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Travel Highway 50
Spectacular Summer Events
in Pony Express Territory 
There's a lot happening this season along 
America's  "Loneliest Road"

Experience the Famous
Pony Express Trail!
June 16, July 14, and August 11

Join Nevada Northern Railway for a commemoration of the famous Pony Express route that traversed Nevada, linking the country together in 1860. At 4:30 sharp, a train pulled by a steam locomotives pulls out of Ely, and heads up the hill toward the old Ruth Mining District. Once arriving at the Keystone area, the train stops so passengeres can witness a Pony Express hand-off staged by Ely's own Ghost Riders. This local volunteer group is responsible for the Pony Express reenactment as it crosses White Pine County each year. Back in Ely, you will be able to spend some time with the Ghost Riders and talk to them about the historic Pony Express and their participation in the nationwide Pony Express re-enactment.

Before the trains leaves, each passenger will receive a commemorative envelope and stamp. If you arrive early, U.S. postal clerks will be in our original turn-of-the century Railway Post Office car (RPO) car to hand-cancel your stamp. The national network of RPO cars was the next epoch in linking the nation together. The RPO era lasted from just after the Pony Express days until the mid 1950's. Once your envelope is canceled you can leave it to be placed in the Pony Express rider's mochila (pouch).

For more information, visit  nnry.com
Ride back in time aboard the Nevada Northern Railway

One of the last true dark skies in America . . .

As of spring 2016, Great Basin has been designated an International Dark Sky Park! The International Dark Sky Association has recognized that Great Basin provides distinguished and significant opportunities to experience dark nights. We protect our pristine nighttime environment for scientific, recreational, and cultural values.

On a clear, moonless night in Great Basin National Park, thousands of stars, five of our solar system's eight planets, star clusters, meteors, man-made satellites, the Andromeda Galaxy, and the Milky Way can be seen with the naked eye. The area boasts some of the darkest night skies left in the United States. Low humidity and minimal light pollution, combined with high elevation, create a unique window to the universe. Can you make a difference with light pollution? Yes, look at the International Dark Sky Association website.

More information at nps.gov.  
Great Basin National Park Stargazing

2nd Annual Eureka Nevada PARACON,  June 21-23
The town of Eureka is now known as "The most haunted town on the Loneliest Road!" The town will once again host PARACON, a unique conference including ghost tours, paranormal research, and educational lectures.
More information and registration at:
Website: eurekaparanormal.com

Mary Kaye & The Kaye Sisters  at the Eureka Opera House,  June 15  
From the beautiful 140 year old ranching community of Escalante, Utah, and with tight family harmonies and honest songs about the life they live, Mary Kaye & The Kaye Sisters are helping define the music of the West they love. This group consists of sisters, Emelia, age 16; Sophia, age 19; and their mother, the multiple award winning singer-songwriter, Mary Kaye. The authenticity of their music emerges from a life of raising horses, to ranch work, to life in one of the most remote places in the Western United States. This trio combines traditional trial songs with fresh, contemporary material, and award winning originals. Mary Kaye & The Kaye Sisters represent a new wave in the genre of Western music. Visit Eureka  and enjoy the show!
For more information about Eureka special events, go to  visiteurekanevada.com

Mary Kaye & The Kaye Sisters will Play a the Eureka Opera House on June 15  

Dayton Celebrates its 17th Annual Oodles of Noodles Festival & Pasta-Cook Off on June 2

Make sure to be in Dayton on June 2 as the town celebrates with a HUGE pasta cook-off, live entertainment, vendor booths, craft fair, gunslingers, food, and more! This year, the Retro Radio Dolls from Reno will be also be performing. This popular event is held in Old Town Dayton and is sponsored by the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce. T he 17th Annual Oodles of Noodles Festival and Pasta Cook-Off could be one of the best and biggest Dayton and the surrounding area has ever seen!

More information at:
 Dayton Valley Days

Octane Fest is Back!
June 8-10

A week of high-powered motorsports at Rattlesnake Raceway including dirt track racing, demolition derby, motocross, quad races, tough trucks, burn out contest and fireworks.  For information, entry forms and a complete list of events, go to OctaneFest.com, call 775.287.5826 or visit the OctaneFest page on Facebook.

Octane Fest 2018, Schedule of Events:

Friday Night - Gates open at 5:00 pm
MX, Quad, UTV Practice - 4:00 to 5:30 pm
Opening Ceremonies - 6:00 pm
MX, Quad, UTV, Tough Truck - 6:15 pm to 10:30 pm
Fireworks - 10:30 pm

Saturday Motorsports Show - 8:00 am to Noon (Walmart Parking lot)
Burn out contest - 11:00 am
RC Competition, Show n Shine - 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Saturday Night - Gates open at 5:00 pm
MX Practice - 4:00 to 5:30 pm
Opening Ceremonies - 6:00 pm
MX - 6:15 to 10:00 pm
Demolition Derby - 10:15 pm
Fireworks - 10:45 pm

Tickets at the gate
$5/Children (10 & under free)

 Come join the fun at Rattlesnake Raceway!