Adjourned 2019 Annual Meeting Notice
Dear Chartered Organization Representative (COR),
Yours is a most important job. As a COR, only you can exercise the membership rights of your Chartered Organization with respect to the Council. We need you at the Annual Meeting every year to receive annual reports of the Council’s Executive Board, officers, and various committees, vote candidates into leadership positions and receive year end and operating financial statements. We depend on your support and stewardship to maintain our programs.

This year we did not have enough CORs at the Annual Meeting on March 2 to meet the 1/10 of active members quorum requirement. We appreciate that time and distance can make your attendance in person challenging. Accordingly, we adjourned the meeting to Thursday, May 2, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. , and hopefully it will make it easier for you to participate.

The meeting will take place via a video conference from the four Pathway to Adventure Council service centers. CORs must be present at one of the service centers to participate (and vote) in the meeting.

Our youth and adult volunteers are counting on your support and your participation in our annual meetings.
The service centers are located at the following addresses:

Arlington Heights Center for Scouting
617 E. Golf Road, Suite 101, Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Steve Fossett Center for Scouting
1218 W. Adams Street, Chicago, IL 60607

La Grange Center for Scouting
811 W. Hillgrove Ave, La Grange, IL 60525

Robert J. Welsh Center for Scouting
8751 Calumet Ave, Munster, IN 46321
Please RSVP to Maureen Elroy at or 312.421.8800 x203. No later than April 15, 2019 .
Thank you in advance for your participation