MANITOGA PARTY - The Architect's Newspaper
A photo essay by Whitney Cox
Text by Editor-in-Chief William Menking
Russel Wright's Manitoga shines with hand-crafted details. Many of Wright's personal designs in the house utilize off-the-shelf industrial materials and are hand-operated. This intimate but open family room welcomes dappled light through curtains Wright fashioned from fireplace screens. . .

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2018 MANITOGA Spring Tours & Events 
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May 18 - Nov 12,  featuring 
INK: The Color of Manitoga by artist Kazumi Tanaka 

June 30, July 28, Aug. 28

May 19 at 2pm / May 20 at 10am

June 16 at 2pm / June 17 at 10am

Member Season Opening Celebration 
June 9, 5-7pm 
The National Trust on the 2018 Iconic Houses International Conference
Iconic Houses Fifth International Conference, New Canaan, CT - May 15-18.
JOIN  Iconic Houses , historians, architects, museum professionals and enthusiasts of 20th-century architecture from May 15 to 18 in New Canaan, CT where Midcentury Modern houses reign supreme. The three-day c onference   includes visits to 11 modernist properties (Manitoga on May 16!) and talks on wide-ranging topics from preservation and philanthropy to Florence Knoll and Latin American modernism.