2018 Burgundy saw extreme heat, lack of rainfall, and struggling vines that produced concentrated fruit; all of which points to one of Burgundy's greatest vintages. To top it off there was no hail in 2018 so the crop is large along with the wine being outstanding. This will be a vintage to load up on. 

Savigny has plenty of south-facing hillside vineyards that ensure the grapes receive plenty afternoon sunshine to help achieve full ripeness. However, in this case, the vineyard location takes a backseat to the winemaker. Maurice Ecard is considered the father of the region. Ecard's experience and expertise when it comes to the vineyard sites is second to none.
Ecard retired and passed his knowledge of the region and its Preimer Cru sites down to his replacement, Vincent Sauvestre. Vincent told us he worked with Maurice for several years to learn all he could from the "Master of Savigny", of course the Master is still around for guidance. 
Ecard believed and proved to us all that each Cru site could have a distinctive flavor profile, a sort of address that linked to the terroir of the region. Vincent carries on this tradition and today we are featuring one of my favorite Premier Cru vineyards, the Jarrons.

The Jarrons vineyard is one of two that I drag into my cellar from Savigny les Beaune each year. The wines are concentrated and structured with underlying earth tones, to me Jarrons represents what the region is all about, classic Pinot Noir.
Tasting Notes:
Candied red fruit and violet aromas surround this dark ruby juice. This medium to full bodied wine is firm and balanced with flavors of black cherry, mineral and hints of oaky spice. Great depth with an silky texture. Supple tannins round out the finish. Drink now or over the next 7 to 10 years.


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Ecard Maurice Savigny Beaune Premier Cru Haut Jarrons 2018
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