Friday, February 23, 2018
It was an unusually light week at the Capitol due to inclement weather in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas. The House and Senate did not meet yesterday and many committee meetings scheduled over the past couple of days were cancelled due to weather concerns. Things should pick up next week though, as Thursday, March 1st is the deadline for bills to pass out of committee in their chamber of origin in order to remain active for this regular legislative session.
Special Session Update

Both the House and Senate acted this week to pass an adjusted general appropriations bill, which makes 0.66 percent across-the-board cuts in order to balance the FY 18 budget for the remaining four months of the fiscal year.

HB 1020xx is a general appropriations bill that adjusts the budget to reflect across the board cuts to state agencies. Cuts are reflected as follows
  •  Career Tech takes a cut of $746,340.
  •  $16,240,762 cut from the State Department of Education, including
  • $15.35M to the state aid formula (approx. $13 per WADM)
  • $755,000 for support of public school activities
  • $128,500 cut to State Department of Education
  • No reduction in flex benefits allowance
  • HB 1020xx passed both House and Senate floors and will be sent to the Governor for approval next week.

Regular Session Bills of Note

a.       SB 1031 by Sen. Josh Brecheen (R-Coalgate)
SB 1031 requires school districts to use a RFP process to hire legal and financial experts in connection with lease-backed or leave revenue bond. If school boards select a provider other than the low bidder, written justification must be provided to the state auditor and state bond advisor.
  • SB 1031 was scheduled to be heard Wednesday in the Senate Appropriations Committee, but that meeting was cancelled due to the weather. We expect it will be on the agenda for next week’s meeting.

b.       SB 1279 by Sen. Jason Smalley (R-Stroud)
SB 1279 amends the Local Development Act. It tightens parameters regarding the location where Tax Increment Financing (TIF) districts may be formed so new TIFs are not established in areas already experiencing economic growth. It also gives school boards the option of opting in or out of local tax increment financing (TIF) districts.
  • SB 1279 passed the Senate Appropriations Finance Subcommittee on Tuesday and will now go to the full Senate Appropriations Committee.

c.        HB 2671 by Rep. Chuck Strohm (R-Jenks)
HB 2671 would reduce the number of potential regular and special election dates for school districts and technology centers, which will result in fewer available dates for bond issue proposals.
  • HB 2671 has previously been on the House Elections & Ethics Committee agenda but has been laid over. It must be heard in committee this week in order to advance.

d.      SB 1547 by Sen. Kim David (R-Porter)
SB 1547 requires the OSU Center for Local Gov’t Technology, in cooperation with the County Assessors’ Association, to provide the administration, support, training and implementation of the OSU Center for Local Gov’t Technology-sponsored, computer assisted mass appraisal computer software system to any county using the services provided by the Ad Valorem Division of the Tax Commission and other counties upon request.
  • SB 1547 has been double-assigned to the Senate General Gov’t Committee and the Senate Appropriations Committee. It was laid over in Senate General Gov’t this week but will hopefully show up on the agenda again this week.

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