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All the work has been done. Now you just have to get to the starting line. This is your final runner update email. Any new/remaining info will be disseminated at the pre-race briefing on Friday at Squaw Valley.

The Swinging Bridge at Mile 45.
Help the Foresthill Fire Protection District

As we have shared on Facebook, Western States runners, crews, and spectators are encouraged to bring a gift that is unique to, and represents, the places you call home. Donated items will be accepted during registration and packet pickup near the Start Line at the Squaw Valley Ski Resort on Thursday and Friday, June 21-22. All donated items will be collected by Foresthill Volunteer Firefighters Association (FVFA) volunteers and delivered to Foresthill where they will be available for purchase during race day festivities on Saturday, June 23 and the Annual FVFA Garage Sale in August.

100% of proceeds will support the Foresthill Volunteer Firefighters Association.

For more information see our news post.
Pre Race Activities at Squaw Valley

There are lots of fun and informative activities and clinics planned for you beginning on Thursday at 9:30 a.m. From the flag raising ceremony, to Tropical John's crewing clinic, to a Medical Research and Ultrarunning Performance talk with Dr John Diana and Jason Koop, and a foot taping clinic with Dr John Vonhof and Tonya Olson. Friday is equally as busy with Altra's Uphill Challenge, runner check-in, and the mandatory pre-race briefing at 2:00 pm. The full schedule of activities for the final days leading up to the race can be found here.
Runner Check-In

You must check-in on Friday between 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.. You will pick up your swag, 
sign some waivers, have your picture taken for the webcast, and get a wristband. On Saturday morning, between 4:00 a.m. and 4:50 a.m., you must pick up your bib number. There will be a b-tag chip attached to your bib number so please don't fold it. If for whatever reason you decide not to run but have picked up your bib and chips, please report back to a manager at the start so we know you didn't start and are not lost.
On The Trail

You will be following pink ribbons and pin flags the whole way. If you see any other color or combination of ribbons we did not put them there. For the night sections we will be using the same pink ribbons with small pieces of highly reflective red/white material at the bottom and pink pin flags with reflective stripes. Generally, there will be 5-8 ribbons/pin flags per mile, not including turns/intersections. A little less in the first half, a little more in the second half when runners generally slow down. There will also be small directional yellow signs at key intersections to help you.

Cutting switchbacks is not allowed. Littering is not tolerated. While we realize you may inadvertently drop something from your pack, please be very careful. It is incumbent on all of us to be respectful stewards of the trail. If you see something in the trail please take the time to pick it up - or better yet, have your pacer pick it up. If you have to relieve yourself please be sure to step off the trail and cover your deposit. For everybody's sake, please be respectful. 
If you are close to the cutoffs coming into an aid station, we will be utilizing the following protocol to help you manage your time.
30 minutes----3 short blasts on air horn
20 minutes----2 short blasts on air horn
10 minutes----1 short blast on air horn
5 minutes----Verbal warning to all those still in the aid station
Aid station closed----one long blast on air horn
You must leave the aid station before the cutoff.
If for whatever reason you decide to drop from the race, please be sure you have your wristband cut off by an aid station captain. If you are unaccounted for we will attempt to contact you and/or your emergency contact. If we are not successful in these attempts, we will need to contact Search and Rescue (at your cost). So it is imperative that we get your wristband if you have to call it a day.

The River Crossing

The 2018 winter was just a bit below normal this year. The snowpack was nothing like 2017. That means you'll not have much if any snow to run on, and that w e will be crossing the Middle Fork of the American River at mile 78 on foot. We will have a rope strung across the river and many volunteers standing in the water to help you get safely across. We do share the river with rafters on race day but they must ride the pillow of water released from an upstream dam a little earlier than normal so the water level is lower for you. By 7:00 or 8:00 pm the water level will be at about 250 cfs. If you get there earlier than that the water will still be dropping. Please listen to the directions given to you by the volunteers.There are only two rules you must remember:

1. You must wear a PFD (life jacket). Volunteers will help put one on you on the Near Side and take it off of you on the Far Side.

2. You must hold onto the rope. If you let go you will be swept downstream. Don't do that, please.

It's a very safe and fun crossing if you follow those two rules.

Your Rucky Chucky drop bags will be on the Far Side so if you want to change shoes that's where you'll do it.
How can your crew, family and friends track you during the run and see you finish?

Western States has comprehensive coverage of all runners.    

1) Official splits and runner tracking are available on

2) Runner tracking information will also be available in real time by Voice using Google Assistant (Android/iOS) or with devices like Google Home or Amazon Alexa.  

Hey Google, ask Western States where is Ted Knudsen?
Hey Google, ask Western States where is runner number 127?

Alexa, enable Western States. 

3) The Finish has a continuous live video feed on Facebook.  and a short clip of every finisher crossing the line will also be available.

They can also follow iRunFar's Twitter Feed.
2018 Race Program

You can pick up a hard copy of the 2018 Race Program at Squaw Valley. Meantime, here is a link to the pdf
At The Finish

Placer High School track on the last weekend in June is perhaps the best place on earth. Hang out after you arrive and watch others finish. The world would be a better place if everybody could spend time there.

The artisans from Comstock Heritage will be at the finish to engrave your name on your buckle before we present it to you at the awards ceremony.

Safe travels and we'll see you in Squaw,

Craig Thornley, Race Director
PO Box 99
Auburn, CA 95604