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Team T-Shirts and VBS Booklets

Printer's proof image of our 2018 team t-shirt

Here's the first look at our 2018 team t-shirt color and design. This printer's proof has a few typos, and we're working to get those corrected. The color will be a bit darker green than shown in this image, and was chosen to go along with the "protecting the enviromnent" theme of our Vacation Bible School classes. As soon as the shirts are printed, we will distribute them to 13 team members so they can be worn on our June 23 flight from Atlanta to Santo Domingo. Our 14th team member, Jeannette Pringle de Quezada, the wife of Bishop Moisés Quezada, will receive hers when we meet up with her in the Santo Domingo airport. 

Speaking of Vacation Bible School, the Education Committee of the Diocese of the Dominican Republic has published the 2018 VBS booklets for older children who can read. We are planning to conduct three days of VBS classes for 40 children using these booklets and lesson outlines now in preparation by Phyllis and Julia. If you would like to check out the booklet, the original Spanish version is here and the English translation is here. Soon another version of this booklet for children who cannot read will be available, and when that happens we will relay that link to you.'s May 24. Our mission trip begins in 30 days....

Our trip planning webpage is at the link below: 

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For general information about the history of Christ Church's mission work with our friends in the Diocese of the Dominican Republic,  click here.
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