2018 State Legislative Review:  October 9, 2018
2018 State Legislation - Progress!

While we remain vigilant in our  federal advocacy  to protect the anti-hunger safety net, some great progress was made to increase access to affordable, nutritious food through 2018 California legislation! 

The 2018 state legislative session recently concluded with some key victories, thanks to the tireless advocacy of our partners and coalitions working together to advance our shared goals. 

All of your letters, calls, emails and actions truly made a difference!  Read more about the 2018 state legislative highlights with respect to food access...

We are especially pleased to celebrate AB 1871 (Bonta) and the 

Looking Ahead

While we celebrate this year's successes, we remain acutely aware of the hard work ahead of us to address the many pressing issues facing low-income Californians.   We must continue to push the state to do better for the millions of Californians who struggle with food insecurity. 

We will continue working together with communities and our partners to identify policy solutions that improve the health and wellbeing of low-income Californians by increasing their access to nutritious, affordable food. Stay tuned!

Contact:  Tracey Patterson  at 510.433.1122 x 101