December 2018 - January 2019
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2018's Best Books for Kids
Tots to teens, we've got 21 titles your children will love!
By Elisa Chemayne Agostinho

Explore the world, make new friends and discover something about yourself you never, ever expected. The power to do all of these things and more can be found in the extraordinary magic of books, and you can share that awesome potential with your children each and every day. Our thoughtfully curated list is a great place to start...
Mother reading to her child.
Pre-K & Elementary Grades

Carmela Full of Wishes*
By Matt de la Peña; illustrated by Christian Robinson

When Carmela finds a fluffy white dandelion and learns it's meant for wishing, she starts to think about all the things she could ask for: a candy machine, a soft bed for her mother (like the ones she makes up every day as a hotel maid) or a way for her father's papers to be fixed "so he could finally be home." What if she makes the wrong choice? Ages 4-8
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Middle-graders happily reading books.
Middle Grades

The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle*
By Leslie Connor

Mason Buttle is bullied. He's big for his age, sweats all the time and can't really read or write, and the story he's been telling police about the death of his best friend Benny just doesn't sound right. Months later questions about the boy's demise are still unanswered, and Mason and his new friend Calvin are doing what they can to escape the taunting cruelty of the neighborhood boys. Then Calvin disappears, and Mason is again compelled to defend his truth. Ages 8-12
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Teen girl happily reading a book.
Young Adults

By Courtney Summers

When Sadie's little sister is brutally murdered, the grief-stricken 19-year-old flees their rural Colorado trailer park home in pursuit of the man she believes is guilty of the crime. May Beth, the girls' neighbor and the only adult who seems to care about them, hasn't seen Sadie since, and the distraught woman convinces a local radio reporter to help find her. Will his true-crime podcast bring Sadie back home before it's too late, or will a confrontation with her sister's killer bring her to the same violent end? Ages 12+
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