At the end of each recorded message are instructions on how to opt out. And, at the bottom of every email is a link to unsuscribe. For Facebook users, you will have to "unfriend" us or change your notification settings.

For more information on Trinity Communications, feel free to contact me by email or call - anytime!

Anita Campbell, Team Leader
Every week, we ask members to help us measure the health of the church in different ways. "Salty Service" tickets (found in the pew) are used to count the number of persons serving through church ministries to the community for a least one hour.

Yes, people serve others in many ways throughout DeLand, and this is still very important (such as through Rotary, museum, hospital volunteers, etc.). But for the purpose of evaluating the health of our church, we are focusing on the outreach ministries and mission projects of our local church. Want to learn more about our outreach ministries? Email Cindy Fox, M&O Team Leader.
One of the best community outreach ministries that Trinity supports with money, manpower and time is the Interfaith Kitchen. We have pledged to serve a dinner meal to hungry men, women and children on the 3rd Tuesday of every month and must fulfill our obligation.

Melissa Fuller serves as this ministry program coordinator for our church and she has asked that every small group sign up for a specific date and agree to prepare and serve a meal. Please email Melissa to inquire about the open dates and sign up today. Truly, you are serving as the hands and feet of Jesus when you reach out and help this fragile (yet very grateful) population.

On April 14, at St. Ann's Catholic Church in DeBary, over 200 people attended the Night for Freedom banquet/auction. Several members from Trinity attended; five of our Trinity members assisted with event production: Dan Vergara, Vanessa Vergara, Becky Hurlbert, Angel Bohner and Lori Hansard. Their help was greatly appreciated.

Gross receipts totalled $22,962.75. This figure doubled what last year's event earned. Event sponsor, the H.O.P.E. Team (Helpers of People Enslaved) is thrilled at raising so much money to help their cause. The monies will be maintained in a grants fund. Agencies within the Central FL area who have an established “safe house” or are in the process of building one will be eligible to apply for a grant.

The H.O.P.E. Team consists of 16 members representing seven different churches and denominations in the West Volusia area. Lana Saxon is Trinity's representative.

An estiamted 100,000 boys and girls in the U.S. are sexually exploited every year and the average age is 12. Parents who give their children a phone need to know all their passwords and frequently look at who their children are talking with. Tell your kids you are doing this; otherwise, you will lose their trust. Children are innocent; they can start up a conversation on Facebook with someone who makes them feel good, gains their trust, then wants to meet them. The child sees nothing wrong with that, yet a parent sees RED FLAGS everywhere!

Trinity's second Human Trafficking Awareness Night gave us the above info plus plenty more. Jan Edwards spends a lot of time in Tallahassee trying to get laws on the books regarding the trafficking industry. She has educated over 3500 children, teens, and young adults about the subject and will not stop. Her dynamic talk on May 17 was heard by 57 people, who will pass this info on to children, grandchildren, and neighbors. About seven of our youth were there to hear her stories and watch the docufilm.

What can YOU do? Pray for Jan and all who are involved in the fight. Pray for the H.O.P.E. Team which is spreading awareness. Keep your eyes open and if you see something that looks wrong, say something OR call the National Hotline number at 1-888-373-7888 or text HELP or INFO to 233733.

May 30th will mark the end of the school year for most students, but many students will participate in summer school at George Marks Elementary. The next school year will begin August 13th. Many students come to school without having needed supplies for the classroom. When these supplies aren’t provided, teachers spend their own money to pay for them.

If we would like to help our schools, having a school supplies drive may be a good option. I will look forward to receiving suggestions or other ideas about how Trinity wants to help Citrus Grove, such as a "Welcome Back Teachers Brunch or Lunch" before the students return, or gift cards for teachers to purchase much-needed classroom supplies. I know they are very thankful for the support we have given. Email me at lelarue@gmail.com with your ideas!

Leslie LaRue, Partnership Leader

Mentoring, at its core, guarantees young people that there is someone who cares about them, assures them they are not alone in dealing with day-to-day challenges, and makes them feel like they matter. Research confirms that quality mentoring relationships have powerful positive effects on young people in a variety of personal, academic, and professional situations. Ultimately, mentoring connects a young person to personal growth and development, and social and economic opportunity. Yet one in three young people will grow up without this critical asset . - (visit http://www.mentoring.org/why-mentoring/mentoring-impact/ to read more.)

For more information on how you can become a mentor, contact Anita or John Campbell.
New Butterfly Garden!
Thank you, Trinity members!
We love our Garden!

Thank you! For every pair of sneakers we gave to children at Citrus Grove, we also gave two new pairs of socks. Last year, you donated so many socks that we were able to use them for both of our shoe giveaways (December of 2017 and April 2018).

We have now depleted our supply and need your help. This summer, you will find a bin in the Fellowship Hall for our SOCK COLLECTION. Kids really like thin socks and low-cut or ankle socks. You may contribute socks over the next three months, so you have plenty of time to find the best price. Chidlren's shoe sizes run from size 13 (small foot) to 10 (older girls and boys).

