One important way Trinity UMC participates in our stewardship mission is to “send persons into the world to live lovingly and justly as servants of Christ by healing the sick, feeding the hungry, caring for the stranger, freeing the oppressed, being and becoming a compassionate, caring presence, and working to develop social structures that are consistent with the gospel…”  Paragraph 122, 2016 UM Book of Discipline.

On October 18, Dan Vergara, Rick Jones, Mark Moor and I arrived in Cuba to visit our two sister churches (Iglesia Methodista). Our mission experience was to travel to the least-visited region of Cuba - Las Tunas - where we gained a greater understanding of Christ’s caring presence and walked with our Cuban brothers and sisters of the faith.

Pastor Oscar Aguilar and his wife, Yauleth greeted us from Shekinah, 5 th Methodist Church of Las Tunas , while later in the week Pastor Armando Rivero Silva and his wife, Dorka Garcia greeted us from Las Estancias . The worship and hospitality in both churches was powerful and we all felt immensely blessed.

When the Apostle Paul traveled abroad, he encouraged the distant and remote churches to remember the poor in Jerusalem and many of them responded with financial support, which Paul then brought back to Jerusalem. In our present time, the opposite seems to be true. The church in Cuba is growing in size and praise for the kingdom work of Christ, but they are a very poor people. Your generous support of the work in Cuba has been greatly appreciated. I want to thank all of you for your gracious support of all our mission and outreach activities - locally, nationally and globally. 2019 will bring abundant opportunities and I look forward to the voice of Trinity saying, “Send me, Lord!”

Pastor Dale
Join Us for Communion this Sunday
On the first Sunday of each month, we observe the Sacrament of Communion in all Sanctuary worship services. Your next opportunity to partake is Sunday, Nov. 4. Please join us!
Set Your Clocks Back — Time Change

Daylight Saving Time ends tomorrow. Set your clocks back one hour before going to bed tonight. We return to Eastern Standard Time at 2 a.m. Sunday morning.
What Do We Believe As United Methodists?

STEWARDSHIP CAMPAIGN - October 28 - November 18

Christ-Centered Community: Roots, stems, leaves, and fruit! - John 15:5, 12-17

How does the friendship in Christ influence the way we live our lives? “…I have called you friends, because I have made known everything that I have heard from my father.” John 15:15 Just as there is a foundation of a vine, there is a foundation to our faith from unbeliever, skeptic, not sure yet to sincerely committed in the same way there are roots, stems, leaves and fruit of a vine.

November 4 - "The Towel Service" John 13:1-20 Rev. John Campbell, guest preacher

November 11 - "Christ-Led Courage" Matthew 10:16-25

We give to our world, as an expression of Christ.

November 18 - "A Celebration of Christ" Phillipians 2:5-11

Our response to Christ-like community, compassion and courage "...At the name of Jesus every knee should bend... and every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord..."

Nov 25 - Christ the King Sunday John 18:33-37 and Revelation 1:4b-8

Exploring the meaning and history of Christ the King Sunday from the perspective of Scripture and our own Christian history.
November Events

1 Ruth Packer
2 Billy Austin
2 Harriet Bolin
5 Don Mogk
9 Frank Ford
9 Steve Jones
9 Miro Pamoukov
10 Bill Churms
10 Lori Ebanks
11 Bob Sollien
13 Becky Hurlbert
14 Kathy Vergara
15 Sean Robbins
16 Rev. Howard Leach
16 Karen Robbins
20 Karen Averill
21 Jennifer Panda
26 Maia Carr
27 Carol Dennis
29 Sue Atkinson
29 Carolyn Harner
30 Jim Armstrong
30 Emily Eunice

If your contact information (name, mailing address, telephone number, email address) has recently changed, please notify the church. You can call the office at (386) 734-4425 or email Lori Jones at officemgr@trinitydeland.org.
To call, write or send a member a card or email, contact the church office to request an updated "People Directory."

15 Marshall & Alice Dubberly
  • 66 yrs
16 Don and Jan Mogk
  • 61 yrs
16 Vern and Jackie Westlake
  • 61 yrs
24 Vern and Carolyn Linder
  • 17 yrs
  • The church Calendar of Events is always available for viewing and can be accessed anytime - 24/7. Simply visit http://www.trinitydeland.org/events to view and print. To submit corrections, changes or new entries, send the informa-tion to Lori Jones in the church office.

