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March 12 2019Premier Fly-In Only Canadian Trophy Hunting News




We still have a few openings for our caribou hunts Sept. 5-11 (6), Sept. 11-17 (2), and Sept. 17-24 (6). While the migration has been erratic in recent years, a large section of the herd has now made its way into Northern Manitoba for its traditional winter home. Much has been made of the recent developments across North America in regards to the different herds that populate it. Our herd, the Kaminuriak, are currently the largest herd at 280,000 animals. Caribou hunt There is always a bit of mystery or conjecture in regards to these herds as the lack of research money limits the amount of data the biologists can gather. However, our issue is not about health but about delayed migrations before entering Manitoba. In 2018, the crux of the herd actually swung west instead of South in September thru December. This affected not only the Manitoba camps but the Nunavut ones too. During our season, we had a chunk of the herd break off from the main and get within two miles of the Manitoba border before stalling. Fortunately, at least a few crossed.

Caribou huntOur success rate, even with a couple of tough years, is still one to be envied. We certainly understand the angst of our hunters when the migration does not cooperate. No one wishes to please our hunters more than our staff. The bigger question as we see it is how long will this hunt still be available? Caribou are a traditional subsistence animal for the northern First Nations and the governments are understandably very conservative in their management of them. Our guess is, if you want to take a caribou or Central barren ground caribou, grab the opportunity while you still can in the next year or two.



Ptarmigan Hunt


Ptarmigan hunt

Over the years, we have had many hunters request Ptarmigan hunting trips. Our area is a great area to hunt these arctic gamebirds and excellent for extended walking. This year we are now accepting a limited number of bird hunters who wish to chase these arctic grouse. Dogs are welcome too. We can only imagine the thrill of working the tundra bush with an excellent bird dog.

The price is $ 5995 from Winnipeg, guided. Dogs are extra.
Call Now! Limited number of hunts. 352-861-3174



Black bear huntWe still have two spots remaining for our limited spring bear hunt June 8-15 and 15-22. This is your greatest opportunity to be in an area with huge, unhunted bears and different color phases. Only eight hunters will test this 5,000,000 acre area in 2019. You should be one of them ! (Singles are welcome)




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Caribou Hunting

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