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Look what you made possible
Dear friends,

Wow! What a year it has been thanks in no small part to you! Here is the first of three installments of what you made possible this year.

This past August we officially launched our Amplify program & concerts with a half-dozen uber-talented youth musicians from the Berkshires, CT, NY, and California. Amplify is a riveting extension of our JAMMS program in which musicians learn, interpret, and perform a set of songs written by youth from around the world in JAMMS as a way to amplify the messages of those songs in new and powerful ways. Check out this amazing performance by this summer's Amplify band of "I Refuse to Be Your Enemy" written by students in a JAMMS program at Berkshire Community College in 2015. If you really want to have some fun, check out the original here to compare it to the Amplify version.
To fully understand the process the JAMMS participants went through in writing their song, our Amplify musicians did a JAMMS program of their own and came up with this amazing song about growing up today in the world's view, or misperception as the case may be, of Gen Z. We are sure you will walk away feeling as inspired by their words and message as we were when we first heard them.
THANK YOU for your generous support last week helping us raise nearly $20K for Giving Tuesday and for your support all year long. YOU keep these young voices alive & heard and keep us moving forward!

Keep on rockin',

Team MIC