Dear Holy Name Families,
The Holy Name Finance Committee has approved a tuition increase of a little less than 3.5%  for the 2019-2020 academic school year. Thanks to your participation in our various fundraisers we are able to keep our tuition increase low as we continue to offer a variety of programs and tools to our students. We are very excited that we are able to keep this tuition increase at such a minimal level given the rise in the cost of education.
As tuition rises so does Holy Name's investment in our staff, technology, and new programs. Your tuition increase will go towards the 4% salary increase for our faculty and their related benefit increases.  Additionally, the increase will be used to help offset some of our ongoing technology and program costs.
This year we continued to use ALEKS , an adaptive math program, in our 5th grade and junior high courses, and we piloted ST Math and Lexia, adaptive math and literacy programs, in our Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Grade Classrooms. Our teachers find these programs to be extremely valuable to student growth and individualization. We are currently looking at purchasing licenses to No Red Ink, a grammar and writing adaptive program, in our middle schools for next year. In order to provide even greater support to our teachers in implementing these programs next year, we will continue to purchase additional  iPads for our K-4th grade classrooms. Though we were able to add many iPads to our school this year, we still need to purchase more to fully update our technology and transition to the newest operating system.

In addition to updating our iPads, we will also be updating our classroom projectors. This year we brought in 4 new projectors to our junior high classrooms that have had a wonderful impact on our students. These projectors allow students to scan QR codes so that they can download teacher notes and remain up to date in their curriculum despite absences. We will be purchasing additional projectors so that all junior high students and our middle school students can also benefit from this new technology.

Our school enrollment will grow next year! With new students comes the need to purchase new desks in our 4th grade classroom. We look forward to purchasing new desks to encourage greater collaboration among our students while creating more space in the room for flexible seating opportunities.

Next year we will be introducing new K-5th grade math textbooks. We will be switching to a new math series that will place greater emphasis on the repetition of math foundational skills. Additionally this new series will be more reader friendly in terms of the way word problems are written for our students (and parents!).

We look forward to continuing our many unique program offerings as well as introducing new materials and technology for our 2019-2020 school year!


Holy Name has worked hard to keep this year's tuition increase at a modest level, and we will continue to do so as we plan for the future.  We are very excited that the extra $30 a month in tuition will allow us to bring these additional opportunities to you and your children.

Please click here to access the   2019-2020 Holy Name Tuition Information. Tuition Contracts and Tuition Information will be sent home in today's Tuesday envelope.

It's time to review your FACTS account for the 2019-2020 School Year.  Today, you will be receiving a Re-enrollment Preference Notice from FACTS via email.  
Changes to your Plan choice can be made by returning a hard copy of this notice to the school office by Tuesday, April 30, 2019.   Please be sure your plan choice on this notice matches the one you indicate on your Parent Contract. If we do not receive a notice from you, we will assume there are no changes and you will be re-enrolled using the information currently on file and/or you will be moved to Plan B if your Plan A requirements were not fulfilled.  
To make any changes to your contact information or financial information, please log into your FACTS account to update your profile.
Also, please disregard Junior High student 2019-2020 homeroom placements, as they have NOT been determined at this time. 
Please return your 2019-2019 Tuition Contract and your FACTS Re-enrollment Preference Notice by Tuesday, April 30th.
Thank you for your continued support of Holy Name School.
Natalie Cirigliano, Principal