Included in this newsletter: 2019 Winter Registration + New for 2019 | Fall Season Recap | Volunteers!
Winter Registration opens Dec. 3!
Visit website Programs Page for more details.

NEW for 2019!

  • We are excited to announce that we have partnered with the Lexington Rec. Dept. for Lexington programming. You will now register for winter programs through Lex. Rec. In order to do so, you will need an online account with them. Any resident or non-resident who does not currently have an account will need to create one (this is a one time only, quick process).

  • Beginning in January 2019, all programs will have associated fees (spring, summer, fall TBD). I am so grateful and sincerely thank everyone who has been involved with Verge, directly or indirectly, for all of your support over the last 3 years - you have helped grow and cement this program through your participation, contributions, belief, and wonderful spirit! This thing we created is yours. I don't ever want cost to prevent anyone from participating - Please talk with AJ or Matt if you need financial assistance.

  • Adapted Yoga! (Jan - March) | And...Ms. Julie's super fun Motor Skills classes will continue in March. Motor Skills and Yoga are new. I have started these classes as supplement to help address and improve the many common issues and delayed development in these areas with many of our runners. Developing these abilities can improve general wellbeing, and boost individual's performance and confidence to participate in physical activities and sports. These classes are open to the public.
Team Verge Run Club - Indoor Track
January 6 - March 17
(no practice Feb. 17)

WHEN: Sundays, 9-10:30am
WHERE: Lexington HS Field House
FEE: $65/family

EVENT: Team track meet - Sunday, March 17 from 8:30-10:30am
Adapted Yoga
January 12 - March 9
(no practice Feb. 16 & 23)

WHEN: Saturdays
  • Ages 7-9: 12-12:40pm
  • Ages 10 to young adult: 12:50-1:30pm
WHERE: Lexington Community Center
FEE: $60

Description: In a fun, focused, small group environment, participants work on improving flexibility, core strength & stability, focus, and calming anxiety through exploration and control of body movement and breathing. Developing these abilities can improve general wellbeing, and boost individual's performance and confidence to participate in physical activities and sports.
We had a great fall season!
Team Verge Run Club
CONGRATS to all of our runners on an awesome season, and THANK YOU to our 37 (wow!) volunteers this season, (47 this year!)
Check out some highlights form the season. Unfortunately, the road race we were going to run was canceled due to weather. You can always follow what we're up to on our team's facebook page.

It was a super day! Everyone was nervous, but they had a ton of fun and did awesome. Cross country is a fun and unique challenge in running. This event is a blast and it gives our kids an opportunity to run with their own age groups, and experience what it’s all about. It speaks to those with a competitive streak while also challenging everyone at their own level. If nothing else gets you, the second half of Bear Cage Hill will!

The clocks can't stop us! Our weeknight practices in Cambridge and Lexington finished up the season with some glow fun in the dark.

A fantastically FRIGID and windy day for a track meet but, we did it! All of our groups came together to wrap up a great season at our team track meet. Everyone did awesome and had so much fun!
Motor Skills Class
The kids had a real blast and made lots of improvement!

Whenever I ask one of our runners how class is going, they light up and say "I love it!". Ms. Julie can't wait to do another session in the spring. (Schedule TBA) Thank you to the Lexington Community Center for hosting.

Ages 5-9
Ages 10 to young adult
Treadmill Intro Session
Thanks to the LCC for hosting our Treadmill Intro session. We had a really great time!

Several kids came out for the opportunity to try running on a treadmill, learn to use it, and I was able to get some helpful HR and gait data.
You make all of this possible.
How does a run club, with such a wide range of ages and abilities, with most runners needing 1:1 guidance, function?

We had 47 VOLUNTEERS this year - 37 just in the fall !
This is amazing.
WHY do people volunteer?

For some, it is a way to escape pressures of high school or work and get out and do something fun with purpose.

For others, it's all about particular bonds they have formed with certain runners on the team - bonds that help both runner and volunteer grow.

For others, it is an exciting learning and life experience, or an opportunity to try something new for community service credit.

WHO are our volunteers?

About 70% of our volunteers are high school students, 15% are professional adults in their 20-30's (many with teaching or special needs careers). 5% are older adults looking to be involved in the community.

Most of our volunteers return season after season!

PARENTS, you are the silent volunteers, often not credited. Thank you! You are amazing.

Some parents run with their own children; others run with other children when needed; others keep a watchful eye and act as support crew from the sidelines; others help out with tasks; and others play an important role in their child's experience by remaining absent and giving their child independence. And some join us for the workout!
Volunteering with Verge is a
unique opportunity to connect with some awesome people and
make a meaningful difference while doing so!!
We always need more volunteers!

  • We need people to run with the kids, teens, and young adults
  • We also need help at our new motor skills and yoga classes
  • We also needs coaches - people with running experience who can lead small groups through workouts.
This giving and sharing season,
How? Any of several ways. By...

  • signing up to volunteer
  • spreading the word in your community and with friends and colleagues
  • connecting AJ with you towns' athletic directors so she can get in touch with the HS sport teams.
  • distributing postcard flyers where appropriate (ask AJ for printed cards)
  • notifying AJ of any volunteer listings you know of, especially those that HS students use. Sharing contact info with her as appropriate.
  • notifying AJ of any corporate or other group programs looking for volunteer opportunities
  • sharing the opportunity to volunteer with Verge on social media
CONTACT Coach AJ for more info:

Sign up to volunteer!
Happy Holidays, Everyone!
Can't wait to see you in the field house in January!