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Congratulations on your entry into the 2018 Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run.

This is the first of several updates you will receive from me leading up to the pre-race meeting on Friday, June 22 up at Squaw Valley. These are important updates that will also be posted to the WSER website. To stay up on the latest news you may also wish to follow us on Facebook and  

Participant Guide
Please read the online participant guide which contains information that you must be familiar with, including medical and other risks; performance, pacer and crew rules; aid station and drop bag information; race week agenda; lodging info; and a course description. Please read it carefully.
Wait List and Refunds
For the second year, after decades of overbooking, we are using a wait list model to ensure we start the allowed 369 runners. You can view the wait list here.

If you must withdraw for any reason, the next person on the wait list will be given the opportunity to take your place on the start line. We will refund part of your entry fee if you withdraw:

75% if you withdraw by May 1, 2018
50% between May 2 and June 9, 2018
25% between June 10 and June 20, 2018
no refund after June 20, 2018
Service Requirement and Trail Work Days
Since 1998, WSER has required eight (8) hours of volunteer service by each entrant, no matter where you live. The WSER Board has a strong preference that runners perform their service in support of an ultra or doing trail work on a trail used in an ultra, but will accept service provided to any organized running event or trail work done on any trail commonly used by runners. Please submit the SR form to us by June 1, 2017. Please don't wait until the last minute to submit your form. Look here for confirmation that we have received your form.

One of the more rewarding ways to fullfill the service requirement is to join one of our work parties on the WS trail in the spring leading up to the race. We have five days scheduled in March, April, May, and June. Signup at

Western States Store and WSER Logo
Branded merchandise is available at the WS Store. It is always available online and will be physically setup at Squaw Valley before the race.

If you are planning on making your own crew shirts, you may use the WSER logo as long as you don't sell the shirts. Please respect our intellectual property. 
Training Runs
There are four training runs scheduled before the race which offer an opportunity to get time on the final 70 miles of the course. On Feb 11  we'll run the last 20 miles. On Memorial Day weekend we have three training runs on three successive days over the final 70 miles. These runs are open to anybody. If you are planning on doing them, sign up early as each of them fill to capacity.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Train smart,

Craig Thornley, Race Director
PO Box 99
Auburn, CA 95604