Spring Newsletter 2018

President's Message
by Jill Gayaldo, President

Hello Friends! I am excited to serve as your President for the 2018 year, and to celebrate and promote the outstanding work done by our tremendous group of volunteers!

My name is Jill Gayaldo, and I am also honored to serve as your Rocklin City Council Member. My husband, Dan Gayaldo (Principal at Del Oro High) and I have raised our four children here. Our grandchildren are fifth generation Rocklin residents, as the first Gayaldo and Basque family members arrived in Rocklin from Spain in 1908. Their hard work and dedication to Rocklin helped form the foundation for the town, and their leadership inspires me to do the same.

For many years, my volunteer work was focused on our children's school and sports activities. I think I have served in every position possible in Parent Club or Site Council, as well as community events such as the Rocklin Christmas Tree Lighting. It is a joy, and I am confident I have received the biggest benefit from serving.

I look forward to encouraging our community and families to support the library and Friends of the Library, and to participate in all of the activities provided for all ages! We will work together to get the word out of all the opportunities the library provides. I love Rocklin, and truly believe the library is the heart of this community. Thank you for your support.

Library Hero:  Pat Moore
by Getta Dolinsek

As a child, were you one of those readers who would read at night with a flashlight after lights were out with your bedsheets pulled over your head? Pat Moore was one of those readers. Because of her mother, she can't remember a time when books were not important to her. Her mother, who was an avid reader, made sure books were always around. 

The first thing Pat's family did when they came to Rocklin was to find the library and get a library card. Pat has been a member of the Rocklin Friends of the Library since 2003. She has played many roles in our organization - president (two years), vice president (one year), treasurer (five years), and secretary. In her career life, she was a librarian media specialist for a high school.

As a child, her mother would take her to the local library branch in Berkeley. Besides going to the school library in elementary school, the library experience became more meaningful to her in middle school and high school when research for school reports became part of her education. She loved the old beautiful buildings. Going to the library gave her a comfortable feeling. In college, she reminisced about the UC Berkeley campus library and how it was so grand with long tables and little lights. She loved researching in the card catalog (remember those?) and then seeking out the needed books in the stacks. All of us who recall those great old historical libraries remember that certain good feeling you got about being in them.

Over the years, Pat's favorite genres of books have changed. Presently, her interest in genealogy, discovering her family roots, has moved her towards historical fiction. It has helped her understand what experiences surrounded certain periods of time of her families' lives. Since she is of Irish decent, she has read Grace, Redemption, and Brooklyn, all books about the Irish. Her other reading interests include best-selling novels and detective books.  Pat feels there will always be libraries around providing services and lending books. She feels the modern library will expand to include items in addition to books, videos and other educational materials. Some libraries even loan other items such as tools. She believes libraries will continually provide services that meet the community needs. 

Pat's love of reading and dedication to libraries has been a part of her life's journey. Pat is a valued member and contributor to the Rocklin Friends of the Library.

The Value of Friends
by Michele Vass, Membership Coordinator

Friends are priceless. The best of friends are there to pick us up when we're down. They encourage us to do and be better. They celebrate our successes.
Libraries need friends too! When budget cuts are on the horizon, libraries need friends to stand up and advocate for them. Friends can make a difference in the community, making the case for library support or initiatives. And when libraries meet goals or reach milestones, they need friends to celebrate with and share those successes with the public.

By joining your local friends of the library, you are taking a stand and saying that libraries and their services matter to you. When you speak up for libraries at budget meetings or in public forums, your voice validates the work that our dedicated library staff accomplishes each day. When you donate through the friends, you are helping to build not only our materials collection, but you are also building bridges in the lives of your friends and neighbors.

Help us help the Rocklin Library by encouraging your family and friends to join us too! Visit our website at rocklinfriends.org to donate or become a member today. Thank you for your membership, your donations, and for lending your voice in support of our library.

Way to go, Rocklin book lovers! 
            old_hard_cover_books.jpg            by Gloria Beverage, Bookstore Coordinator                                          
Thanks to the generous support of book lovers, we raised $10,308 in 2017 through sales in our bookstore, on eBay and during our surplus book sales. And 2018 promises to be equally as successful.

In January, we collected $1,452.82 through sales in the bookstore and on eBay.  Our bookstore is located on the right as you walk in the front entrance of the library. Books are $3 for hardcovers and $2 for paperbacks. Prices of children's books may vary. It's an honor system; leave payment for books in the slot inside the store. Be on the lookout for occasional "flash" sales on specific genres. Book donations can be dropped in the large slot on the wall next to the front entrance.

