April 2019
Join Us in Creating a Space Where We Hear Our True (and Evolving!) Calling

Have you ever felt a moment arrive when you want to say, “ Ok Lord. Now I’m ready but I’m not sure for what .... Let’s start”?  Moses did .   Moses experienced different and distinct callings during his thirds of life - 0 to 40, 40 to 80 and after 80.  Have you considered how your callings are changing at different stages of your life? 
If you have ever felt the desire to learn from the past to start again, then the Bible is filled with role models. The story of Moses offers a compelling paradigm. Born under a death sentence for being a Jewish male, Moses’ parents risked everything to hide him from Pharaoh’s agents. Moses’ life took a major turn when Pharaoh’s own daughter discovered and adopted him. For the first forty years of his life, Moses lived the tension of being a Jew who was also a Prince of Egypt. 


  As I’m writing these words (and perhaps as you are reading them), it is just a little over a week before my installation as your new Associate Pastor for Family and Campus Ministries here at Oxford Presbyterian Church. As I reflect on these days, I feel such a deep sense of gratitude to enter into this ministry together with you in this unique role here at Oxford Presbyterian Church.

Growing up, I had no concept of installation of pastors in our church. Installation was something you did to a refrigerator or to an air conditioning unit. The notion that pastors were “installed” was completely alien to me until I entered into the seminary.


Easter Special Music Fund and Spring Flower Fundraiser

Palm Sunday:  Big happenings...A live donkey
·        One Great Hour of Sharing Fish Banks Special Mission Offering:  April 14

Maundy Thursday:  April 18, 2019 at The Knolls

Good Friday Walk of Witness: April 19
Easter Vigil service hosted by  Campus Ministries Saturday, April 20 at
8:00 p.m. 

Easter Day Celebration:  April 21 at 10:00 a.m. 


Spring has finally arrived! The children were busy this month- exploring the letters V, W, X and Y. 

Pastor Lawrence came to visit our Monday, Wednesday and Friday class and Pastor Marc came to visit our Tuesday and Thursday class during circle time. Both pastors retold our monthly bible story of Jonah and the Whale. We also took a trip, up the stairwell, to view the painting of Jonah sinking down into the whale’s mouth- the children were excited to see the rows and boat over their heads. 


CCNS had a SURPRISE! when the state inspector came to visit AND INSPECT on Friday, March 15, 2019.  Such visits are not announced in advance, of course, so it’s a snapshot of what is the usual. It’s a long form to complete, with about 45 RULES categories to be checked and in every category our CCNS was found  compliant .  (Which means they are doing the right thing).  Well done, CCNS staff!  It’s reassuring to know the children are in such good hands.
Nancy Moeckel (CCNS Board Member)

We welcome all interested people to explore membership at the Oxford Presbyterian Church!! To find out more about the Presbyterian Church and specifically the Oxford congregation, please let Pastor Marc, Pastor Lawrence and/or Bridgite know that you are interested, and join us for a New Members Experience in Marc's office on 
May  5th,
May 12th, and
May 19th at 9:00 A.M.

Please plan to attend the Retreat at Cloudland Retreat Center, a lovely farm just outside of Oxford.  We’ll spend part of a casual day together, first meeting for coffee in the morning.  Kathy Balduc, an experienced retreat leader, will lead us in Listening to Gods Word, Seeing God in Nature and Finding how God can speak to us through art. We will enjoy a catered lunch from LaBodega and after the retreat, we will dedicate the Birthday Offering.  Take part of a day to get away from it all and experience some meaningful time with God and each other. Reservations in May.  Contact person: Jean O’Connell  593-5894


With the completion of the Seminary renovation and the ramp construction scheduled for this spring, it is time to turn our attention back to the Memorial building. The Facilities Planning Team hopes to survey the congregation to identify next steps and needs. 
While we have a master schematic plan, there have been many changes since it was created, not the least of which are fully functional Seminary spaces.
Our plan is to gather attitudes in April and May, then determine priorities and next steps over the summer.
Please think about needs and/or opportunities that you can suggest for the Memorial building. 
What should priorities be? 
What changes, if any, would help us to be more effective on “the inward journey” and “the outward journey”? 
What would you, or a committee on which you serve like to see added, deleted, and/or modified in our spaces? 

