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It's Personal

3-4 cups various farmers market lettuce

Arrange the lettuce on a large platter or bowl. 
Scatter the cucumbers, avocados, peas, feta and radishes on top and season with salt and pepper.
Serve alongside the Basil Vinaigrette.

Business Spotlight
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     All Original Photography 
     for Kat Nelson Designs 
       Lisa Konz Photography 

Welcome Spring...we've been waiting for you!!
The design industry is having a moment...and a really good one. HGTV, HOUZZ, Pinterest and Instagram inspire in us the desire to have a beautiful and well maintained home.  Focusing on making your home your sanctuary is not only good for the soul but it is also way on trend.  

We just got back from the Spring High Point Furniture Market and and can't wait to share the exciting trends in furniture, accessories, fabrics and paint colors. We brought back so many great ideas to incorporate into our clients homes.  I'm most excited about the color palettes that took centerstage.  Neutrals, Beiges and Gray interiors took a backseat to vivid, bright colors in both furniture and accessories.  White walls were still popular acting as a perfect backdrop for the bolder colors shown in furniture and textiles.  
Furniture had a more relaxed feel, organic fabrics taking their cue from nature ruled the market.   High Performance fabrics, popular with everyone from millenials to seniors took centerstage as the leading selling fabrics on upholstery.  The textile mills are creating beautiful, stain resistance fabrics that are soft and almost unrecognizable from the fabrics of the past.  Yeah for pets and little people on upholstery!

 Art is still dominated by geometrics, abstracts and soft landscapes. For those that are still wavering on the contemporary art thing.... time to get on board! 

Vintage-inspired fabrics and vintage inspired furniture and accessories were carefully curated in various rooms throughout the home allowing interest and maybe a story or two for the homeowner to share.

Kat Nelson Designs has never been busier.  We are continuing to receive fabulous projects all as unique as the clients we serve.  
Forever grateful,

Kat Nelson Designs

What's Hot?

Brass is the hot metal.  Not your hollow builder grade shiny brass...but fabulous solid cast brass allowing the finish to have  a "living" finish that patinas over time.

What's Not??
Builder grade brass 

Need to Know
You have finally made the decision to remodel your current home.  You've run the numbers, scoured Houzz and Pinterest for inspirational photos.  You've hired a designer to navigate your vision and manage the details of the remodel and selected a contractor.  
You have waited for this day.....all you want is for this project to be on time, on budget and beautiful. Here are some
Need to Knows to consider. 

Good Communication is the most important aspect of a remodel.  

Having a clear plan and doing the research on the front end helps reduce the risk of miscommunication from the start.  Make sure you have a clear plan written down for the contractor so his bid represents the goals for the project.  Once the price is agreed upon don't try to re-negotiate the price.  You want these contractors to work hard for you and not cut corners. 

Meet with the project leader at least once a day.
This is an opportunity for you to hear progress reports and find out what work is scheduled over the next week. This is your opportunity to ask questions and voice any concerns you may have.  The reality of this process is that things go wrong.  It's the nature of the beast.  Listen to your contractor's advise and suggestions as the project proceeds.  They have the experience.  

Keep all changes and communication in writing.  
Communicate in person and follow up with an email outlining any changes or change in cost so that everyone stays on the same page.  

Check the work daily
When the contractors have left for the day examine the days' work, write thoughts in a journal, compare the model numbers on appliances, check blueprints and look for any quality issues you need to bring up with the project leader.  

Be a good client
Treating the contractors and their crews as any guest in your home will create a good relationship.  Providing them with water and snacks goes a long way in building a rapport and positive worksite.  If you are pleased with the work taking place praise their workmanship.  Everyone likes to hear that they are doing a good job. Use these simple tips and cut down on the pitfalls that a remodel can encounter.  

If you are thinking of remodeling, call us and make an appointment  Let us be a part of the project you've been saving and planning for.   It's a major commitment and we can help! 

Featured Project
by Kat Nelson Designs

Homes, just like the humans that inhabit them, need some periodic updating.  In this issue's Featured Project we updated a family home with a new color pallet, inviting and comfortable furniture and and other features sure to please both the homeowner and guests alike.  We started with re-staining the wood floors with a custom stain color by Kat Nelson Designs.  Fresh paint in the family room creates a comfortable and welcoming place for the family to gather.  The large ottoman almost demands that you sit down, get comfortable, and relax.  G orgeous new drapes, a custom rug, original art and accessorized bookshelves set the stage in creating a warm, inviting and livable family room.   

In the kitchen we said good-bye to the red paint and brought in soothing neutrals in quiet tones. Installed a new island, new backsplash, p ainted the cabinets and added new hardware in the kitchen serve to tie together the kitchen and family room in this open floor plan.   A new hood over the stove along with a pot filler serves as the focal point of the kitchen.  Removing a barely used desk created a space for a beverage center equipped with a cooler for beverages and wine  The refrigerator was upgraded to a smart refrigerator bringing both style and  functionality to the kitchen's design.

Before and after photos of the kitchen.


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