The remainder of this year's surplus sales will be held April 7, June 2, Sept. 8 and Nov. 3. Members can fill a bag for $2 during the preview sale from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. The public can fill a bag for $5 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.  Kudos to the volunteers who devoted countless hours working last year at the bookstore and surplus book sales: Eve Wise, Miriam Noble, Alice and Grady Pennington, Lisa Nivinski, Lynn Merrick, Elaine Phillips, Peggy Grayson, Roberta Bergeron Mary Whalen, Gay Morgan, Michelle and Trevor Vass, Sharon Rindell, and Ken and Francine Yorde. A special thanks to Audrey Eng for launching our eBay store.

Generous book donations from residents, including a sizeable one from Rocklin High School's Christmas store, help us stock the shelves with fresh inventory as well as fill the tables at our surplus book sales. We're thankful for all donations.

For membership information, visit RocklinFriends.org. Anyone interested in volunteering to work in the bookstore or at our sales, send an email to glorybtoyou@gmail.com.
Introducing Our New Art Coordinator,
J anet Thew

We are happy to announce we have a new RFOL Art coordinator. Janet Thew has already started to dive into her duties in this role. Janet has lived in Loomis for 17 years, and was the treasurer for the successful campaign to save the Loomis Library. She is a lover of libraries and has a card for all the regional systems. She joined the Rocklin Friends last year after running into Michele Vass in the Rocklin Library during the "Love your Library" membership event on Valentine's Day. She thought it was a brilliant idea that the Friends were there to greet patrons with red bags, candy, and free books.

Janet is an artist who creates collages and altered books. She says, "I am a dedicated environmentalist who loves to reuse and recycle wild and crazy things, including old clothing tags, labels, product packaging, the strips of ribbon you find in the shoulders of garments to keep them on the store hangers, old jewelry I've found in the road...even our tree-free toilet paper wrappers that have pictures of grass on them!"

She has announced the next display at the library will be the Rocklin Fine Arts student winner art show starting March 20, followed by an altered book show in May. In July the display will include the Rocklin historical photos for the city's anniversary, and in October she is hoping to have a show of inks on paper. Janet is exploring having an art pop-up with Placer Arts as well, with a poetry reading thrown into the mix. She concludes "I like to shake things up!" We are glad to have her in our group, and we look forward to all the art she will bring in to the Rocklin Library.

Storytime at the Station
is a hit in the community! 

We continue to partner with the Rocklin Police Department for storytelling and safety events every two months. These events take place on Monday afternoons, a time when our library is closed. After an October "Halloween" theme and a December "Santa" theme, we decided to focus on "New Books at the Rocklin Library" in February. Newly acquired picture books were chosen by our children's librarian, Kathryn Cantwell-Cole, and were read to the children by three different Rocklin PD volunteers. The event always ends with a short safety lesson and a tour of the Rocklin Police Department given by the volunteers.

This is a wonderful event for Rocklin families. Grandparents and family dogs have all attended. While all ages are welcome, the event is most suitable to those children from the ages of two through five.

Our next scheduled Storytime is April 23rd. We will focus on "Books about Spring," and all FOL members are welcome to join us!

Upcoming 2018 Programs

Women in History, Tuesday, March 27 at 7 p.m. in Old St. Mary's Church at 5251 Front St. in Rocklin. For tickets and information, to to http://- https://www.eventbrite.com/e/they-made-a-difference-womens-history-performance-tickets-42618656549?aff=ehomecard

Earth Day with Author Patricia Newman, Saturday, April 14  at the Rocklin Library at 10:30-11:30 a.m. 

Storytime At the Station, Monday, April 23 at 4 p.m. at the Rocklin Police Department at 4080 Rocklin Rd. in Rocklin.

Robotics Class, Ages 13-17 at the Rocklin Library Community Room on 6/25 through 8/26/2018. This class is now full. 

2018 Board and Meeting Dates

  Our meeting schedule is as follows:

March 13 - 10 am
April 10 -  5 pm
May 8 -  5 pm
June 12 - 10 am
July/Aug - No meeting
Sept 11 - 5 pm
Oct 9 - 10 am
Nov 13 - 10 am
Dec 11 - 10 am

All meetings will be held at the Community Room at the Rocklin Library

Non-fiction books, Children's Books
New fiction (hardback and paperback books)
DVD and books on tape Rare and antique books


The mission of Rocklin Friends of the Library is to generate support for the Rocklin Library and Placer County library services and to promote community interest in libraries, reading, and lifelong learning.

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