January 2019

    2018 RESULTS!
With your help, in 2018, there were 205,754 participants in the Reach4Life program in classrooms and community groups, compared to 119,003 participants in 2017. Additionally, inmate attendance at Reach4Life groups totaled 27,698 compared to 18,133 in 2017. Your donations, along with donations from Biblica, allowed us to obtain 50,000 Reach4Life Bibles for the program, compared to 30,000 in 2017. The program was in South Africa, Swaziland, and Mozambique, and it is beginning in Lesotho (a small country within South Africa). We thank God for bringing hope and life to so many through your contributions.  
The new school year started in January, so schools and classrooms are just now being established for 2019. Please pray for the logistics of the new year; for wisdom, accurate teaching, and safety for the Peer Educators; and for youth and communities to understand and apply the life lessons they are learning through the Reach4Life program. With this tremendous growth, we are always looking for new opportunities to increase funding. If you have any friends, family, churches, or organizations who you think might be interested or ideas for fundraising, please email us. Thank you for your continued support!


As mentioned above, the new school year began in January.  Groups are starting and Reach4Life Bibles are being distributed. Biblica has been a huge support in the ministry. By donating many of these Bibles, the ministry has been able to grow because we can put more of our funds into other expenses such as transportation for the Peer Educators, training, shirts and caps, and other needs for the ministry.  These Bibles are precious to the young people who receive them. Names are written on the sides to ensure they don't get lost. Each Bible contains truth that we know will have a lasting impact on each one who receives it. Your support is changing lives!

Come join us Saturday, March 9,  anytime between 8:00 am and 9:30 am for breakfast at Jimmy Mac's at The Crossings (across from Costco) in Federal Way!  The address is 34902 Pacific Highway South. The cost is $10 per person for yummy pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, juice & coffee. Jimmy Mac's will donate half of the cost ($5 per person) to Prevention Time for  Reach4Life!  

We don't often highlight prison ministry because (as in America) we can't take pictures in facilties, so it's difficult to visually show what is being done. However, we would like to recognize Pastor Jeff Kunene (pictured here on right with Thandy and husband Pastor Emmanuel Nzama). Pastor Kunene is a former inmate himself and has a heart for those who are incarcerated. He does Reach4Life in prisons and also leads  a weekly small group of about 22 former inmates who attend his church. Some prisons have recognized Reach4Life as a successful means to rehabilitation, occasionally giving early releases to groups of inmates who have completed the Reach4Life program.  We have several other Peer Educators who are also leading groups in prisons. We thank them all for their dedication to those who need to hear the message of truth, love, and forgiveness.


As each new year begins, the Peer Educator training manual is updated with the latest facts on HIV and other statistics. Some material that the mission team put together was added to this year's manual, which addresses the issues of sexual health and safety. This subject covers how to prevent sexual assault and rape, what to do after an assault or rape, incest, teaching children what is OK/not OK, and recognizing and reporting child abuse. Special emphasis was given to the role men play in giving value to and protecting women. In the "teen pregnancy" section it was emphasized that men need to take the lead in avoiding pregnancy. There has already been feedback from the community on these additions. In a recent training, some community school teachers said, "This is a big problem but we didn't know how to address it. Thank you for these suggestions."  The bulk of the material on this subject was written by Becky Aske. We thank her for her contribution on this sensitive but much needed subject.

Kagiso, Tshepisong, Slovo & Swaneville (Johannesburg area) Reach4Life teams participated in trainings in January and are now equipped for evangelism and discipleship. Thanks to Pastor Mike Mafoko and the Family Revival church Ext8, for hosting this training. More trainings will be taking place this month and throughout the year.  

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