Welcome to the 2018 Season
Seated: Phalla, Yun. Standing: Neing, Abby, Jonnah, Jesse, Ryna, David, Barb, Eric.

Welcome to this farm's 24th CSA season! Some of you have been members since year one (1995), many of you have been members for over 15 years!! And some of you have discovered CSA just this year. Whoever you are and however long you have been with us, you are the community that supports this farm! We (David and Barb Perkins) started Vermont Valley Community Farm in 1994 when our kids were young, now both sons and a daughter-in-law work work with us and manage areas of the farm. We have a stellar crew of full time, part time and seasonal workers and dedicated worker shares who come out each week to work for their share. To learn more about everyone who grows your food see our Meet your Farmers page.

Let your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers know that we accept new members at any time - even now that deliveries have started. We will pro-rate the cost of the share for anyone who wants to join!
Festivals and Events: 
Mark your calendar! All members are invited to our farm events and festivals: 

August 5   
September 8  
September 30 
Tomato U Picks
August 12, 9:00 am

August 18, 9:00 am

August 25, 9:00 am  

September 2, 9:00 am 
 The U-pick also includes tomatillos, hot peppers and garlic!
RSVP is required 
You can come out to pick basil, we have a lot! No need to wait until pesto fest day if you want to pick basil and take it home with you. 
Want to extend your seasonal eating into the winter? 
It's never too early to start thinking about the
Storage Share! 

The 2018 Storage Share includes 3 purchasing options: 
Full: 2 deliveries Nov 8 and Dec 6 $210
NOVEMBER only: November 8 $130
DECEMBER only: December 6 $90
The Storage Share plans to include:
Potatoes,Carrots, Onions, Winter squash*, Garlic, Cabbage, Kale*, Leeks*, Beets Daikon radish, Sweet Potatoes*, Celeriac, Rutabaga, Turnips, Brussels sprouts*
Winter radish, Pie pumpkin*
*only plan to deliver with November share
ICE AGE TRAIL ALLIANCE 60th Anniversary Dinner

Friday, August 4th  
Zinke Park 
Cross Plains 

Vermont Valley is excited to provide the vegetables for this amazing dinner that will also feature StoneHaus Farm chicken and Sitka Salmon.
The Village of Cross Plains is hosting a community dinner at Zander Park in downtown Cross Plains to celebrate the Ice Age Trail Alliance 60 Anniversary. In keeping with the community theme, the Alliance is partnering with local farmers and businesses to host a farm-to-table dinner, live music, refreshments and of course, birthday cake. On Friday afternoon, stop by Zander Park to learn more about the Ice Age National Scenic Trail and visit partner exhibits. Booths will be on display with family-friendly activities and educational information to learn more about the Alliance's mission. Volunteers, supporters, and Cross Plains community members are invited and welcome to attend.

Farmer Jonnah is leading an Intro to Trail Running workshop on Saturday, August 11 in Cross Plains, as part of the 60th Anniversary celebration. The focus of the workshop (and run) will be all about running on trails, trail etiquette, and how to get started in this amazing sport.
FairShare CSA Coalition
12th Annual Bike the Barns

Sunday, September 16

Enjoy a day biking to local farms and eating artisan delicacies, while supporting our community's health - the health of our neighbors, our land, our farmers, and our local economies. The ride features area CSA farms, gourmet local food, craft libations, and live music.

Route Options:
Short Route: 26.5 miles / 1,028 ft. elevation gain

Long Route: Two options available - you can decide the day of the ride to take either the 400 State Trail or the road for the last leg of the route ( route map)
  • 57 miles / 2,756 ft. elevation gain (incl. 9 miles of packed limestone bike path)
  • 61 miles / 3,465 ft. elevation gain (no bike path)


Farm Stops:

    Proceeds from the ride benefit FairShare CSA Coalition and our  Partner Shares program, providing financial assistance to increase access to CSA shares. We're riding to make sure all of our neighbors have access to fresh, healthy food!

    Registration and Information
Jonnah Wrote a feature for the summer issue of Edible Madison

A Birthplace of CSA: Vermont Valley Community Farm 

"I learned quickly that Vermont Valley is a well-oiled machine with efficiency and quality at the core of every operation. Vermont Valley is known for being a challenging and highly educational farm to work on and has trained many of Wisconsin's foremost CSA farmers. For David, the value and expectation of hard work is something he doesn't shy away from. "I grew up a farmer. I've never been experiential in the farm world. Farming is a professional career. I enjoy the projection side and figuring things out. I am not here for an experience-I grow food." This pure work ethic, scrubbed clean of whimsical ideals, is fundamental to the success of the farm." Read more...
Know your farmer, know your food.
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