  • Trinity Today, our monthly newsletter, is distributed by email. Current and older issues can be viewed on the church website http://www.trinitydeland.org/newsletter. Printed copies are available for pickup in the Narthex. If you need to have a newsletter mailed to you, contact the church office.
Like getting our weekly PhoneVite calls? If you are not getting them, call the church office at (386) 734-4425 so we can double-check the number we have on file for you.
All Saints Sunday
All Saints Sunday is celebrated on the first Sunday of November. During our worship services, members who have passed away in the previous 12 months are recognized by the lighting of a candle and tolling of a bell. Join us this Sunday to pause and reflect on the contributions made by many of our saints. You will have an opportunity to light a candle in memory of a friend or loved one at the altar rail.

  • Bernice Fishpaw - January 2018
  • Hank Kobler - January 2018
  • Ann Husfeld - January 2018
  • Hubert Talton - January 2018
  • Louise Pennington - February 18
  • Jean Clayton - March 2018
  • David Churms - April 2018
  • Jerrie Shepard - June 2018
  • Carolyn Szell - August 2018
  • Julie Baumgartner - October 2018

Our contractor and architect are collaborating on changes necessary to reduce the cost for Phase 1. Ideas include the following options: phasing site improvements instead of doing all desired improvements initially, making additional revisions to the site plan, and/or other suggestions for cutting costs on the Phase 1 structure.

Alex Ford, chair
Trinity's Administrative Council invites all members and friends to join them for a planning and visioning workshop in advance of the construction and move to our new church facility. The workshop will be held at the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home (FUMCH) on Friday, November 9 from 6-8:30 p.m. (supper included) and again from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, November 10.

The goals for our time together include the following:

  • develop a common understanding of the construction timeline for Phase 1 and possible scenarios for Phase 2,
  • develop a short-term vision for worship, education and age-level ministries, as well as outreach at the new site, including a timeline and those who will be responsible,
  • Identify and plan for what needs to be done, here and now, to be ready to move when the construction is completed, including outlining the 2019 budget.

Who should attend? Everyone is invited, especially all current leaders and those who have an interest in serving in a leadership position. This includes Council members, staff, class and ministry leaders, and others who are interested and willing to help with the planning and implementation of some part of the transition process.

Retired pastor Beth Fogle-Miller will facilitate our time together. During her final appointment, the church she served completed significant capital renovations and construction, so she brings much experience that can help TUMC prepare not only for the physical construction and move, but also for the spiritual and program preparations for the relocation.

Please inform John Campbell, Barbara Bradley, or Lori Jones (386-734-4425) by November 7th, if you plan to attend. Reservations are needed for meal preparations. As it gets closer to the date, we will provide an agenda, parking and daily transportation information.

Consider your 2019 Pledge Today
Once a year we ask you to make a pledge of financial support. Our annual budget is set by the Finance Team based solely on financial pledges, and the budget directly impacts children, youth, congregational care, worship, small groups, music, communications, our facility and more. Please consider making your 2019 Pledge during our Stewardship Drive. Thank you!

WANTED: Church Council Secretary

Barbara Bradley has faithfully served as the Council Secretary for several years and feels that it is time to step down and enlist a new individual for the job. This is a voting-member position. ("Don’t be afraid; they are a kind bunch!" says Bradley.) Duties include the following tasks:

  • Attend all scheduled and called Council meetings (regularly scheduled for the fourth Tuesday of each month)
  • Take notes by hand or recording
  • Prepare minutes shortly after each meeting then circulate to Chair and Pastor before distributing to Council members
  • Email request for committee reports about ten days before each meeting
  • Copy reports into two electronic files (Word and PDF format) and distribute, along with meeting date and minutes from the previous meeting, to Council Leadership list via email
  • Request new Leadership List from Lori Jones or Pastor Dale in January
  • Add new Council members and remove retiring ones from Attendance Sheet to be used at each meeting.
  • Other tasks, as assigned.

Computer skills are a must. The Secretary must be familiar with Word and Excel, as well as how to convert Word documents into PDF files. All correspondence is handled by email, so having a quality email program with dependable access to the internet is essential. For details, contact Pastor Dale or John Campbell.

