2018 was a year filled with innovative accomplishments, partnerships, and initiatives. We strengthened existing parent programming like Family Works while launching unique new pilot programs like Babies and Brunch . Our after-school, recreation, and early childhood education staff continued to develop engaging new ways of sparking the imagination of children in HFH programming, often facilitated by partners like CHEFF and Writopia . We also worked with Sesame Workshop in the development of a new storyline and set of resources about Lily, a 7-year-old muppet experiencing homelessness, which debuted in December of 2018. Read more about our Top Ten Highlights of 2018 , made possible by the continuous dedication of our families, staff, volunteers, supporters, and partners.
#1 New Mothers Find Support at Babies and Brunch Group Sessions
At Babies and Brunch, new mothers at Prospect Family Residence have been participating in workshops, discussions, and active play with their children in order to foster protective factors including social connections, knowledge of child development, socio-emotional competence, and concrete support.

#2 Hands-On Learning Inspires Young Minds
Staff at HFH early childhood, after-school, and recreation programming spent the year emphasizing hands-on learning through field trips, interactive activities, and a supportive environment dedicated to sparking the natural curiosity of young people in HFH programming.

#3 Nurturing Tomorrow's Leaders through Teen Leader Program
This year's fifth anniversary cohort of the Teen Leader Program boasted 19 teen leaders, all of whom acted as mentors at HFH Summer Camps and engaged in year-round youth development and leadership training.

In 2018, HFH launched an Instagram account, giving our partners, staff, and supporters yet another way to learn more about our programming. These are your favorite articles, tweets, and posts of the year.
Our Most-Read Article of the Year
Our Spotlight On: series highlights the phenomenal dedication and talent of HFH staff members. In 2018, one of our most-read articles was our Spotlight On: Dorothea Nixon , Director of Prospect Family Support Center.

Top Tweet of the Year: Family Safety Day at Saratoga
Top Facebook Post of the Year: KidCare Job Hop
Our work wouldn't be possible without the staff, partners, volunteers, and supporters who ensure that Homes for the Homeless can continue to provide support for over 700 children and their families each year. Thank you for your support in 2018, and we look forward to an equally successful 2019.