2019 Annual Report
Executive Director's Report
Israel's late Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin, famously remarked that advancing peace between Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs was like jumping from a second-story window onto a galloping horse. In his mind, peace required exceptional leadership, involving courage, timing, resilience and planning.  He was right, but his assassination on 4 November 1995 by an Israeli extremist opposed to the Oslo Peace Accords revealed that peacebuilding in the Holy Lands demands more than a bold rider.
Peace in Jerusalem requires a different horse.  To this end, Jerusalem Peacebuilders (JPB) operates experiential, interfaith leadership development programs that unite and empower a new generation of leaders and citizens, who are committed to each other and to building a secure, shared and peaceful society for Israelis and Palestinians alike.  Our experience in the field bears out the claims of academic literature that while only governmental leaders ("riders") can draft and sign peace treaties, only ordinary citizens ("horses") can make and maintain the mutually positive, healthy human interaction that we call peace.
2019 tested every fiber of JPB.  It was a year of intense highs and lows.  Highs included launching the EXCEL Teacher-Training Institute in partnership with the Palestinian Israeli NGO Retorika for Multiculturalism and Cambridge University. We also renewed board-membership and staffing in Jerusalem, and steady growth was recorded in Houston.  Sadly, just after Easter, JPB Treasurer and fellow co-founders Stuart and Angie Kensinger died in a plane crash.  Their tragic death forever changed our lives.
Thanks to your unwavering support, we remained true to our mission of peace, shared society, and the sanctity of human life in the Holy Lands.  Robust adult and youth programming, together with reduced expenses and active fund-raising positioned JPB to enter 2020 with strength and confidence.  Special thanks go to JPB educators Jack Karn, Yardena Prawer, Noura El Zokm and Sarah Benazera for their dedication, as well as to Tamara Keshecki for her grant writing.  Special gratitude goes to co-founder Dorothy Porter and the JPB Board for their wise counsel and to Kensinger Donnelly, LLC in Houston, for its invaluable pro bono administrative support.  

Peace, Shalom, Salaam,
(The Rev. Canon) Nicholas Porter
Executive Director, Jerusalem Peacebuilders
It has been a pleasure serving as your Treasurer this year.  I accepted this position with great sadness upon the tragic and unexpected death of my predecessor, Stuart Kensinger in May 2019.

Financial statements translate the story of an organization into numbers, and as such, fail to capture the emotion, purpose, and spirit of peacebuilding.  I hope, as you read my report, you will remember the faces and sounds of the children and adults living amidst the conflict of war.  I hope you will visualize each teacher, each youth, each brother and sister working for peace, because we share with them the great calling for service.  JPB is financially healthy and well positioned for 2020.

Balance Sheet:
  • As of 31 December 2019, JPB had a healthy balance sheet with $105,975 in the operating account, $85,444 in the Stuart and Angela Scholarship Fund and $5,161 in the Fidelity Brokerage Account. 
  • JPB has the following notable liabilities and obligations:
    • $15,359 of refunds due JPB Pilgrimage guests for the cancelled 2019 pilgrimage.
    • $12,952 in obligations for the 2020 pilgrimage.[1]
    • A $25,000 donation for the development of the Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza.[2]
  • The JPB balance sheet is strong and ready for the year to come.

