2019-2020 State Budget Update
Implications for Schools in
Northampton, Monroe and Pike Counties
With the recent passing of the 2019-2020 state budget and school code bills, Colonial Intermediate Unit 20 is poised to provide support to local schools and the community with new and existing initiatives addressed in these legislative items. 

Below are some highlights of ongoing programs that Colonial IU 20 has in place to support these targeted areas, and also ways that we are being proactive in addressing future needs brought forth by these changes.
For a more in depth analysis / clarification of the impacts for CIU 20 region schools and expectations laid out by the Commonwealth, please review the following documents:
SB 144: Addresses a Variety of School Safety Issues
Trauma Informed Training
School entities shall include a minimum of one (1) hour of required training in trauma-informed approaches for staff and school board members.
  • CIU 20 has a team of professionals that are experts in trauma-informed practices and approaches. Trainings can be delivered on-site at the school.
  • Therapeutic Aggression Control Techniques (TACT2) is a trauma informed competency based curriculum that provides behavior management, verbal intervention, and crisis management. CIU 20 can provide both training and training-of-trainer workshops for your school staff. 
Threat Assessment Teams
School entities are required to establish at least one team that will be responsible for “the assessment of and intervention with students whose behavior may indicate a threat to the safety of the student, other students, school employees, school facilities, the community or others.”
  • CIU 20 can consult with schools to determine the makeup of each school’s threat assessment team. CIU 20 has professionals trained in school climate and the Comprehensive School Threat Assessment Guidelines (CSTAG) to further prepare each school’s team.
Telepresence Education Grants
  • CIU 20 is applying for a grant that will make telepresence equipment available for schools to borrow to support home-bound student learning.  Click to learn more.
Safety and Security Training Clarifications 
  • CIU 20 has a wide variety of options for safety and security trainings that can be tailored to each individual school’s needs. Learn more: www.ciu20.org/schoolsafety
SB 621: Addresses Issues Related to School Police and School Resource Officers
CIU 20 provides regional trainings and support as the liaison working with the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO).  

Looking Ahead
Colonial IU 20 will be reaching out to school district leaders to discuss how the 2019-2020 budget will impact them...we will continue to explore ways we can support the region with these initiatives.  
At Colonial IU 20, we believe in RELATIONSHIPS that support student growth, RESPONSIVENESS to stakeholders crucial needs, RESULTS demonstrated through effective services and programs, and INNOVATION to improve student outcomes.