November 2017

Our training, accreditation and peer learning programme for 2018 is now confirmed.  You can also view these dates on our website  Calendar.  We hope that you can join us. 

Our Learning/Taster Days (10am-4pm, £80+VAT for members and £100+VAT for non members, Highfield Park, Hook) are a good way to reconnect, find out more about our way of working and refresh your skills in a peer learning environment.  Themes and dates for these are:

29 January 2018 - The Use of Drama in Facilitation (tbc)
2 July 2018 - Action Learning/Learning Lab
8 October - Managing Diversity in Groups

We will also be running three Foundations in Facilitation Skills Programmes: January-March, May-July and September-November.

The next run of our Certificate in Facilitation Skills leading to Accreditation at Level 2 will be May-July:

8-9 May - Organisational Impact
4-5 June  - Personal Presence
July  - Accreditation Day

Finally, we would also like to welcome Katie Thomas, who has recently started as our Office Manager, and who we are delighted to have on board.

To book, please email us or call us on 0203 282 7128.

Do feel free to forward these dates to others who may be interested.  

Thank you.

Bella Mehta & Brian Watts
Association of Facilitators (AoF)
0203 282 7128

January-March 2018
The Facilitator's Toolkit
  22-23 January 2018 
5-6 February 2018*
26-27 February 2018
26 March 2018

May- July  2018
The Facilitator's Toolkit
30 April - 1 May 2018
*14-15 May 2018*
Group Dynamics
11-12 June 2018
16 July 2018

September-November 2018
The Facilitator's Toolkit
10-11 September 2018
*24-25 September 2018*
Group Dynamics
15-16 October 2018
19 November 2018

May- July  2018
Organisational Impact 
8-9 May 2018
Personal Presence
4-5 June 2018
9 July 2018

These dates will be made available if the preceding dates are full .*

23 April 2018 
(Register by March)

Learning/Taster Day
(£80+VAT members, £100+VAT non-members, 10am-4pm)
29 January 2018
2 July 2018
8 October 2018

Venue: Highfield Park, Hook, Hampshire

Facilitation Skills Training and Consultancy are also available on an in-house basis.