Phoenix Beakin' August 2019
Details on event times and locations are on the Phoenix Landing website .

** Due to construction at SEAVS, August classes previously scheduled in Fairfax have been moved to Grace Presbyterian in Springfield, VA.**

August 3, Hagerstown, MD:
A Parrot's Point of View

August 10, Springfield, VA: 
Parrot Behavior and Training: Getting Started

August 11th, Cary, NC:
A Parrot's Point of View

August 17th, Alexander, NC:
Interior Design, Setting the Cage Up for Action

August 17th, Springfield, VA:
The Contented Companion

August 18th, Jacksonville, FL:
No Place Like Home

August 23-25, Alexander, NC:
Skills to Empower People to Understand Parrots (FULL)
Space is still available in the November 9-11 workshop .


Bonnie Zimmermann,
´╗┐Indonesian Parrot Project

Saturday, September 7
10:00a.m. - 12 Noon
Grace Presbyterian Church
7434 Grace Street
Springfield, VA

Join us to hear Bonnie Zimmermann talk about the amazing conservation work Indonesian Parrot Project is involved in. See a new documentary about Indonesian Parrot Project, and join us for an auction and special sales supporting the parrots of Indonesia!
Some of Our Many Adoptable Birds
Interested in adopting? Details on the adoption process, and a link to the adoption application, may be found on the Adoption page on the Phoenix Landing website. With over 100 parrots in the adoption program, and another 100+ on our waiting list, the adoption coordinator for your area will work with you to find a good fit.
Riley the black capped lory
RILEY is a black capped lory who is about 16 years old and has been in the Phoenix Landing adoption program for over two years, despite being very social and charming! He is very personable, and has interesting things to say. He's interactive once he gets to know you. He has some plucked spots on his chest, but is still beautiful. Lories have special diets, are energetic, intelligent, and a lot of fun to watch. Riley enjoys showers, as well as his lory nectar powder, juice, and fruits.
Coconut and Dillon Moluccan cockatoos available for adoption
COCO and DYLAN are two Moluccan female cockatoos who are available for adoption. Coco (34) and Dylan (25) are comfortable hanging out in an outdoor aviary together at the adoption center, but aren't bonded, and can be adopted separately. If you are looking for two personable, intelligent female cockatoos, though, we think they'd do great in a home together, too! What better enrichment is there than having another bird around? *Fun fact: Coco was one of the first birds to enter Phoenix Landing's adoption program, and had a great home for many years. But, due to changes in life circumstances, is back looking for her next great home.
LUCKY is a Triton cockatoo who is about 25 years old. He is very personable, social, and charming! He says, "Hello," "Bye," "Wanna kiss?" and other phrases. He also will dance to music, or even snapping, and say "Dance!" He would do best in a home with cockatoo experience, that is experienced with reading body language. He gets excited and can get loud quickly when he does, so needs a home that can praise him and try to keep him at an "inside voice" when he is happy and playing.
Auction to support
Indonesian Parrot Project
As part of the September 7th Phoenix Landing event with Indonesian Parrot Project, some unique, meaningful pieces from both organizations will be auctioned off.

´╗┐Bidding online will open on August 28. Details on bidding will be included the September Phoenix Landing newsletter, posted on the event page on the Phoenix Landing website, and posted on Phoenix Landing's Facebook page .

One of these pieces is "Sweet Rosie," a painting of Phoenix Landing's Rosie the Moluccan, who passed away in May of 2018 at 35+ years in age. The painting was beautifully created and donated by artist Deb Knowlson. Knowlson is committed to conservation and often creates works with conservation messages, and uses them to support conservation. See more of her work at

The painting, with mat and frame, measures approximately 20 3/4" x 16 3/4".

Rosie had originally been wild caught, and not only plucked, but mutilated. The cause was likely bone and heart disease. She had an army of amazing veterinarians caring for her, and a special volunteer, Michaeline, who saw her through every up and down. Phoenix Landing cannot think of a better effort for Knowlson's beautiful painting of Rosie to support than helping wild Moluccans and other parrots through the efforts of Indonesian Parrot Project.

Please share with all the cockatoo lovers you know!
New! Perky Parrot Toys
A lot of parrots love shreddable toys, or at least toys that they can chip away at and destroy. If your bird falls into that category, Super Bird Creations has a new line of toys called the Perky Parrot Toys, and it fits the bill! View them in Phoenix Landing's Helping Parrots online store .
What's New in Parrot (or Bird) News?
Ways to Help
Wish list:
  • Forever stamps.
  • Paper towels.
  • Toilet paper.
  • Dawn dish soap for washing bird dishes (not birds.)
  • Walnuts in the shell, and walnut halves.
  • Triangle rope swings for the parrots here, size large.
  • Chainsaw.
  • Metal garbage shed.