2019 New years Challenge
Hello Altitude Family!
While every day can be an opportunity to improve yourself, New Year’s day has been a fan favorite for a very long time. The clock strikes midnight, and a huge pinata explodes raining the countryside with fireworks, hangovers, and, most importantly, resolutions. Resolutions like:
“This year, I’m going to get healthier, join a gym, work out 3 times a week, drink more water, and I’m going to clean up my diet!”
But New Year’s magic is fleeting and by February, 80% of those resolutions have fizzled out*.
With that in mind, our team of coaches worked for months to create a New Year’s challenge that was designed to help our clients build and maintain the most effective healthy habits for achieving their goals. The ‘Passport to Fitness’ challenge was the culmination of those efforts. The 2018 challenge was a huge success. Our completion rate for the challenge was 3 times higher than the industry average and our 18 challenge finalists lost a grand total of 126 pounds, as well as dropping an awesome 2 inches off the waistline, and 4 inches off of the hip measurement. Everyone in the challenge saw a 5-20% improvement in cardiovascular health. And the best part, everyone who finished the challenge carried those healthy habits with them for the rest of the year. Real. Sustainable. Change. Oh, and we gave back some $900 in cash as rewards for their hard efforts.
As good as it was, we got some incredibly useful feedback about how to make it better. True to our word, the coaches once again round tabled and the journey to Passport 2.0 began.
The ‘Passport to Fitness 2.0’ challenge is a 3 month (Feb-Apr) community health and fitness challenge crafted to give you the tools to extend your success past the New Year’s fervor, so that you can enjoy a lifetime of health and fitness in and out of the gym! It’s all centered around the 3 most critical components of successful habit setting.

Community, Accountability and Reward. 

The challenge begins and finishes with a ½ hour health assessment. Utilizing gold standard testing guidelines, your coach will assess your cardiovascular health, and your body composition before and after the challenge, so you can see the real results of your efforts.  Those efforts will include working out at the gym 3 times a week, attending one class (free or paid) or one personal training session every week, and attending 2 of the challenge wellness lectures each month. 
Wellness Presentations:

As part of the overhaul for 2.0, we've revamped the challenge meetings and created a 10 part wellness series that covers everything from optimal macro-nutrient ratios to planning your own workout. The presentations will run from 6-7pm every Tuesday evening throughout the challenge. Challenge participants will be able to see the full topic list and pick and choose the topics that most interest them, or come to all 10 and really take advantage of the cumulative knowledge of the AF coaching team. In addition to revamping the educational component of the challenge, we've also decided to include a free (for challenge participants) strength class every Monday for the duration of the challenge.

In addition to the passport strength class and presentations, challenge participants will have access to the “Fitness Passport” private Facebook group . Through this private group, participants gain access to the knowledge of the AF coaching staff throughout the challenge. Our coaches will be ready to review your questions and provide the answers you need with a same day response rate*. The group also offers participants the ability to bolster each other’s resolve via the power of shared experience. Creating a new habit alone can be a very difficult process, but with the power of community , you have the social support to share the burden to stay the course.
The Fitness Passport is your accountability logbook throughout the journey. You will earn a stamp for every day you workout at the gym, every day you attend a class, and every week you attend a wellness presentation. At the end of the challenge, your coach will lead you through the post challenge assessment, review your passport, and then pay you for completing the challenge! 
Personal incentive is the driving force behind habit development. While completing the challenge offers multiple potential benefits to your health, they are hard to quantify and often fail to create the necessary drive to stay the course when your resolve is tested. So to bolster your resolve, we are offering a $50 cash payout to every challenge participant that puts in the effort. 
That's right, we are so dedicated to helping you succeed this New Year, we are offering to pay fifty dollars in cash to every participant that completes* the challenge! 

*Challenge Completion Requirements :
  • Signup and complete the coached pre-challenge assessment between 01/28/2019 and 02/04/2019.
  • Check-in to the gym 3 times a week for the length of the challenge.
  • Attend any one class (paid or free!) or one personal training session per week for the length of the challenge
  • Attend 2 of the weekly challenge wellness presentations (Tuesday at 6pm) per month
  • Complete the coached post-challenge assessment before 05/03/2019

In addition to offering a $50 cash payout to every client that completes the challenge, we have also amassed over $1300 dollars worth in prizes to be awarded to the top 3 challenge participants who experience the greatest personal improvement on the challenge assessments! Our coaches have worked very hard to create a system that fairly measures every challenge participants success relative to their own fitness ability. Whether you are an experienced gym-goer, or new to personal improvement, we will award the prizes based on who experiences the greatest degree of personal improvement.

1st Place ($600 value)

2nd Place ($450 value)

3rd Place ($300 value)

Our goal is your success . We’ve spent months working on the formula, and the deck is stacked in your favor. Join us, click the button below and purchase the challenge online through Mind Body and our Facility Coordinator will reach out and get you started on your journey. 
Don’t care for online purchases? You can also sign-up at the front desk ! Just ask one of our friendly front desk staff next time you visit the gym!

  Remember you need to schedule your pre-assessment before noon on February 4th . That is when registration will close and we will longer accept new entries in to the challenge.
We hope you decide to join us on this journey into 2019. Together, we can make it a very successful year!
*questions posted after 8pm will be answered the following day*