Respectfully submitted,
Bruce A. Barrett
Treasurer, Jerusalem Peacebuilders
At Jerusalem Peacebuilders, we remain sickened by the killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis, just as we remain sickened by the equally senseless killing of Iyad Halak by border police in Jerusalem.  Jerusalem Peacebuilders believes in the sanctity of human life.  We believe that Black lives matter, and we stand with protests against the lack of police accountability, the use of homicidal force against people of color in police custody, and the indifference of too many of this nation's district attorneys towards violence affecting Black Americans.
Race and race relations have long been a stumbling block for these United States.  We cannot deny that system-wide racism exists in our communities or that bias does not exist within ourselves.  It is not enough to claim that all this does not involve us personally.  Because it does.  Americans cannot claim that systemic racism is an evil that does not involve us because we inherited that system; it is ours now.  Nor can Americans dismiss the need for systemic change with the notion that "a few isolated bad apples" are at fault.  There can be no bad apples among those who hold the power of life and death over others.
Jerusalem Peacebuilders is dedicated to advancing the sanctity of human life.  We believe this sanctity is best honored when the same rights, freedoms and privileges are steadfastly guaranteed for all - black or white, male or female, Protestant or Catholic, Arab or Jew.
Jerusalem Peacebuilders opposes any unilateral annexation by Israel of territory in the occupied West Bank.  Any move to dispossess Palestinians of more land, resources and opportunity will only escalate violence, compound the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and further degrade the human and political rights of Palestinians.
Without justice and equity, there can be no peace.  At Jerusalem Peacebuilders, we believe that only in partnership can Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs make good on a new future for an ancient and divided land.  Each day across Israel and Palestine, our adult and youth Peacebuilders live, work, play and pray in courageous ways that confront the real issues, uphold the sanctity of human life, promote shared society, and advance peace.
On the ground and in solidarity with them this August, Jerusalem Peacebuilders will operate its summer peace and leadership programs in Jerusalem and Acre.  Dialogue, purposeful change, and deliberate mutual action - not unilateral annexation - are the pathway to the peace that millions of Jews, Christians, Muslims and Druze long and pray for each day and each night.
Bruce A. Barrett, JPB Treasurer
Bruce A. Barrett has long been an active interfaith peacemaker. Born in Connecticut, he graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a B.S. in Applied History and Industrial Management. Soon after, Bruce joined his family bill-board business, Barrett Outdoor Communications Inc.  In 2009, Bruce directed, edited, and produced the film, "The Billboard from Bethlehem," chronicling the peace work of Combatants For Peace.  Filmed on location in Israel and Palestine, the piece won the Mondavi Award for Peace and Cultural Understanding at the Sonoma International Film Festival.  
In 2010 Bruce created the IWagePeace Walk, in which members of area mosques, synagogues, and churches walk and support one another as peacemakers under the banner "We do not need to agree on everything to work together for Justice and Peace." In 2011, he sponsored a "Painting for Peace" project for JPB's debut program in Vermont, and thus began his connection to JPB.  A person of many talents, he is also the musical director of his local Congregational Church and co-owner of the largest brewpub in Connecticut, The Brewport Brewing Company.  Bruce is the JPB Treasurer and leads ongoing initiatives to enmesh JPB's Service-Learning Institute in New Haven (CT) with the local interfaith community.
Danna Kurtin, JPB Board Member at Large
Danna Kurtin is the Associate Vice President of Faculty Academic Affairs at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas .  With a PhD in Management and Policy from the University of Texas School of Public Health,  Dr. Kurtin has had over 35 years of healthcare experience in various capacities, including information systems management, data management, legal research, and outcomes research.  In her current role, she is responsible for overseeing all academic appointments at MD Anderson and for fostering relationships with executive leadership units across the institution to ensure efficient and effective system-wide processes.  

A native of Texas, Danna is an active member of Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church in Houston, Texas.  Her introduction to JPB came through participation on a pilgrimage in 2016.  Currently, she is the Staff Mentor and Volunteer Coordinator for JPB's Houston programs and the Executive Committee Chair of a project bringing cancer care to the Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza.
Your generosity built a more just and peaceful future 
for the peoples of the Holy Lands
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In-Kind Donations:
Barrett Outdoor Communications
Christ Church Cathedral, Houston, TX
Kensinger Donnelly, LLC
Outdoor Venture Group
Dorothy & Nicholas Porter
Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church, Houston, TX


Partnership strengthens ties year after year
Rev. Della and Rev. Stephanie outside the College last year
For a second year, Jerusalem Peacebuilders has benefitted from cooperation between the Berkeley Divinity School at Yale University, St. George's College and the Porter Foundation to send an outstanding Berkeley graduate to the College for a year of educational service and priestly formation.  Among the Fellow's responsibilities is teaching peacebuilding at a local school in East Jerusalem one day per week with JPB.  This year's Fellow was The Rev. Stephanie Burette, who taught at the Ib'daa Arts Academy.  Her outstanding contributions follow those of her predecessor the Rev. Della Wager Wells.  JPB is grateful to the Fellows for their contributions to advancing our mission and strengthening our partnerships with St. George's College and Cathedral.  To hear more about Rev. Stephanie's time in Jerusalem, check out this video!
Because the future of Jerusalem is the future of the world