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By serving on one of the Committees, Task Force Groups, or in a Leadership Position, you have the opportunity to design your engagement in ways that connect to the Associations mission and to your own skills, passions, and abilities. 

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Dennis Basile
2019 President Space Coast Association of REALTORS
2019 Committee List
Brand Awareness Committee
Purpose: This committee will evaluate and recommend to the Board of Directors the most effective use of our resources to promote the REALTOR brand in a positive manner within the community. Public Relations knowledge is a plus to participate in this committee.

Committee Chairperson: Bill Oswald

Brevard's Children & Families in Need Committee
Purpose: This committee is the fundraising arm for the Space Coast Association of Realtors Foundation. We need volunteers for planning and organizing, promoting and working at the fundraising events being self-motivated and working well with others is a plus for this committee.

Committee Chairperson: Debbie Sanders

Budget & Finance Committee
Purpose: Prepares the annual Space Coast Association of REALTORS budget, and meets quarterly to recommend dues amounts, capital expenditures and budget modifications to the Directors.
This committee will meet approximately four times. Needed skills are knowing how to read financials and working with numbers.

Committee Chairperson: Reagan Masone, 2019 Treasurer

Commercial Investment Committee
Purpose:  To promote a comprehensive understanding of terms and procedures to aid REALTORS to better serve their Commercial clients.  This shall be accomplished through training; marketing and networking with established Commercial REALTORS® in our area. To inform our members of the latest economic trends and conditions that affects the commercial market. Allow our members to promote and present their commercial properties to the membership. With your membership dues of $20 per year you will be able to post all your commercial listing to the 'Total Commercial' web site.

Committee Chairperson: Rusty Melle

Commercial Services Taskforce
Purpose: To identify Commercial services for the Association and addressing how to bring in more Commercial membership and involvement.
To provide input to the Board of Directors about commercial services the association can provide to support our commercial members. This committee will also be in charge of the programs provided to the commercial investment council. At least 5 years of commercial sales, leasing, or management experience is the requirement to be a part of this taskforce.
Committee Chairperson: Rusty Melle

Community Outreach Committee
Purpose: This committee will evaluate and recommend at least two community projects that the Association should be involved with and commit volunteers to address the needs of these projects.

Committee Chairperson: Samantha Selig-Silberzan 

Global Committee
Purpose:  To educate the REALTOR® family on how to conduct international real estate transactions with foreign nationals and understanding the cultural issues that are an integral part of working with global buyers and sellers.   To find local business partners and introduce them to the association to help international transaction, i.e. loan officers who do business overseas.

Committee Chairperson: Claes Carlsson

Government Affairs
Purpose: Identify legislation being considered locally, statewide, and nationally that affects property owners and inform our board of directors of the legislation. Creates functions to foster a good working relationship with our local elected officials.

Committee Chairperson: Pat Weeks
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Grievance Committee
Purpose:  Assists the Board in determining if an arbitration matter or ethics case should be forwarded to a formal hearing heard by the Professional Standards Committee.

Committee Chairperson Team A: Steve Nieroda
Committee Chairperson Team B: Dan Quattrocchi

Green Committee
Purpose:  To make the knowledge of green real estate practices available to everyone and to encourage our industry to produce more sustainable new and existing homes. 

Committee Chairperson: Danielle Bowden

Leadership Academy
Purpose: Leadership Academy is designed to assist REALTORS® who want to get involved, make a difference, grow their businesses and expand their leadership skills. Members will be mentored, inspired, empowered and motivated to become the successful leaders they know they can be. Participants may attend a FREC hearing, joining the association in Tallahassee and other behind the scenes Association events. Leadership Academy is limited to 10 people.

Committee Chairperson: Lynn Jones

Member Benefit Day Taskforce
This taskforce's mission is to produce an event (one or two days) once per year to educate our members about all the benefits Space Coast Association of Realtors offers.

Committee Chairperson: Laura Hazlett

MLS Committee
Purpose: To develop and enforce procedures and governing rules for the MLS to maintain the high quality of service provided by the MLS. This committee also reviews recommendations from MLS Users for implementation and also evaluates alternative services and modifications to the MLS computer system in an effort to enhance the MLS system for everyday REALTOR use.

We need "boots on the ground" members who use the MLS daily and regularly. Fine-tuning, training and testing our MLS platform is a never-ending opportunity to get involved. If the MLS is something that you are interested in helping to maintain, please click the register button below to be part of this committee. You will meet approximately 12 times, one meeting per month.

Committee Chairperson: Crystal Edgerly

Professional Standards 
Purpose: Hears and decides complaints against REALTORS involving alleged violations of Code of Ethics. Hears and decides monetary business disputes between REALTORS® of different firms and REALTORS® and their clients.

Knowing and following the Code of Ethics is crucial to keeping our profession respected and esteemed. Every member should serve on one of these two committees, Professional Standards or Grievance, at least once during their careers. Professional Standards training will be available before the first meeting.

Committee Chairperson: Phil Rooney

Professionalism Taskforce and Education Committee
Purpose: This group will develop and or identify educational programs to enhance professionalism in our Association. This taskforce needs experienced members that have "seen it all" and are willing to help raise the bar for members of our Association.

Committee Chairperson: Kerry Ramage

Property Management Forum
Purpose: Increases professionalism and income opportunities for all interested Space Coast Association of REALTORS® members through forums, roundtables, and other educational events. The committee also provides resources and consultation on leasing and management issues to the general membership.

Committee Chairperson: Karen Gunn-Bardot

RPAC (REALTORS Political Action Committee)
Purpose: Implements the annual RPAC fund-raising drives.

RPAC is not the Democrat or Republican Party. It is the REALTOR Party where we put our money where our mouth is. Raising funds for lobbying efforts at the city and county levels. Lobbying efforts in Tallahassee and Washington DC has been used to keep the mortgage interest deductible, prohibiting cities and counties from charging individual real estate agents a business license fee and keeping "mega-banks" out of the real estate business.

Raising awareness and money is a special gift that you may have - and we need you.

Looking forward we need to continue fighting for our rights, and the rights of our customers, and educating Realtors and consumers on the legislation that may impact our livelihood and homeownership!

Committee Chairperson: Marcella Goff

Technology Committee
Purpose: Research and identify new technology that could benefit the Association or our members. This committee will also be tasked with keeping our membership informed about new apps that might help them in their day to day business.

Committee Chairperson: Dan Barber

YPN (Young Professionals Network)
Purpose: The Young Professionals Network (YPN) helps young Real Estate practitioners become more business savvy by hosting regular networking events, communicating with other YPN members, and sharing tips and tricks. 

Committee Chairperson: Louie Polsinelli 

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