Employee Benefits: Understanding The Basics
Once you have great employees on board, how do you keep them from jumping ship? One way is by offering a good benefits package. 

If you are receiving this newsletter, you probably already have some benefits in place for your company; but are they comprehensive enough? Is it what your employees need and want?  

Your CFI Advisor can help you structure your benefits package to fit the needs of your employees while working to help you meet your long term financial goals. 

Key Person Life Insurance: Does Your Business Need It?
Key person insurance is simply life insurance on the key person in a business.  How important is it?  

In a small business, the key person is usually the owner, the founders, or perhaps a key employee or two. These are the people who are crucial to a business -- the ones whose absence would sink the company.  You definitely need to consider key person insurance on those people.  

Your CFI Advisor can help you determine which policy is right for your business.  

Spotlight: International Medical Coverage
If you have employees that leave the country, your group medical coverage is simply not enough.  
Anthem's GeoBlue Business Traveler Plan empowers employers and employees to protect their agenda and travel without worry that an unexpected accident, illness or injury could jeopardize their investment.  The plan provides group medical benefits and services for business travelers outside of their home country for trips lasting up to 180 days. 

GeoBlue also provides coverage for expat employees: the plan is designed for international assignees and their families who are leaving their home countries for a period of six months or more.

Contact your Advisor to learn more


Reminder: Send Updates
For the sake of compliance, we require all employers to send us a list of new hires and terminations as they happen. 

The continued accuracy of your company census is important, as it allows for timely enrollments and terminations and helps you avoid complex payroll changes and billing issues. 

Along with sending you the emailed or faxed monthly update request, we have created a new, simple form that you can fill out and send to us as changes happen, rather than waiting for us to request them. 

To view and save the form please 

*Be sure to save the link as a favorite so that you can update us any time you have changes. 

Questions? Call us at 740-363-5433
Volunteer As a Group! 

Last month I wrote about volunteering, and I decided to leave it here again this month because it's so important to us. 

 Many places could use a group of people for special projects. It's a great team building activity and a fun way to give back to your community. Looking for a place to start? 

Jim Roesch, 
CEO and Chief Visionary Director