During the September Administrative Council meeting, members accepted the following recommendation from the Nominations Committee for the 2019 NOW Team :

Nurture : Donna Beatty, coordinator
Outreach : Denise Miller, coordintor
Witness : Rob Miller, coordinator

All three individuals have been asked to take responsibility of their positions effective immediately, since their names were reported to the district during the October Cluster Charge Conference.

The NOW Team has been formed to plan and implement ministries that will help the church fulfill its mission: to make disciples of men, women and children for Jesus Christ and for the transformation of the world . The three coordinators will be meeting with Pastor Dale and leaders of other committees to become more familiar with the overall goals of individual ministries and to learn how each ministry contributes to the church's mission.

Team leaders are looking forward to participating in the Visioning Retreat, for we realize the importance of being able to listen and communicate well within our congregation and the larger community. Some of the responsibilities of our NOW Team are outlined below.

The Nurture Team coordinates, plans, carries out, and evaluates the congregation’s ministry in the areas of member care, worship, and educational experiences, including the church school, small groups, regular and special worship services, stewardship formation, and member visitation.

The Outreach Team coordinates, plans, carries out, and evaluates the congregation’s outreach ministries, including missions, health and welfare, Christian unity and interreligious concerns, church and society issues, religion and race and status and role of women. 

The Witness Team coordinates, plans, carries out, and evaluates the congregation’s witness ministries, helping all know and respond to the love of God in Christ.  This includes planning, evangelistic outreach and setting goals for congregational growth, visitation, and hospitality.
Most Trinity members are very familiar with Donna Beaty, but may not be acquainted with Denise and Rob Miller, as they have only been members since early 2018. We are providing a brief bio on each individual below:

Rob Miller
Rob is very happy that Dee (Denise) said “yes” forty-five years ago and has been his greatest blessing sharing many adventures together. Through her faithfulness to God, love of her husband, she is responsible for Rob coming to a personal relationship with Jesus in 1980. Rob was born in Nasawadox, Virginia. His Dad, an Air Force veteran moved the family frequently as military service required. Rob continued the tradition with twenty years of USMC service moving his family frequently.  Rob, believes that God’s purpose for him is to be a witness of His love and to always seek the opportunities the Holy Spirit provides.

Denise Miller
Dee is happiest when praising God by singing, and loving others. Her loving and gentle spirit is a direct reflection of her desire to share His love with all she meets. Dee was born in Detroit, Michigan and grew up in Kalamazoo until she was fifteen, at which time her family relocated to Rockville, Maryland.  Dee, dedicated her life to Jesus when she was sixteen during and Methodist Youth Fellowship evening prayer meeting in a small chapel in Michigan. Dee feels her purpose is to “bring His Light into Darkness.”  Her spiritual gifts include Faith and Helps.

Christian nurture, the edification of believers, helps people understand, know and love God more. Teaching ministry must be a priority to help fulfill our church's purpose.

If you are interested in serving on one or more of our nurturing ministries, contact Donna Beaty.

To spread the love of Christ and connect our congregation with opportunities to serve our community, both locally and globally.

If you are interested in serving on one or more of our outreach ministries, contact Dee Miller.

Christian witness is a public act of both faith and hope intended to awaken in the world belief in Jesus Christ and hope of salvation.

If you are interested in serving on one or more of our witness ministries, contact Rob Miller.
H.O.P.E. Human Trafficking Grant

On October 9, at Orange City UMC, a grant of $15,000 was awarded by the H.O.P.E. Team to The Children's Home Society. In their application, the Children's Home Society stated they would immediately recruit host homes in Volusia and Flagler counties and have a licensed Clinician expert to train those who would be working with the survivors of human trafficking. Securing stabilized living arrangements for survivors would be a top priority. CHS currently accepts referrals from community agencies, schools, DJJ, DCF, and other local organizations.

Monies for this grant were a product of a banquet/auction held at St. Ann's Catholic Church in April of this year. Approximately 200 people attended, knowing that the proceeds would be used for housing women (18-24) survivors. While in this housing, the survivors would receive rehabilitation to enable them to enter society again with education, jobs, and coping skills.
The H.O.P.E. Team (Helpers of People Enslaved) is a faith-based coalition of people from multiple denominations who are passionately dedicated to helping end Human Trafficking. H.O.P.E. will have its fifth banquet/auction in April, 2019. Our Missions/Outreach Team at Trinity uses funds from the Fall Festival to help support this endeavor.