Thank you,
The Facilities Planning Team

Have you seen the people on the steeple?

Save the date and spread the word that on Tuesday, April 23 the Deacons are sponsoring a Spring Blood Drive! Again In partnership with McCullough-Hyde Memorial/TriHealth Hospital, the Deacons are encouraging OPC members and friends to donate blood to save lives. This “random act of kindness” will touch the lives of not one but many individuals. If you are able, take the time to donate on April 23 from 9:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. at the hospital’s Church Street Bloodmobile location. To schedule your donor time, please sign up at  www.donortime.com  and use Sponsor Code #324.
Thank you from the Deacons!

Do you know someone who needs a Prayer Shawl? Shawls are given for comfort in times of illness or grief, as well as for celebration in times of joy.  If you have a friend or relative to whom you would like to give a Prayer Shawl, please 

The generosity of our members and friends continues. During February and March we received three special gifts for OPC projects.

Jo Reinhart extended a gift of $20,000 to support the need for a handicapped restroom in the Memorial building. This gift, along with her previous gift of $5,000, puts us well on the way towards the establishment of appropriate bathroom facilities for all those in our congregation. This project is ideal at this time as we will be installing a handicapped access ramp into the building and then we can look forward to making our restroom facilities inclusive as well. Each Sunday we hear Pastor Lawrence or Pastor Mark comment that “all are welcome here!” These improvements help make that invitation an enhanced reality. 

Dave and Sue Wilson provided $6,000 which will be used to address the need for darkening shades in the sanctuary of the Seminary building and for improving the sound system in the Memorial sanctuary. The Seminary shades have been determined to be necessary to enhance projected programs during daylight hours. Improvement of the audio system in the Memorial sanctuary is a need that has been evident for some time.

A gift-in-kind was received from Bill Brewer who was leaving the Oxford area and looking for a good home for his piano, which is valued at approximately $2,700. The gift of this instrument came as the Seminary renovation work is nearing completion and programming in the upper sanctuary is already evolving to require musical accompaniment. What a wonderful connection between our need and Bill’s generosity!  

A heartfelt thanks to Jo, to Dave and Sue and to Bill…you are all appreciated!

Note: The OPC Wish List has been updated and is available just outside Bridgite’s office in the Memorial Church.
Bill King
OPC Special Gifts Coordinato

Note: The OPC Wish List has been updated and is available just outside Bridgite’s office in the Memorial Church.


IN OUR PRAYERS Keep these friends in your prayers :
Betty Barnhart, Jean Butterfield, John Curry, Tracy DeGood, Bob Douglass, Nancy Gates, Genee Hesse, Breanna Kinneman, Ruth Miller, Jan Reinhart, Becky Rudolph, Sarah Soika, Joan Teckman, Dave Wilson, Stacey Winn, John and Jean Woodruff 

Lord in Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayers

Tuesday Afternoon Circle
will meet at 1 pm Tuesday April 16 at the Country Kitchen at the Knolls. Pat Gifford will lead lesson 7, Becky Quay will lead the Mission Yearbook. We meet for lunch at 12 noon. Please call Prue Dana if you can attend lunch.

Tuesday Evening Circle
Evening Circle for April 2 will meet at the home of Debbie Davidson, 6027 Vereker Dr. Debbie will be her own co-hostess. Janet Holmes is doing the Program and the Devotions.


*Saturday, April 6
*10:00 A.M.
*At the Seminary, 104 East Church St.
*Pot-luck breakfast buffet

You are invited! Invite a friend/ neighbor/ relative/ new person to town. What could I bring? Do-nuts, muffins, scones, hot-cross buns, coffee- cake, quiche, egg casserole, grits, brioche, mush.

