Welcome to The Bookies' Latest Update!                           February 2019 Issue 1
The Bookies Newsletter

ALA Winners 2019 
The American Library Association award winners for 2019 have been announced!  
Each year, one of our favorite moments is the picking of the awards. We gathered around this year to watch the live announcement and then
our staff eagerly moved all the winners and honorees to prominent displays in our store. We've also created a comprehensive list you can find by clicking HERE. Come in today and we'll help you find the newest timeless treasures that have been honored as Caldecott winners, Newbery winners, and more.   

Fresh Ink
2019 is starting out strong! New books for every age!

The eagerly awaited follow-up to Angie Thomas's breakthrough debut, THE HATE U GIVE, is here. Be sure to pick it up for more important discussions on the modern world, race, media, and tolerance in what will surely be one of the most important books of the year.  

This picture book is gathering steam in our store as each member of our staff discovers it. Find out the importance of being a voice for the voiceless.   

The first big graphic novel of the year is making waves across the country. Craft's speaking engagements are booked up as educators and book lovers discover his tale of a seventh grade boy who is one of the few people of color in his new school. It's a riveting book that's more important than ever and already being hailed as an early favorite to sweep awards season.  

It's finally here! The second volume in the incredibly popular graphic novel adaption of WINGS OF FIRE hit shelves this weekend. This is a great introduction to the series for younger readers not quite ready for the middle-grade series and the best part is once they finish this one, they can leap right into the chapter books, if they so choose!   
Marlon James   
James has been on a whirlwind press tour for this first novel of his new trilogy that's being hailed as 'An African American Game of Thrones'. James, a Man-Booker Prize winner, hit the bestseller list before the book ever hit shelves, and with good reason. BLACK LEOPARD RED WOLF is a must-read.   
The Game Board
The Boy Who Lived...is Lost...
...and so is everyone else! The incredibly popular LABYRINTH game series meets the incredibly popular HARRY POTTER world in this fun family game. It's all about navigating mazes and locating your favorite characters from Hogwarts!  Click here to order and to find out more!  

February is Black History Month

The Bookies have gathered some of our favorite non-fiction and fictional books to celebrate Black History Month and we are displaying them currently at the front of the store. You can find a list of some of our favorite YA books HERE or stop by today to explore our other options. 
Come Celebrate Dr. Seuss's Birthday
And get free tickets and prizes for WONDER PARK
Join us as we celebrate Dr. Seuss's bir t hday with help from our friends at Paramount Pictures. We'll celebrate his birthday and the new movie WONDER PARK  
coming to theaters on March 15th! We will have fun giveaways, cool promotional items,
and free tickets to go see WONDER PARK with your whole family before it hits theaters! So head to the Bookies Bookstore on March 2nd for a day full of imagination and curiosity.  
When: Saturday March 2nd, 10:30am-12:00pm  

Education Corner
Math Games Are All The Rage!  
Our Education Specialists want you to know that math can be fun! To that end, they've created a lovely display of our various math games, deep in our Teacher's Section. The key to the learning and execution of math skills, especially for those learners who struggle, is to introduce the concepts in a fun way that feels less like work and more like play. We have a seemingly endless supply of resources that do just that. Come in today and we'll find the perfect one for you, your classroom, or the future Einsteins in your own home!      
Sloth Day at The Bookies
We're partnering with the Downtown Denver Aquarium to talk about everyone's favorite animal!  
Everyone is crazy about sloths in Denver right now and The Bookies is no exception! Join us as we read books about sloths, do crafts, and meet a member of the Downtown Aquarium who works with them!

When: Saturday March 9th , 10:30am-11:30am