Lana Saxon, H.O.P.E. Member

Breakfast at Trinity

Breakfast at Trinity served 64 people last month who were almost all waiting in line outside when we opened the doors. We were thrilled to host such a group.

For the last two months of the year, we will change the dates of our breakfast due to the many holiday happenings at Trinity. Come volunteer with us on Nov 16 and Dec 7, from 9:30 – 11:15 in the Fellowship Hall. In Dec, we have extra sweet treats and home baked cookies to give our guests. Call the church office if you can help.

Lana Saxon, Coordinator
Ci trus Grove Elementary is very grateful for the Trinity members who are mentors and volunteers. Being a positive influence and role model is extremely valuable to these young people. Volusia County’s poverty rate has increased dramatically with over 78% of West Volusia students living in poverty. Reading to these children and simply having a conversation may be the only positive interaction they have that day.

If you are looking for a way to help, but don’t feel like you have the time, please know there are other ways to help, such as paying off a student’s lunch balance, purchasing books for a needy child at a book fair, and the list goes on. Please ask if you need more suggestions.

Thank you for recognizing this need and helping more children feel loved and appreciated! If you are Interested in volunteering or mentoring a child at Citrus Grove, please contact me or Anita Campbell to learn how!

Leslie LaRue, Partnership Leader

“Prayers are tools not for doing or getting but for being and becoming”.

These are words of wisdom spoken by Eugene Peterson , founding Pastor of Christ Our King Presbyterian Church in Bel Air, MD  and Professor of Spiritual Theology at Regeant College in Vancouver, BC. He also wrote  The Message  and 30 other best selling books.

Peterson has been placed under the care of Hospice, as of this writing. The 85 year-old is being successfully treated for pneumonia, but heart failure and dementia are his two main medical problems. He and the family need our prayers during the coming weeks.

Eugene Peterson grew up in a small Montana town where at about age nine, he would get up every Saturday morning, “boil up a couple of eggs, grab some bacon” and ride his bike up a trail that led to the slope of a mountain.  He’d look for Indians and arrow heads, neither of which he ever found, but he did develop a very fertile imagination.

When the family moved across town, he had no friends, so he began reading a Bible he had purchased. Someone told him to begin with the Psalms, but  it wasn’t until he figured out that the Old Testatment prophets were poets and used metaphors that it came together and made sense. A metaphor is a “remarkable kind of formation because it means what it says and what it doesn’t say. Those two things come together and create an active imagination;” for example, “God is a rock.” or “My tears are in your bottle.” Make sense?

Peterson went to graduate school to become a Professor of Hebrew and Greek. He had gotten married, moved to NY and needed a job. A pastor hired him and he grew to respect him. (He disliked most pastors because they came to fish and hunt for a couple of years in MT, then left.) This pastor was different. He admired him and the deal was sealed - Peterson felt the call to become a Pastor.

He moved his family to MD and started Christ Our King Presbyterian Church.  During the 29 years he served as their Pastor, he noticed that many in his congregation didn’t read books so he started translating the Psalms in language they understood and discovered they started paying attention in a way they never had before, thus,  The Message  was born. He was an avid reader and wanted his congregants to enjoy reading, too, so he bought 30-40  books, invited the congregation to check them out and placed them in the Narthex where they would be most accessible!

Eugene Peterson has lived a life full of prayer, grace and wisdom. For years, he began his day with an hour of quiet and coffee. Over time, he chose seven Psalms which he felt appropriate for what was happening at the time and memorized them. It was difficult but oh, so rewarding. He would read aloud or recite his selection for the morning. Then, for 15-20 minutes or more, he’d “shut up” and begin to breathe deeply and work on emptying his mind of clutter that had accumulated. He was ready for whatever the day held.

Peterson doesn’t believe there should be any set way for everyone to read the Bible and pray but he has shared his way with people he has counseled to help them find the best way for them. He has tutored pastors, students, congregants and others how to pray the Psalms. No matter what the situation, joy, grief, loneliness, ill health, anger or estrangement from God, he suggests you find a Psalm, one that meets your need and pour out your heart to the One who loves you.

Robert Creech, Professor of Christian Ministries at Baylor University’s Truett Seminary writes, “It is time those who benefited from his ministry return the favor to him and his family by praying for him during the coming weeks.”  I think we can do that, don’t you?