Guest musician, Christine House-Shumway, Talawanda Strings teacher, 
Brief business meeting & officer elections


M eeting opened with singing/reading the hymn “Were You There?” The importance of this hymn, leading up to Easter, was discussed.

The acceptance of three Special Gifts was approved; a spinet piano and monetary gifts to be usedfor: darkening shades in the Seminary and update of the audio system in the Memorial Sanctuary; and proposed handicapped restroom in the Memorial Building (still in planning stage); 

Review of goals of Vision 20/20 by Membership, Evangelism & Fellowship and by Worship & Music. Vision 20/20 is a plan put in place by session in January 2018, which established goals for the church by 2020.

Motion passed to seek donations, goal $10,000, for TOPSS (Talawanda Oxford Pantry and Social Services) facility. This goal will be fulfilled through a combination of gifts from members and friends as well as funding from ministries such as Mission and Outreach, Deacons and more.

OPC has many opportunities for participation, education, fellowship. Often events overlap making it necessary to make choices and thus miss one or more. It is suggested that scheduling might be improved.

Facilities Planning Team will be coming to the congregation for input re viewpoints on the upgrade of the Memorial Building.
Judy Fisher, Clerk


This could be the headline in the June newsletter, IF and only IF, YOU
join the rummage team.  We need everyone to huddle up and join in.  Start off with spring training by lifting those extra items out of your closets, kitchen, garage, shed, neighbors shed (only in the dark of night).  RUN those items to the Seminary beginning SUNDAY MAY 5 from 2pm to 5pm.  There will be team managers there to help you unload!  2 points for each basketful you bring!  

More opportunities to score during the week:
Monday  May 6 from 10a to 6pm
Tuesday May 7 from  10a to 6pm
Wednesday May 8 from  10a to 6pm

Also on the above days, you may drop items in the collection box outside the Church Office aka Bridgite’s Office.

Game days:  
Thursday May 9, from 6 to 8pm.  
Friday May 10 from 10a to 3pm and Saturday May 11 from 10am to 12noon (bag sale!).  

Saturday May 11 starting at noon a rare opportunity to show your pack up and put away skills to our Fall Rummage Scouts.  Don’t miss any of these team tryout times!  Go Team!


  I will be showing the recent church services on DVD at 10:00 on April 9 & 23 in the Activity Room of the Healthcare wing. Do join us.  Becky Quay

It’s time to celebrate a significant anniversary. 70 years ago, a group of congregations decided they needed to come together and raise funds to assist in war relief in Europe and Asia. Since that time, One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) has expanded to include different Christian denominations and organizations. By 2018 Presbyterians had given more than $150 million to OGHS. 

On Sunday, March 24 th we’ll be distributing the very familiar Fish Banks to our Church School and Confirmation Class students. The gifts made in these banks still go to share God’s love with our neighbors in need around the world. What started as a war relief effort has expanded to provide relief to those affected by natural disasters, food to the hungry, and help to empower the poor and oppressed. 
It’s our time again to share. Fish Banks are available to “kids of all ages.” Yes, we will be sending home a bank with each of our young people during Lent,

As the Spring semester comes to a close, all college students are invited to join us for two dinners coming up  Sunday, April 7 th  and Sunday, May 5 th .  

We will gather for a warm, delicious meal, and a casual, conversational topic discussion led by Pastor Marc. More details (when/where) will be announced soon, so mark your calendars!

The Senior Center has three vehicles that can be used to transport members to worship on Sunday. Currently, they just have one driver available on Sundays. A mandatory 6-hour driver training course is required. Please contact the Senior Center if you are interested in driving people from our own and other churches to church on Sunday. 

Meet Emma Lake!   
She's a 6th grader at Talawanda Middle School and best described by the words "constant motion".  Emma is a competitive ice skater, spending 10 hours at Goggin each week.  
When she's not at Goggin, she's either running for fun or chasing the baby calves on their family farm.  Emma is active in our community with Girl Scouts and helping her family (and our church team) at Relay for Life.  Her first Relay for Life was when she was 1 year old, and she's walked countless miles since then for a cure for cancer.  In her free time, she enjoys reading, riding horses, and watching HGTV.  

