January 2019
What PDF's 2019 Year Will Bring
Community Organizing Grant Cycle
The applications are in!
photo credit to The Montana Racial Equity Project, a Community Organizing Grant recipient in 2017
Each year PDF receives more than 100 Community Organizing Grant applications. These applications allow us to connect with organizations all over the country and gain an understanding of the most pressing issues that threaten peace and justice. These groups offer us insight into problems that affect the most marginalized groups that are just entering public consciousness and are in need of attention. We receive grant applications from organizations whose missions cover a wide array of issues, but all have the goal of community organizing and creating lasting, systemic change.

This past December, PDF received 115 applications from organizations. Major themes that appeared in several applications include the rights of Queer-Trans People Color, anti-gentrification, labor justice, affordable housing, equal access to education, economic justice, challenging big oil companies, environmental protection, Indigenous rights, immigrant rights, youth organizing, racial justice and access to health care.

PDF believes in the power of seed funding. We award small general support grants that allow our grantees to remain flexible and build their capacity. This, in turn, gives organizations the opportunity to improve and retain the skills, knowledge, tools, equipment and other resources needed to do their jobs to a greater capacity. Our grants also signify to other foundations that these organizations are good investments for their work.

To learn more about our Community Organizing Grants click here.
Coming Soon:
Grassroots Funding Week
April 2019 will mark our second Grassroots Funding Week. PDF created Grassroots Funding Week as a way to bridge the gap between donors and communities who lack public visibility. PDF is an early funder, working with emerging organizations that often have limited access to large social media platforms and the resources that can help them grow. We want to assist these special organizations, doing much needed work, to succeed.

During our Grassroots Funding Week, PDF will use our online presence to highlight the work, stories and missions of organizations we support. Each day, we will focus on an area of social justice by highlighting organizations working in that critical area. Last year, PDF focused on groups involved in Climate Justice, Youth Organizing, Immigrant Rights, the #MeToo movement, Economic Justice and Human Rights.

You can be part of Grassroots Funding Week and learn about the different organizations featured each day by visiting our website, Instagram and Twitter between April 29th and May 3rd. You can read about the amazing work the community organizations are doing and click on the organizations that align with your giving priorities. By supporting these groups, together we are building a movement for social change.
A More Involved Philanthropy
The Pioneer Valley Community Advised Fund (PVCAF) was created as a way for local donors to have a more active role in philanthropy, learn more about grantmaking and be exposed to organizations that are making an impact in the Pioneer Valley. The grantmaking project guides participants through the process of learning about fund-raising, grantmaking and social change.

One participant from the 2018 cycle said, "I really enjoyed meeting and hearing from the different groups and getting to know the individuals in those groups a bit more. It felt really fruitful and exciting to talk together with these wonderful activists."

Members of the Fund read and screen applications, interview finalists, and ultimately recommended new grantees to PDF's Board of Directors.

This is an opportunity to make a difference in an informed way. PDF is dedicated to helping grassroots organizations on the frontlines of change. Our flagship Community Organizing Grants program is known nationally as the go-to place for organizations looking to create systemic change. We have a reputation for fostering blossoming organizations and helping them to reach their full potential.

With more than 37 years of experience in grantmaking, the Peace Development Fund is able to guide PVCAF participants move through the grantmaking process and understand the issues affecting our community. This is an opportunity to become engaged with the community and make an impact.

If you would like more information of the PVCAF email Hannah.

Do you want to have a more active role in philanthropy but live outside the Pioneer Valley? Click here to read about our Donor Advised Funds program. 
Thank you for your support.