National Newsletter, Winter 2019
TTN begins 2019 with Record
High Membership
In the early days of 2019, The Transition Network hit a record high of 2,800 active members. Combine that with the 6,400 former members, TTN has touched the lives of over 9,200 women over the past 18 years.

As we look ahead to our 20th Anniversary in 2020, we can be proud of what we've accomplished together. We connect women at a challenging time in their lives when it feels like the ground is shifting under their feet. We help them discover new priorities and develop new interests. And through the community of TTN, they determine their impact on themselves, each other and their communities. All of this from the vision of two women who looked ahead and asked the question, "what comes next?"

As 'experts' in transition, we are learning to embrace change, not run away from it. We know that growth comes from doing things differently and if we've proven anything over the past 18 years, it's that we're smart women who are ready to break free.

Thank you Members for joining and participating in the groups, programs, workshops and events that are the TTN experience. And a big THANK YOU to the volunteers who bring the mission to life.

Best wishes to you all for a bright and bountiful 2019.

~ Susan Collins, Executive Director
Board of Directors News
President's Message - 2019 A Year of Transition
At the beginning of 2018, I noted in my new year’s message how women were coming out to work for change and have more of a voice. The result was another wave of change for our country last year. We now have more women and greater diversity in our legislative branch than ever before!

The Transition Network is also on a path of change. We are continuing to seek new ways to reach more women across the country with our message of Connect-Discover-Impact. We have had some terrific publicity in various news articles, and promoted them throughout our social media platforms. This, plus our grassroots efforts at the local levels, led to our total membership growth of 15% in 2018. We now have over 2800 members nationwide.

Several of our chapters have continued to grow, especially the three largest which now have over 830 (Long Island), 680 (NYC), and 410 (Philadelphia) members. They continue to excel at wonderful programming, creative learning opportunities and impactful volunteering events. Our Atlanta chapter more than doubled, and the Chicago chapter tripled their membership last year!

This growth requires new ways of supporting our members. We are continuing to work on the right support structure for doing so, and achieving even greater growth this year.

We are engaging with our three largest chapters to identify their unique requirements for managing and coordinating the many volunteers that is takes to support so many members. At the same time, we are setting up a special work group for the other chapters, who have different challenges yet the same goal of building a strong community of women.

Our new Signature Program, On Resilience, is now available and we hope to see more chapters deliver this program throughout the coming year. The Women in Transition Workshop continues to be a successful program which brings women together to begin to process their transition challenges. Even our members who are not in one of our chapter cities have made some great connections this year, thanks to videoconferencing and the creation of our “ Breaking Free”  groups, based on our book Smart Women Don’t Retire - They Break Free.
This coming year, we hope to find more and new ways to connect with women all across the country who want to find others who are “embracing change.” We will also begin planning for the 20th anniversary of TTN in 2020.

I want to thank Mariann Zylstra for her 3 1/2 years of service on the Board of Directors. I appreciated her “out of the box” thinking and work on our Finance Committee. I also want to welcome our two newest members to the Board - Ellen Murphy and Sara Werder. It is always great to have new energy added to our leadership team. Our other 7 members ( Dale Davis, JoAnne D’Aleo, Marlene Gerber, Amy Kotkin, Linda Paige Levine, Chrissa Merron, and Wanda Olson) will continue to serve in this coming year, along with our Executive Director, Susan Collins, and her staff of Nancy Gendimenico and Jennifer Monahan, supporting our members and chapters, to deliver on our mission in a national non-profit organization.

I am excited to see what changes 2019 will bring for TTN, and look forward to engaging with you in these efforts. Thank you for all you do for TTN, and being part of this unique and special organization!

~ Carol Oswald, Board President
Welcome New Board Members
Ellen Murphy, Board Member
Sara Werder, Board Member
TTN to Launch "Discover" Series
The Transition Network is set to launch it's "TTN Discover Series" with its inaugural program on Monday, February 25, 2019. This series of 1-hour webinars is designed to bring topics of interest to our members and guests who don't need to leave the comfort of their homes to participate.

The success of our virtual Breaking Free Groups proved that our members are secure with the online environment and ready to explore new connections using video conference technology. Since we offer members the opportunity to "connect, discover and make an impact" we thought it was time to deliver on the promise of discovery.

Our inaugural presenter is Joy Loverde, an author and key-note speaker, who also happens to be a member of TTN in our Chicago chapter. Joy is a recognized expert in helping us take control of our lives and plan for a vibrant and engaged future.

We are planning 3 more sessions in 2019 which we are excited to tell you more about shortly. In the meantime, stay tuned for information on the first session on February 25.
TTN Signature Programs Around the Country
Don't miss the opportunity to participate in our Signature Programs now being offered in several of our chapter cities.

Women in Transition Workshop

February 23 Santa Fe Chapter Expecting another sell out!
March 23 Washington, DC Chapter Don't miss this great experience!
March 30 San Francisco Chapter First time in the Bay Area!
April 28 Long Island Chapter Save your space now!

On Resilience Introductory Workshop

March 9 Boston Chapter Learn the fundamentals of resilience!
March 20 Philadelphia Chapter Experience learning together!

New Member Orientation

TTN Represented at Encore Summit
On November 12, over 250 Encore leaders and organizations from all over the world gathered together to answer these three questions:
• How can we create a new vision for a future that works for all generations?
• What are the opportunities and challenges that we can tackle together?
• How can we accelerate change to transform lives into a force for good?
It was a very different kind of meeting where all the different groups and initiatives under the umbrella were brought together to answer the above questions and to share their own best practices and experiences with each other!
Summit Summary - One of our Encore leaders , Helen Dennis wrote a great article that summarizes all the important elements and outcomes from the Summit.

Reframing Aging - Our kickoff key note speakers were two incredible visionaries in our movement- Marc Freedman (CEO Encore) and Joann Jenkins (CEO AARP). Joann shared a powerful video that exemplified the age bias in our society. How Old is OLD? One of the big themes at the summit focused on how can we talk differently about aging with a new language and mindset.

How to Live Forever - An incredible celebration, starting with the 20th Anniversary of, as well as Encore and Marc Freedman winning the Eisner Prize for Intergenerational Excellence! This was also a milestone week with Marc Freedman’s new book going live- “How to Live Forever: The Enduring Power of Connecting the Generations!  

Bringing Generations together- We not only celebrated the 20th anniversary of but also celebrated the second year of our national campaign- Generation to Generation. Attached is a wonderful info-graphic that captures all the incredible achievements by all the partners and champions involved in this campaign!!
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