April 2018

Financial Tip of The Month.
Teaching Kids about Money.  As we prepare our taxes, we are always planning what we can do better next year.  I have frequently recommended that now is the best time to start 1 new habit.  This year, I suggest it's helping to instill 1 good financial habit in a young person you influence.  
In fact, if you have kids, and you help with their taxes, then get them involved.  Let them do their own return.  Let them see what's involved, and understand the difference tax planning can have.  Knowing that completing the tax return may ensure they get back money, or receive credits so paying less, is often a simple lesson and helps to provide incentive to complete the tax return.  These steps can help build a better financially astute citizen for tomorrow.  For those of you who recognized this write up, Good for you.  It's a repeat.  But I thought it was so important, that I decided to do a 2nd round.


For those clients with kids in their early 20's, we will be hosting our next "Mastering Money" in the next 2-3 months. Book Your Spot. Register Now

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There is something for everybody, but the who is paying the bill!

Volatility has returned

The strategy of buying any investment at any price may have worked well in 2017 but likely will not work going forward. Continue reading for portfolio managers insights. Click Here

Most of us will enter retirement with a pretty good understanding of our current health and what it takes to manage it. But as time goes on, everyone's health changes and we gradually begin to spend more on our medical, physical and personal care needs.
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    Source: Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada

Long term care insurance (LTCI) solutions can be an option to protect your assets.  Contact us to see how it can be part of your financial plan.
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