This is a project of Trinity's Missions & Outreach Team. Contact Lana Saxon for more info.

Cindy Fox, Team Leader
Dear Trinity Family,

The role of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals and queers (LGBTQ) in The United Methodist Church will be brought before a Special Session of the General Conference to be held in St. Louis, Missouri, February 23-26, 2019. The issue of homosexuality has been brought before the General Conference (which meets every quadrenium) for decades and tabled. However, in 2016, the General Conference authorized the Council of Bishops (which presents legislative proposals for changes to the Book of Discipline and is presided over by Florida’s Bishop Kenneth Carter) to form a commission to study the issue and make recommendations. Members were given the task of advising the Council of possible ways through the impasse. Conference delegates also approved of the special session, as a way of moving the issue forward.

The 32-member Commission on a Way Forward was a diverse group, ethnically speaking, and included three openly gay members. After two years of intense prayer for the leading of the Holy Spirit, the group presented three plans to the Council of Bishops for their consideration: The Traditionalist Plan, The One Church Plan and The Connectional Conference Plan. Here is a BRIEF description of each Plan:

The Traditionalist Plan - There would be no change to The Book of Discipline which states the “practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching”. It bans ordination of “self-avowed, practicing gay clergy....”

The One Church Plan - Each Conference would be able to decide whether to ordain LGBTQ individuals as clergy. Congregations would decide if they would receive an openly gay pastor, and pastors would decide whether or not to perform same-sex unions. (Some parts of the UM Connectional system already make their own decisions.)

The Connectional Conference Plan - This plan would share doctrines, services, and one Council of Bishops, but the five U.S. jurisdictions would be replaced by three connectional conferences ranging from traditional to progressive. Each Annual Conference would decide which connectional conference to join according to what best fits their mission field.

*During the special session, delegates will only act on the bishops’ report. Most of the delegates for the 2019 session will be those who attended the 2016 General Conference, though The Book of Discipline allows annual conferences to elect new delegates if they so choose. As with every General Conference the number of clergy and lay (non-clergy) delegates will be equal. Bishops preside, but do not vote.

Two annual conferences — California-Nevada and New York — have made plans for a new election of delegates. The Red Bird Missionary Conference has made plans to elect new reserve delegates. About 58 percent of the delegates will come from the United States and 30 percent from Africa. The remaining delegates are from the Philippines, Europe and Eurasia, as well as 10 from “concordat” churches with which The United Methodist Church has formal relationships.

The Council of Bishops recently announced it is recommending The One Church Plan, which would allow local churches and conferences more freedom about whether to participate in same-sex weddings and ordain gay clergy. The bishops also said they will include the two other plans in their report. One question that cannot be answered at this point is just how much of what happens in 2019 will affect what comes before the 2020 General Conference. The final decision threatens to divide the church; indeed, it has already had an impact on Trinity and some of our precious families have left. They have their reasons and have every right to decide what God is saying to them in their hearts.

To aid our understanding, Point of View (POV) "town meetings" are now being organized in churches or districts around the country to offer differing perspectives regarding human sexuality. Trinity's plan (to be led by our Staff Parish Relations Committee chair Karen Averill) is to provide an opportunity for questions to be asked and all to be heard on the matter. Until these plans are announced, please pray, pray and pray again that God will inspire and bless us as we come together in love and have a meaningful conversation which will bring unity, not discord.

Now will you join me in praying this month for these members and friends in our Directory:

Lee and Beth Britton, The Don and April Brunning family, Richard and Barbara Brunning, Mary Burbridge, and Paul, Dona and David Butler.


Carolyn Harner, Prayer Team Coordinator (*references adapted from articles found on various UM websites)
Vacation Bible School (VBS) is fast approaching! The dates are June 11-15, from 9 a.m. to noon daily. All children, ages 4 to 11, are invited to join us! To learn more about VBS, visit our Children & Family Ministry page on Trinity's website.

We will be using the "Shipwreck" curriculum from Cokesbury which will focus on what it means to feel all alone in the world and how Jesus can “rescue” us from our troubles. Team leaders (including members of Trinity Youth) will take the children on a make-believe but awesome boating excursion. The curriculum incorporates music, science, arts and crafts, recreation and fantastic Bible stories to help kids (and leaders) discover how Jesus is always with us – and that we are never truly alone!

There is no fee to attend VBS. This is a free program, open to the public. Please share this information with anyone and everyone you meet who care about children and want to see them involved in a quality, Christian education program. We are using an online process this year so, to register a child, click on this link to access the online registration form. For more information or to complete a paper registration form, call me at (386) 734-4425 or send me an email.

Lori Hansard, Children & Family Ministry Director

  • Hunter Taaffe, from DeLand HS. Has joined the Army and will ship out Memorial Day to serve in Infantry, Heavy Artillery unit
  • Jasmine McTyre. from University HS. Will attend Clemson in the fall and plans to major in Chemical Engineering
  • Maia Carr from Daytona State College. Will transfer to Stetson in fall and plans to major in Sociology
  • Trevor Rosso from a college in Kansas City with a degree in Agriculture Business. Going to Texas Tech for degree in Animal Science with Business emphasis
  • Abby Moor from UCF with degree in Spanish
  • Arnon Clemente passed his boards and is now a Certified Nurse Anesthetist.
Music Makers

Music Makers completed their spring program with a total of 23 children. We raised around $300 from the Belk Charity Sale and would like to thank everyone for their support!

