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January 2018
Score Big with a Tax Free Wealth Transfer

Do you know how the future of your retirement will be affected by having your money in IRA's vs. Wealth Transfer Products?

Americans love certificates of deposit. But fixed-rate annuities, which function like CDs, usually pay a significantly higher guaranteed rate, and they offer tax deferral.
How (and why) Indexed Universal Life really works

We are often asked by our clients, "How can the insurance company afford such generous caps and floors in their indexed universal life policies?" Many insurance producers themselves may ponder the same question.
The Accounting Professor:

What the BBC did not tell us

In an interview with BBC, I pointed out that "Apple was paying all the taxes that it was legally obligated to pay". This was the quote the BBC chose to use. For the record, what I told the BBC did not fit their narrative...
In This Issue
Tax Reform 2018 and Your Taxes

As a courtesy to our clients, we have included the following article which takes a look at the changes to deductions made by the new law:

* Medical Deductions 
* Taxes
* Home Mortgage Interest
* Donations to Charities
* Casualty and Theft Losses
* Job Expenses and Certain Miscellaneous Deductions
* Overall Limit on Itemized Deductions 

Under the new tax law, the income tax rates have been substantially modified, and the following tables can be used to determine the tax for 2018.

Of course, there is a lot more to the new tax law than is covered here, including some complicated business changes.  We advise you to seek the counsel of your CPA, for any questions.