[Editor's Update: Peterson passed away on October 22. Here is a link to a UM News Service article for more information: https://www.umnews.org/en/news/eugene-peterson-bible-popularizer-dies]
Also join me in praying through our church directory for:
Mitch &  Loron Donaldson, Marshall & Alice  Dubberly,  Travis,& Ashley Dunne & sons, Paul & Lori Ebanks, and  Caroll & Virgie Erickson

Carolyn Harner, Coordinator
Thanks to everyone who helped with our Trunk or Treat event. It was great fun for all who attended!

This month, the children and youth will be discussing those things for which we are grateful. We will be going to the Alliance Nursing Home to take residents a treat and a thankful card.

Our high school/college-age youth group will be starting back on Wednesday nights in November from 6-7:30.

Due to a death in our family, this article will have to be short but I promise to send out an e-blast with more to share in the coming weeks. Thank you for your kind expressions of sympathy to Jeff and me on the passing of Jeff's sister. Your love means everything to us.

Lori Hansard, Children & Family Ministry Director

ADVENT Preparations
Would you believe, Advent begins in less than a month? We will need volunteers to help decorate the Sanctuary. Volunteers will meet on Tuesday, Nov. 27 th  at 5:00 p.m. to decorate the tree and put up garland, wreaths and window lanterns. What a joy it is to celebrate the season with your church family. Please make plans to help by contacting me soon!

SAVE THE DATE!  For our 1 st  annual Gingerbread House making event for families and individuals. Please RSVP when the time approaches, so we can have all the ingredients needed, along with some fabulous hot chocolate. The event will be held on Sunday, December 2 between the hours of 4-7 p.m. This will be an open house event, so you can attend between those hours.

Music Makers will present "Candy Cane Lane" on Sunday, Dec. 9th at both
services. Come along with our dream team leader, Candy Cane Jane, as she
takes us on a journey through Candy Cane Lane, the Soul Food Forest, Ms.
Gingerbread's house, all in search of the recipe for life! You won't be

Christmas Candlelight Concerts will be Dec. 14 & 15 at 7:00 p.m. He turned
our "Darkness into Light". Come hear the story of Jesus, as a baby comes as
the Light of the world to bring light and hope to a darkened world. Choir,
solos, narrators , piano, organ and cello.

Conya Hartman, Director of Music and Worship

The second gathering of the new season of Young at Heart at Trinity will be held on Tuesday, November 13th at 11:30 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Young at Heart (YAH) is a ministry for senior adults age 55+. Come and enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie with other seniors. Lunch cost is $7 per person. Reservations are required. Complete the form inserted in weekly bulletins or call the Church Office. Payment is due at the time of reservation.

This month's speaker will be Penny Young-Carrasquillo, Director of Philanthropy for the Council on Aging, a nonprofit serving Volusia County seniors. Do you know about all of the services that the COA provides to seniors? Come and learn more about their programs, such as Meals on Wheels, transportation to doctor's appointments, and assistance with activities of daily living, like bathing.

Future plans include a trip on Sun Rail to Winter Park where will enjoy walking around town, shopping, eating lunch, touring the Morse Museum and other sites before the return ride home. A sign-up sheet has been started. If you are interested in the day trip, call us at (386) 734-9224.

Please make plans to join us at YAH. Invite your neighbors and friends. Remember, the person who brings the most guests wins a prize! Questions? Call or send us an email. Hope to see you soon.

