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Our Hotel in Santo Domingo 
for the night of June 29, 2018

Colonial Zone map
Map legend: green=our 2018 hotel, the Novus Plaza Hodelpa; blue=Cathedral Square; red=our 2017 hotel, the Hodelpa Caribe Colonial; orange=El Conde pedestrian walkway. Click this image for the website of the Novus Plaza Hodelpa hotel.

We're still working on the Atlanta airport hotel choice, but we have news about our designated hotel for our time in Santo Domingo from the afternoon of Friday, June 29, to the morning of Saturday, June 30. We have made a reservation for everyone on the team at the Novus Plaza Hodelpa (location in green above), which veteran missioners will remember as the former Mercure hotel. The cost of this hotel stay is paid by your team fee. There is a free breakfast. You will need your passport to check in, but no credit card is required.

In past years, this was the "go-to" hotel for just about all of the mission teams overnighting in Santo Domingo, but it became a bit run down from lack of maintenance by the previous owners. It was purchased by the same company that owns our previous hotel choice, the Hodelpa Caribe Colonial (in red above), was closed for over a year, and during that time was totally renovated. We visited it in November 2017 and toured the public spaces, and this past March the missioners from St. Anne's Tifton stayed there and had glowing reports about that experience. The Novus Plaza is located on the Conde, the pedestrian walkway that runs through the heart of the Colonial District (in yellow above). Another landmark to orient veteran missioners is the Cathedral Square (in blue above). 

If you would like to explore the hotel's location via Google Maps, click here. On the same block as the hotel is a large grocery store, a handware store, and ... a Bon ice cream / sherbert store.

The Novus Plaza has a snazzy website that you can check out at the link below. There's a toggle switch at the top right corner of the home page that you can use to switch between Spanish and English.

Our trip plannng webpage (link below) has been updated with this new hotel information.

In other news....

Our big fundraiser for the costs of scholarships and some of our projects starts at 6:00 p.m. tonight 
at the Cotton Corner, 101 N. Ashley Street, Valdosta. For the first time ever, it's a sellout in advance. Watch for a complete report on the event, including a link to an album of photographs, in next week's team message. 
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For general information about the history of Christ Church's mission work with our friends in the Diocese of the Dominican Republic,  click here.
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