Our annual Summer Music & Drama Camp will be the week of July 16th. We will have our rising 2nd graders joining at that time. We graduated six 5th graders from the spring Music Makers program. Information about the camp program and a registration form can be found on the church website.

We hope to get some children from Vacation Bible School (which is this month) to participate in Music & Drama Camp as we continue to reach out to the community.

A new summer initiative is to form a middle-high school singing group that will perform during the early worship service. Know of teens who love to sing? Please let me know their names, ages and contact info. I would love to talk with them about this new group! (Remember, they do not have to be a member of Trinity UMC!) Email me or call me at (386) 734-4425, extension 205.

Members of the Worship Team met with the architect to review the design and discuss needs and plans for the new worship space. As a result, I have met with our current sound system installer to get a bid for the essential technical, audio, visual equipment that we will need.

Conya Hartman, Director of Music and Worship

The final class for this term will be held June 6th, 6:00-7:00 p.m. For more information about the next class or how you can become a member of Trinity, contact Pastor Dale.

Sarah Circle is a vibrant circle that has found its purpose. We are doing a prayer shawl/prayer book ministry. Those of us who knit or crochet will be making prayer shawls and those of us who like working with paper will be making prayer books. And, even if you are not sure how to do either, we hope you will join us to learn how for it's fun!

The hand-made items will be distributed to church family and friends who are going through some trying times. If you would like to help, please email Melissa Fuller or Deb Bennett. We are a very social group doing God’s work.

Sarah Circle meets the first Tuesday of the month in the Wesley Room; however, during the summer months we will meet just for lunch. If you would like to join us, we will meet June 5th at Cook’s Cafe at 11:30 a.m. Join us!

Visitors are always welcome to attend any of our Adult Sunday School groups. If you would like more info on these or other adult classes and groups, contact Cindy Fox, Adult Education Coordinator, by email here .

The Discussion Class has been reading and discussing current Christian books by authors such as Adam Hamilton and Andy Stanley. When available, videos are used. Leadership is shared.  For more information, contact Becky and Bob Kellogg or Jill and Jeff Churchill (Oct-Apr).

For more information, contact Melissa Fuller, class leader.

For more information, contact Tom Cunningham, class leader.

We are continuing our study of the Book of Romans. For more information, contact Cindy Fox, class leader.

The Friendship Class meets Sundays at 10 a.m. in the Wesley Room, located on the first floor (no stairs to climb). Open to all adults. The current lesson material comes from the Bible and the United Methodist Church's Adult Bible Studies “Covenants With God”. For more information, contact  Don Taylor , class leader.
For those who are looking for a deeper insight into some of Pastor Dale's teachings and leadings, he has created a blog which can be viewed anytime on the church website. Click HERE  to read his latest blog! And, to get an email notice about new blogs being posted on the website, click on the red button below to sign up or contact Lori Jones in the church office for assistance.
  • Want to help in the office? Contact Lori Jones
  • Willing to be an usher or greeter on Sundays? Contact Dave Shipman or Jennifer Griffis
  • Love cooking and want to serve on our Kitchen Team? Contact Karen Averill or Betty Kobler
  • Want to serve the least of these through our monthly Breakfast at Trinity ministry? Contact Lana Saxon
  • Willing to call, write or visit homebound members? Contact Debra Wood or John Campbell
  • Love kids and want to serve as a volunteer or mentor in local schools? Contact Leslie LaRue
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The April 1968 merger that created The United Methodist Church not only birthed a new denomination, it abolished a painful part of Methodist history: The Central Jurisdiction, which segregated African-Americans from their Methodist brethren.

It was an earlier 1939 merger that created The Methodist Church from the Methodist Episcopal Church, Methodist Episcopal Church South, and the Methodist Protestant Church. The Southern church only agreed to the merger after a compromise created a jurisdiction based exclusively on race — not geography.

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Anita Campbell, chairperson
Florida Conference Commission on Archives & History

The first decades since The United Methodist Church was formed on April 23, 1968 were filled with highlights. As we look to the next 50 years and beyond, we invite you to look back by taking this retrospective quiz.

Download, print and share this quiz with your church, family and friends! After you take the quiz, you can see all the answers and learn more about the UMC's first 50 years.
United Methodists Pledge to Fight Racism

Racism is still “rearing its ugly head” in the 50 years since the assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., but nothing is a match for the God we love, Bishop LaTrelle Easterling said.

Easterling, episcopal leader of the Baltimore-Washington Conference, was one of several United Methodist leaders who spoke April 3 outside the United Methodist Building, on the eve of a rally expected to draw thousands to the nation’s capital in an event sponsored by the National Council of Churches.

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