40 Days of Love - West Volusia
October 9 - November 17

Goal is to spend 40 days of praying, caring, and sharing the Gospel to transform West Volusia County. Sign up to pray for your neighbors. Learn how by visiting www.blesseveryhome.com.
Perform random acts of kindness wherever you live, work or play. Learn more by visiting www.40DaysofLove.net
Save the date for the DeLand Celebration Rally to be held on Sunday, November 18, 2018. Location to be announced, possibly Earl Brown Park or Spec Martin Stadium.
For those who are looking for a deeper insight into some of Pastor Dale's teachings and leadings, he has created a blog which can be viewed anytime on the church website. Click HERE  to read his latest blog! And, to get an email notice about new blogs being posted on the website, click on the red button below to sign up or contact Lori Jones in the church office for assistance.
  • Like to talk with folks? Want to help in the Church Office? Contact Lori Jones.
  • Willing to be an usher or greeter on Sundays? Contact Dave Shipman or Jennifer Griffis.
  • Love cooking and want to serve on our Kitchen Team? Contact Betty Kobler.
  • Want to serve the least of these through our monthly Breakfast at Trinity ministry? Contact Lana Saxon. Or Interfaith Kitchen? Contact Melissa Fuller.
  • Excited about going to Cuba or taking other mission trips? Contact Dee Miller or Dan Vergara.
  • Willing to call, write or visit homebound members? Contact Debra Wood or John Campbell.
  • Want to help our TLC (Trinity Loving Care) team with funeral services, receptions and bereavement calls? Contact Debbie Bennett.
  • Love kids and want to serve as a volunteer or mentor in local schools? Contact Leslie LaRue or Anita Campbell.
  • Interested in serving on the Altar Guild? Contact Cherrie Cassleberry or Becky Kellogg.
  • Want to help preserve, protect and pack our historical artifacts for the BIG MOVE? Contact Steve Jones.
  • Willing to learn how to operate our sound board? See Conya Hartman.
  • Interested in reading scripture and/or participating in worship services? See Pastor Dale or Conya Hartman.
  • Find it easy to talk with people about your faith? Join the new Witness Team to study, pray and plan for ways to strenthen our ability to witness to others. If interested, see Pastor Dale or Rob Miller.
  • Are you an outgoing extrovert and love people? Willing to serve as an "ambassador" for Trinity at church and area events? Consider joining the Hospitality Team. See Judy Ross or Ann Jenkins.

If you do not personally know a ministry team leader and want to contact them about volunteering, call the Church Office (386) 734-4425 to request an updated "People Directory."

A Message from Bishop Carter:

Seven Reasons The United Methodist Church Will Remain United

Watch this video from Florida's Bishop Carter to learn seven reasons why the church should remain united and not divided... CLICK HERE TO WATCH
Help With Hurricane Michael Relief
Hurricane Michael did catastrophic damage to many communities in Florida's panhandle. While cleanup is underway, it may take years to rebuild. Here are several ways that can help alleviate some of the suffering:

There are two funds you can support as part of our denomination’s response:
  • UMCOR (the United Methodist Committee on Relief) is collecting funds for individuals and families in need of immediate relief and long-term recovery. Make checks payable to Trinity United Methodist and designate "UMCOR" in the memo line.
  • FLUMC Bishop’s Challenge Fund is a new fund recently set up at the direction of Bishop Carter. Funds will go directly to congregations for the rebuilding of churches and restoration of ministry to the surrounding community. This fund was established through a generous $500,000 matching funds challenge by First UMC Ormond Beach. Make your check payable to Trinity UMC and designate it in the memo line for "Bishop's Fund."

A hurricane-ravaged church in the Florida Panhandle is slowly rebounding, helped by agencies of The United Methodist Church and generous neighboring churches. Woodlawn United Methodist Church, in nearby Panama City Beach, is coordinating the collection of supplies for those affected by Michael, especially members of Lynn Haven UMC whose sanctuary was demolished in the storm. Learn more in this article from the United Methodist News Service.

Early Response Team Training

An Early Response Team (ERT) is a self-contained team invited to a disaster-affected area to provide specialized physical, emotional and spiritual assistance to survivors. ERTs help with specific needs in the early days after a disaster, cleaning out flood-damaged homes, removing debris, placing tarps on home and other tasks as needed, while providing a caring Christian presence.

An email from the Florida Conference shared this message on Oct. 15:

Because the situation is still very unstable and changing hourly, we will be sending only ERTs who have been trained and credentialed in the last five years. As the situation stabilizes over the next few weeks, we will broadcast a wider invitation for volunteers.

If you would like to be trained as an early responder for the Florida Conference and UMCOR, New Covenant UMC in The Villages is hosting a training 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Nov. 9 at New Covenant United Methodist Church in The Villages. To learn more or to register, click here.
Florida's Amendment 4 and United Methodists
As United Methodists, our faith is firmly grounded on the principles of forgiveness. restoration and redemption. Bishop Ken Carter reminds us of this opportune moment in history ... to take this step toward justice.  Learn More
How much do you know about the Bible? Find out with this week's  Bible Quiz  and  Crossword Puzzle .

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