2018 Missouri Session Recap / May 24, 2018
Missouri Wraps Up 2018 Legislative Session 
The regular session of the Missouri legislature adjourned on May 18 amidst controversy. While prosecutors dropped invasion-of-privacy charges against Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, the House begun its special legislative session where they will consider whether to impeach the Governor over alleged actions during an extramarital affair.

On the final day of regular session, the House of Representatives took an important first step towards the reform of prevailing wage laws that unfairly burden taxpayers by driving up the cost of public works projects.

Though there was some talk of a constitutional amendment guaranteeing Right-to-Work in Missouri, lawmakers are instead moving forward with a referendum on the August primary ballot. The House Economic Development Committee voted 8-4 to move the statewide vote on the referendum from the November general election to the August primary. We will keep members updated on this important piece of legislation.

Below you'll find summaries of significant legislation considered this year.

Prevailing Wage Reform
(HB 1729) - In an effort to reform the state's overly cumbersome prevailing wage laws that inflate the cost of construction for Missouri taxpayers, the legislature passed a reform bill to work to ensure that the prevailing wage set more accurately reflects the prevailing wage of the area. The law does the following:
  • Requires 1,000 be submitted for each trade to set a wage for the jurisdiction
    • If the threshold is not met, the wage will be set based on 120% of the county average wage
  • Reduces occupational titles from 44 to 20
  • Uses a weighted average to calculate the wage instead of mode
  • Establishes a threshold of $75,000 for prevailing wage to apply
  • Creates a provision for entry-level workers receiving on the job training to be paid 50% of the applicable journey worker rate
    • Utilizes a 1:1 ratio for OJT workers, apprentices, and trainees to journeymen
Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed, May 18 
Corporate Tax Reform (SB 884) - In an effort to make Missouri more attractive to job creators, the legislature approved SB 884, a bill that modifies several provisions relation to taxation, at the individual and corporate levels. For all tax years beginning on or after January 2020, the act reduces the corporate income tax rate from 6.35% to 4.0%. Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed, May 18
Working Family Tax Relief (HB 2540) - This bill allows Missouri taxpayers and their families to keep more of their paycheck by cutting the individual income tax rate from 5.9% to 5.5%. The single largest income tax cut in the state's history, additional triggers included in the bill based on the state's revenue growth will eventually lower the individual tax income rate to 5.1%. Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed, May 17
Rural Broadband Development (HB 1872) - Lawmakers approved a bill to help expand broadband internet service throughout the state, particularly in rural areas. The bill establishes a program to award grants to applicants who seek to expand access to broadband services in unserved and underserved areas of the state. The program is to be administered by the Missouri Department of Economic Development. The bill is aimed at helping the 61% of rural Missourians, or 1 million individuals who do not have access to reliable broadband services.  Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed, May 18
Developing Missouri's Workforce (HB 1465)- In an effort to address workforce needs and ensure that the state's system of higher education is working to meet the state's workforce and education needs, lawmakers passed this bill which would give institutions greater flexibility to offer degrees that meet the needs of their local communities and businesses. The bill will allow community colleges to offer four-year baccalaureate degrees in certain programs.  Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed, March 28
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