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2018 Mississippi Legislative Session 

October and November are two of my favorite months in the Mississippi Delta. The weather is perfect as the seasons change. As the days get shorter, you can feel the holiday season in the air. For me, it has always been a time of reflection and preparation.

As a first year legislator, I have to also consider other things during this time of year. It has become the time of year that I begin assessing opportunities and threats for Mississippi. This is my assessment:


*Losing Population (Millennial Brain Drain)
*Forecasting Flat Economic Growth (Performing worse than other Southern States)
*Crumbling Infrastructure (Bad for tourism and industry)
*Maintaining Negative Brand (Change the Flag)
*Hurting Small Communities (Poor Infrastructure-Water, Sewage, & Streets)


*Raise Gas Tax (to improve roads and bridges)
*Start Lottery (to raise money for public education)
*Train More Certified Educators in Mississippi (to motivate and inspire youth)
*Encourage Entrepreneurship (to foster scalable business models)
*Remember our CULTURE (to make every Mississippians proud of his or her state)
*Implement Internet Sales Tax (to generate more REVENUE)

If you live in Mississippi, I encourage you to call or email your legislator to find out where they stand on some of the above issues; particularly, the opportunities. If you take notice, the opportunities PRIMARILY describe ways to increase revenue. If we don't look at our budget in that way, we are not being fiscally responsible for the Mississippians who voted us in office. Many elected officials believe in cutting government, but I think that hurts areas like the Mississippi Delta the most. I am optimistic the Mississippi Legislature will endeavor to support initiatives that help us to increase revenue versus looking to reduce it. 

This legislative session, I plan on introducing some of the same bills I introduced last years and a few new ones as well. I will continue to be a champion for the people I represent. What do I mean by that? I will vote against what I perceive to be negative policy for the Mississippi Delta. At the same time, I am excited about Mississippi Deltans taking a part in their own success. We will do our fair share to make our area better, but we will not be silent about the challenges that exist which must be supported by our state government.

Abe M. Hudson, Jr.

On Monday, October 23rd, one of my legislative colleagues, Representative Dana Criswell, joined me in Cleveland, Mississippi to have a civil discussion about the Mississippi State Flag. Though I believe we should change the flag and he believes we should keep it, it was an opportunity to confront a challenging topic in our state. Dr. Chuck Westmoreland, Delta State University History professor, provided the historical context and shared my view that we should change the flag. I thank both of them for participating along with the Mississippi Humanities Council for hosting the event.  Also, please CLICK HERE to listen to discussion on Facebook Live.

The last few months, I deemed Wednesday my constituent day. This particular Wednesday fell on Halloween. CLICK HERE  to see more photographs from that "Day in the Delta".

At the end of October, Mississippi Speaker of the House Phillip Gunn visited the Mississippi Delta for a half day tour of Bolivar County. I took him to all three of the school districts I represent. They include North Bolivar School District, West Bolivar School District, and Cleveland School District. I look forward to having him and other Mississippi legislators from around the state to visit Bolivar County and the Mississippi Delta. CLICK HERE to see more photographs.

Shelby Broadstreet Queen  Jermequa Ward  didn't let the cold weather stop her homecoming fun. Go Jaguars!!! Want to see more homecoming pics? CLICK HERE to view.

I attended the JFK Homecoming in Mound Bayou, MS where I met Queen Taneille Woods. During our conversation, she shared that she was interested in studying medicine. I look forward to calling her Dr. Woods one day. 

I was honored to be selected by Southern Legislative Conference to be a part of this year's CALS Program. The program, which took place October 14th-18th in Little Rock, Arkansas, aims to prepare emerging leaders for their roles in state government. Want to see more photos? CLICK HERE to view.

Along with other Mississippi Legislators, I attended the  State Innovation Exchange  Conference in Washington, DC. As always, it's both fascinating and helpful to hear what other legislators are doing across the country to improve their state.

Thanks to  Mississippi Today for sponsoring the "Real Talk" panel discussion that focused on the merits and deficits of charter schools. As I stated during the debate, I'd like to see similar types of "flexibility" in standards offered to public schools as it relates to hiring teachers and revamping curriculum. CLICK HERE to read the full article.

Looking for something to do with your family this weekend in the Mississippi Delta? Please check out downtown Cleveland's 50 days of lights. Happy Holidays!!! (Also, CLICK HERE to hear my daughter's initial response to seeing the gorgeous lights in Bolivar County.)

Here, I am photographed with Principal Dr. Kenyartic Brown of West Bolivar High School, Representative William Shirley, and Rosedale Mayor Carey Estes.  Representative Shirley called and said he'd be in Rosedale with Scott Central. Before I left the game, I introduced him to some people in the Rosedale community. I am always glad to have other legislators visit the Mississippi Delta.

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