Help us shine the spotlight on your son or daughter, or a youth you know who has been working hard, achieving, sharing, helping, more. Contact Nancy Moeckel. 
Building a new community pantry with expanded services on the grounds of Merry Day Park received unanimous approval by the Oxford City Council. 
Architect Norm Butt, who is working on the project was at the meeting and said his job was made easy with the project because the board had provided sketches which showed what they wanted. “I have worked with them to be sure it meets building code requirements,” he said, adding he has been working with Bayer Becker engineers on the plans. “Our job is to take the lead on their vision and how it connects to the community better, retaining the park area there now.”
TOPSS board secretary Ann Fuehrer said they wanted to expand services to not only provide food to clients, but to help meet nutritional needs of those families being served in the Talawanda School District, taking into account education about nutrition issues. Council member Steve Dana, who is a former member of the board of the Oxford Community Choice Pantry and president, called the plan “forward-looking” and said, “It is very broadly conceived to integrate with social services.”
Read this entire articleby Bob Ratterman, Contributing Writer, published in the Hamilton-Journal, by searching “topss oxford.”  This article should come up first in your results list.

Recently, someone said to me, “I can still taste that flavorful soup you made a few weeks ago Nancy.”  The joy and excitement she shared with me about that experience, reminded me of the passion I have for teaching others about nutrition. In my role as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and educator, I strive to provide relevant nutrition information and learning experiences for my students. 

The organization Feeding America notes that in 2017, 1 in 8 Americans were food insecure, equating to 40 million Americans, including 12 million children. (Household Food Security in the United States in 2017, ERR-256, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service) 

What is Autism?
Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a complex neuro-developmental condition that typically appears during the first three years of life.  The result of neurological disorder that affects the normal functioning of the brain, autism impacts development in the areas of social interaction and communication skills.  
Both children and adults with autism typically show difficulties in verbal and non-verbal communication, social interactions, and leisure or play activities.  One should keep in mind that autism is spectrum disorder and it affects each individual differently and to varying degrees.  Early diagnosis is crucial to have the best possible long-term outcomes.  With early identification, a child can begin benefitting from one of many specialized intervention programs.  According to the CDC, the prevalence rate for autism is now 1 in 59 children.  ASD is reported to occur in all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups.  ASD is about 4 times more common among boys than among girls

  Friday, September 1, 2017: This was a day of travel and reflection for our group.  
We were taken to the airport in Barranquilla where we shared more hugs and kisses, and a few tears as we departed.  It is such a joy and honor that the Oxford Presbyterian Church is able to help our sister church be engaged in helping those that are displaced. Yes, the structure of the family and the value of family life may appear to be lost for many displaced people in Colombia.  However we also see great hope for these people through the Bethesda Center

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April Fool’s Day
Taco Bell once announced that they had purchased the Liberty Bell and were renaming it the Taco Liberty Bell. People were really angry until they found out it was a joke.

April 14: National Library Workers Day

The most expensive book ever purchased was sold for $30.8 million. It was  Codex Leicester  by Leonardo Da Vinci, and it was purchased by Bill Gates, according to Business Insider  

Church bulletin bloopers
This being Easter Sunday, we will ask Mrs. Lewis to come forward and lay an egg on the altar.

The church will host an evening of fine dining, super entertainment and gracious hostility.

For those of you who have children and don’t know it, we have a nursery downstairs.

Question of the Month
Before Mount Everest was discovered, what was the highest mountain in the world?
You know what to do!

Peep peep… did you know Americans buy more than 700 million marshmallow Peeps during Easter? This makes Peeps the most popular non-chocolate Easter candy.

We welcome your feedback on the newsletter. We CRAVE your feedback like a horse craves peppermint. What is missing from the newsletter that you would like to see? Let me know. Thanks, nancy. moeckenj@miamioh.edu .Now here is your bonus for reading this section. Worrying works! More than 90 percent of the things I worry about never happen.”