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2018 Science & Engineering Fair

Congratulations to the following students whose projects of excellence will be advancing to the Northeast Georgia Science & Engineering Fair on February 2nd at Oconee Civic Center.

William Beckemeyer (8th Grade RMS) - Solid Waste or Natural Resource - Top Junior Division Project
Grayson Curott (7th Grade BCMS) - What a Drag
Sam Massei (7th Grade WMS) - What's Up?
Autumn Dockery (6th Grade HMMS) - Which Bath Bomb Fizzes the Longest?
Ansley Fields (6th Grade BCMS) - The 5 Second Scientific Procedure
Connor Patterson (7th Grade RMS) - Are Fingerprint Patterns Influenced By Genetics?
Morgan Jones & Ava Goodman (7th Grade WMS) - Tooth Decay
Connor Manning (6th Grade BCMS) - Mini Motor Boat
Makayla Martin & Emily Hansen (8th Grade WMS) - Clean Freak
Regan Herrington (10th Grade AHS) - The Effect of Music on Learning - Top Senior Division Project
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Russell Students Volunteer 

Samantha Robinson (grade 8), Ella Ramsell (grade 8), and Chloe Ramsell (grade 7); all students at Russell Middle School (and members of Junior Beta Club), volunteered for the  "Historic Christmas Food For Thought: A Victorian Christmas" on December 16, 2017.

Harris Homestead had this to say "We provided cotton from our cotton patch and other natural woodsy items for impromptu ornament makings. Cotton boll angels, corn husk angels, and a variety of pinecone wreaths will be adorning many a Christmas tree in the nearby communities. We were lucky to have some awesome volunteers from Russell Middle School-Ella Ramsell, with her sister, Chloe, and Samantha Robinson-who helped with this project and received Beta Club Service hours at the Homestead."

School Nutrition -  Platinum Radish Award 

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