2019 Big12 Fall Invitational Players That Shined

Daniel Jacobs Top Caliber
Caiden Perry Top Caliber LSM/Defense
William Maag Top Caliber
William Ross Top Caliber Midfield
  Dennis Mulligan Top Caliber Midfield
Connor McDonough Rock Lacrosse Midfield
  Kai Cummings Rock Lacrosse Midfield 

Mason Scott Rock Lacrosse Attack
Justin Westcoat Philly Freedom  Midfield
Cooper Ash  Philly Freedom  LPM/D
Ben Tompkins Philly Freedom  Goalie
Brett Jackson Top Caliber 
Connor Harlacher Rock Lacrosse LSM/D
JP Jones  Rock Lacrosse Attack
Charlie Matusek  Eastside Attack
Simon Moore PLC Midfield
Nate Levicki PLC Defense
Chris Huber Top Caliber  Midfield
Timmy Thomas Eastside Midfield
Blain Smith PLC
Doug Fitzmaurice PLC LPM/D
Seamus Kearny Rock Lacrosse  LPM/D
Dominic Notolli Rock Lacrosse FOGO
Matthew Ford Philly Freedom  Defense
JD Shiner Philly Freedom  Defense
Owen Mehok Philly Freedom Attack
Owen Murray Philly Freedom Midfield/Attack
Jack Smith PLC Attack
Chris Savani PLC Goalie
Michael Emerick Eastside Attack
Gabriel Wilbanks Top Caliber  Midfield
Matthew Ford Philly Freedom Defense
Pierce Nozeika Gonzo Midfield
Branden Hartleib Gonzo LPM/Defense

Aidan Laughlin Rock Lacrosse Goalie
Connor Michael  Rock Lacrosse Midfield
Keegan Tracy Rock Lacrosse Defense
Michael Lloyd Philly Freedom Midfield
Griffin McGovern Philly Freedom Midfield
William Cody Philly Freedom Goalie
Andy Giandonato  Philly Freedom Defense
Jake Freeberry Philly Freedom Attack
Tyler Mininnio Philly Freedom Defense
Jacob Nottolli Rock Lacrosse Attack
Jake Bradey Rock Lacrosse LPM/Defense
Cole McNaughton Rock Lacrosse Midfield
Colby Bushweller Philly Freedom Midfield

Players that shined were evaluated by members of the NCAA coaching community in attendance at the 2019 Big12 Fall Invitational!

Congrats to all who were recognized
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