The Peace Development Fund's 2019 
Applications Will Be Accepted 
Between November 30th and December 28th

PDF makes grants to community-based organizations working for social justice. We believe that the change in values needed to establish a more just and peaceful world can come about only if it is strongly rooted in local communities that value the importance of building movements to create systemic social change.
How do you know if your organization is a good fit for our grantmaking ? We fund groups that are:

  • Organizing to Shift Power: Groups that are creating a power base that can hold leaders accountable to the people who are affected by their decisions.

  • Working to Build a Movement: Groups that organize in the local community, but make connections between local issues and a broader need for systemic change.

  • Dismantling Oppression: Groups and projects that are proactively engaged in a process of dismantling oppression, confronting privilege, and challenging institutional structures that perpetuate oppression (both internal and external to the organization).

  • Creating New Structures: Groups that have alternative organizational structures that allow power to flow "from the bottom up."

  • New or emerging organizations; efforts that have difficulty securing funds from other sources; community organizations working on climate change issues at the local policy level; groups that have a genesis in Occupy, MeToo or Movement for Black Lives; collaborative peace initiatives led by women; or issues that are not yet recognized by progressive funders.

PDF does not fund organizations that have budgets of more than $250,000; whose main body of work operates outside the U.S., Mexico or Haiti; that are looking for help with a single event or conference; or that offer social services not linked to a clear organizing strategy. The average grant size is $5,000. Please read our grant criteria and visit our website to learn more.

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Thank you for your support.