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Hudson, Wisconsin, Library Board meeting
Hudson Library, 700 First Street, Hudson, WI
November 19, 5:30 p.m., Room 219

This is an alert going out to any and all that are members, users, and supporters of the Public Library System, or just plain concerned about our children. It matters not if you specifically use the Hudson Library...this will soon be in your neighborhood, too, if not sooner. Click here.

There are people and programs being considered for our children by the Hudson Public Library of great concern.

Please find linked here a copy of various NEWS articles  about these potentially dangerous activities in other communities, as close as Minnesota ( be advised, many of these pictures and stories are graphic and troubling ).

Following this is information concerning the next Hudson Library board meeting, as well as current board members to contact in case you are unable to attend the meeting. 

Please, one way or another, phone, mail, email, or in person, let your voice be heard. Below is a list of questions to stimulate discussion or to challenge the board on these issues.

Click HERE for link to Hudson Library Board of Trustees. Tina Norris, Hudson Library Director, email:; phone: 715-386-3101.
Click here for link to Hudson Library Board agenda.
Hudson Library Board Meetings
The next meeting is Tuesday, November 19, 2019, at 5:30 pm at the library. Library board meetings are held in Room 219 on the third Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm. The agenda is posted in the lobby of the Municipal Building and published in the Community Calendar section of the Hudson Star-Observer newspaper. Meetings are open to the public, and interested people are invited to attend.

1. Are your potential guests thoroughly vetted with background checks, including criminal convictions, charges, and restrictions?
2. Where will these programs be conducted and what protections will be in place for those members of the library who want to use the facilities but not be exposed to offensive programs, exhibitors, and material?
3. Will the library give parents full disclosure of the detailed content of the intended program before they leave their children in the library's care?
4. Will the programs be video recorded and available to inquiring members of the library?

5. Will the library accept potential liability for lawsuits from parents of abused, offended, exploited, and/or traumatized children resulting from your guests/programs? 
6. What is your definition of inclusion? Would "inclusion" include the KKK? Satanists?

7. What is the criteria that designates a diverse library? Would "diverse" include the KKK? Satanists?

8. Are there particular guidelines that are in place or will any be enacted to protect children from sexually explicit materials and/or potential abuses? 

9. How are unattended children monitored at the library?

10. Which staff member would monitor children who may potentially be exposed to sexual abuse from drag queen performers?

11. Many drag queens, LGBTQ, and affiliated groups have recorded hateful and disrespectful comments towards Christians and other conservative groups, mocking them on their websites and openly deriding their beliefs. This should be considered hateful activity and designate them as a hate groups/individuals.

12. Are you aware that other libraries are encountering convicted pedophiles being given access to children during drag queen story hours?

13. Would the St. Croix County Sheriff's Department be notified of any potential exposure of children to pornographic/sexually explicit situations with a drag queen story hour? What about the Health and Human Services Department?

14. News media have published a photo of a drag queen in Hennepin County, Minnesota, Library flashing his genitals to toddlers during story time. This would be a felony crime in Wisconsin under WI Statutes, Section 948, Crimes Against Children. Would the library condone this activity? 

15. Are the Library employees and volunteers, currently, or would they be, hereafter, required to be mandatory reporters according to the statutory guidelines in WI Stat. 48.981 (2) pertaining to abuse?

Add your own individual questions during Citizen Comments at the beginning of the meeting.

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