Town of Buchanan
2018 Roadway Construction Project Update - Phase 1

Progress Update: June 18th thru June 29th
Two Week Project Outlook:

Week of June 18th - June 22nd:
  • Pour concrete curb and gutter at Fox River Road cul-de-sac and Intersection. 
  • Landscape Restoration of ditches along Fox River Road and Widgeon Road.
  • Fine Grade Fox River Road and Widgeon Road.
  • Ditch Grading and Landscape Restoration along Woodly Road.
Week of June 25th - June 29th:
  • Complete Landscape Restoration of ditches along Fox River Road, Widgeon Road and Woodly Road.
  • Pave Fox River Road and Widgeon Road.
  • Shoulders on Fox River Road and Widgeon Road.
  • Town Hall Parking Lot Pavement Preparation and Patch.
REMINDER: Upon completion of each area, Cedar will be removing all survey stakes in your yards and the Contractor will be removing all underground utility locate flags.
Construction Staking & Utility Locates
The Town's Engineer will begin staking the construction locations shortly.  Please leave all construction stakes and utility locates.  
DO NOT REMOVE CONSTRUCTION STAKES OR UTILITY FLAGS TO MOW LAWN AREAS. Removal and replacement of the stakes is also not permitted.  The stakes are marked for specific grades and must be maintained to ensure proper construction.

The Town's Engineer will coordinate removal of the flags and stakes when the work is completed and the staking is no longer necessary to complete the work.

These stakes are used to delineate the Town's right-of-way, establish grade elevations for construction and determine other key construction layout specifications. Removal of the stakes will be enforced under penalty of law.
Project & Road Construction Resources
Project Manager

Thad Majkowski
Cedar Corporation
Direct (920) 785-7302
Mobile (920) 655-7929


Brad Carsok
Cedar Corporation
Mobile (920) 819-2165

Town Administration

Tony Brown
Town Administrator
Town of Buchanan
Office Ph (920) 734-8599

Town of Buchanan
N178 County Road N, Appleton, WI, 54915