2019-2020 EWC Season is in Motion!
Hello Amazing Supporters ,

Thanks to all who made themselves available for ON THE JOB Orientations the end of October when we OPENED for our first 2 nights this season! We had 6 guests who were very grateful for a place to share meals and a couple warm nights of sleep and support with other services. We had a good time!

Looking clear the next week, but maybe some snow or weather triggered nights the end of the month? Check it: What Open Snow is suggesting?!
Projects Going On ~ Help Needed
New fundraising idea:
Is there a team out there willing to create an Online Auction?
Needed: A couple people willing to organize this fundraiser. Plus a group of people willing to connect with local ski resorts, hotels, businesses to seek support of this 2019-2020 season. The donated items, gift certificates, services ... can be added to an online auction platform to generate community financial support for this season #5.
Current Gear & Other In-Kind Donations
Please reach out to neighbors and friends to see if folks have things they are not using or might want to purchase for a neighbor in need!
Clean, Gently Used and New
Boots / sturdy Shoes size 7 - 13
Warm Layers, Jeans
Winter Coats (all sizes and ages as we will be sharing all children's winter coats/pants/boots for Truckee Community Christmas)
Snow Pants
Sleeping Bags, Blankets
Backpacks, Sleeping Pads, Small Tents

Items can be dropped in the Red Can out front Church of the Mountains,
at your convenience.

Amazon Wish List for other Basic Necessities: Take a look & order here!

Be part of our early Giving Season with a
Tax Deductible Financial Donations

  • Donate by check: Emergency Warming Center 
Mail to:  EWC c/o COM, PO Box 1209,  Truckee, CA 96160

Donations, of any amount, are greatly appreciated!
To learn more about the success of this program and what you will be supporting with your donations, click here and take a look
Welcome to the EWC Annex to the for Season #5
In Process: Stay tuned for more ways to help, This will be a space where our guest liaison, Joanne can stay during the season when working, but "off duty". And will allow us to do laundry on sight and offer shower services when guests have medical needs and sufficient volunteers to offer showers!

VOLUNTEER's at the center are key to being able to open on the most severe weather nights and provide the basic necessities our guests need. Especially when we start having long stretches of OPEN nights

Shift Supervisor Training &
Refresher for individuals who plan to serve 8 or more shifts,
as a CORE volunteer this winter season.

Join either November 18th from 5:30 - 7:30
November 23rd from 10am -12noon

Other volunteer training opportunities to be set soon!

I look forward to another life saving and giving season with you all!

With warmth & gratitude,

Cathie Foley
Emergency Warming Center Coordinator
Cell: 775-690-7694

Thank YOU, Thank YOU, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You 
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