Hello Casa de Ester family,

While 2019 is off to an incredible start with two mission trips to Honduras and our first Radiate Coalition trip to provide training to a ministry in Uganda, we do not want to miss the opportunity to reflect on highlights from 2018 and to share our financial report.
In 2018, Casa de Ester welcomed six new girls into the safety of the home. The horrendous circumstances they were rescued from ranged from physical and sexual exploitation, impregnation from rape, sexual abuse, trafficking, and abandonment. Each of the girls experienced significant growth and progress in their healing process.

Three of the girls brought into the home were able to be successfully reconnected and reintegrated with healthy family members that were not complicit in their abuse.

One of the three girls reintegrated included the pregnant teenager. She received excellent prenatal care along with intensive counseling and therapy from the CdE team. She ultimately gave birth to a healthy baby, and was able to be reintegrated with her loving family a few months later.
As the message of Christ is at the forefront of the ministry, we rejoiced as four girls accepted Christ as their Savior and two girls reaffirmed their profession of faith. Please continue in prayer with us for the one resident yet to accept Christ as her Lord and Savior.
We also celebrated the high school graduation of one of the CdE girls, and the 9th grade graduation of two of our girls. Each of the girls worked extremely hard in their studies this year. Among all the girls attending school, the lowest annual grade average was 83% and the highest was 98%!

The Casa de Ester staff welcomed two new members to the team - a substitute counselor that was promoted into a full-time position and a new director for Casa Legado.

The CdE staff also grew in depth of knowledge. The staff attended ten different trainings throughout the year, with topics ranging from Trauma-Informed Care, Trust-Based Relational Intervention, Biblical Counseling, CPR/First Aid, and Security Training/Assessment. We are proud of the team's dedication to continued growth!
Casa Legado welcomed two Casa de Ester graduates into the transition home early in 2018, and we celebrated a successful move to a new location for Casa Legado in the fall of 2018.

During 2018, Casa de Ester welcomed seven different mission teams (thirty-one team members) to experience the heart of the ministry and life together at Casa de Ester.
Finally, in line with our non-negotiable of "Transparent financials with frontline wartime focus", we have prepared two financial reports for Casa de Ester:

While we are not required to release this financial data (since we operate and submit all expenses under the 501c3 shelter of Allegro), we believe you have the right to this detailed information and we choose to share publicly this transparent look at how every penny has been used. We hope that we have honored your support and have been excellent stewards of the funds the Lord has entrusted to us through your giving. If you have any questions or feedback regarding the financials, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Here is a brief summary of all expenses:
  • 6.7% Administrative Expenses (of which 5.2% was donation processing fees via Allegro)
  • <1% Fundraising Expenses
  • 92.4% Programming Expenses

If we were to examine how the funds we receive are used (after the unavoidable donation processing fee and excluding Mission Trip Income/Expenses), 97.3 cents of every $1 that reaches our account goes to the frontlines in Honduras to provide Direct Care Programs.

That gets me excited! I am grateful for the tireless work of our team and partners to make such efficiency and excellence possible.

As we work towards our 501c3 status for Radiate Coalition, we anticipate being able to reduce the donation processing fee!

Reflecting on 2018, one thing is clear - God is faithful! Even when the outlook in certain seasons did not seem like the ministry would have enough funds to survive to the end of a month, God came through and sustained this important work. Not only that - He abundantly blessed the work within the home to bear great fruit in the lives of the girls and staff.

Thank you to our partners for your continued support, prayers, and advocacy. We hope this message has given you much to celebrate and has instilled even more confidence in your partnership.

While we celebrate these accomplishments, we pray this message also motivates more individuals, groups, and churches to help sustain Casa de Ester financially. We hope this has been a refreshing reminder that Casa de Ester is not about us, but about Jesus Christ and His redemptive work through the Holy Spirit in the lives of the girls rescued by Casa de Ester.

To live is Christ,

Michael Perry
CEO/President | Radiate Coalition

"Then your light shall break forth like the dawn..." Isaiah 58:8
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