March 25, 2019
2019 Canadian Occupational Health Nurses Conference
May 22-24, 2019 . Edmonton, Alberta
Presented by Tammy Dunnett, MN
Founder of Communication Crossroads  
Have you given up on speaking up? Do you feel powerless in your workplace? Is bullying silencing you from doing the right thing and you are now feeling burned out and broken? 

Nurses constantly triage competing priorities with every patient interaction and juggle the boundaries of profession, patient confidentiality, and organizational needs. When a bully is added to the mix, patient safety can be overlooked as we struggle to protect ourselves first. I have been there too and I want to help you take your power back In this presentation, participants will learn how to cultivate a safe workspace as we shine a light on bullying behaviors: 
  • The difference between a bad day and a bully and why that matters
  • Impacts to Person, Place, and Patient
  • 3 Simple and Safe Conversation Starters to Start Using Today

As a survivor of workplace bullying and an advocate for psychologically safe work spaces, Tammy is referred to as the "person to talk to" when conflict arises. Her knowledge is rooted in research and enriched with experiences that invite a deep dive into toxic workplace relationships and their impact on organizational health, personnel wellbeing, and patient safety. Tammy shares her personal story of illness and how hope and resilience lead to recovery and now fuels her passion to help others. 

With over two decades of healthcare experience and teaching, Tammy is focused on elevating collegial relationships and enhancing accountability to influence patient safety. Tammy focuses on the details of communication to improve emotional safety in the workplace and enhance employee wellness, retention, productivity, and innovation. 
She will captivate your audiences and ignite a wave of change.   

Student Sponsors Step Up to Support Next Generation of OHNs
With support from  Ptolemy & Associates Levitt-Safety  and  MacEwan University Faculty of Nursing , the 2019 Canadian Occupational Health Nurses Conference is pleased to offer highly subsidized rates to all students to attend the conference.   Click here to download and share this invitation.

Full Conference rates for students are as follows:
Student Members: $250.00   Student General: $275.00

The Full Conference rates for students includes the Education Day presented by COHNA-ACIIST, two additional days of conference, and the awards banquet! One day rates range from only $70.00 to 110.00.

AOHNA extends its sincere appreciation to the Student Sponsors of the 2019 Canadian Occupational Health Nurses Conference:
Final Week to Nominate an OHN for an Award!
Nomination deadline: March 31, 2019
In 2018-2019, one focus of AOHNA has been on reaching out to and growing our membership. We have tried to put emphasis on our own accomplishments and success as OHNs and even our conference theme is “Shining Our Light”. We urge you to help us shine light on members you feel deserve recognition. It takes a minimal amount of time to nominate a fellow member of AOHNA for an award. What a lovely statement we make when we recognize each other and hold each other up. Please consider submitting a colleague’s name for an AOHNA award. Alternatively if you feel that your employer has been instrumental to your success please consider nominating them! Here is link:    Please send all nominations to Lori Bossen at  

  • AOHNA Employer Award
  • Ruptash-Mandryk Nurse of the Year Award
  • Chapter - Exemplary Service Award
  • Years of Dedicated Service Award
  • Promising Performer Award
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Attending the 2019 Canadian Occupational Health Nurses Conference? Extend an invitation to a student. If they register, both of your names will be entered into a draw to win an AOHNA prize pack! Click here to enter your names in the draw.

Vendor Trade Show Opportunities
The Alberta Occupational Health Nurses’ Association and the Canadian Association for Occupational Health Nurses invite you to exhibit your products and/or services during the 2019 Canadian Occupational Health Nurses’ Conference! Conference delegates are highly qualified professionals who exert strong influence on buying decisions for services, equipment, and supplies for their companies. During the conference, attendees will be encouraged to visit exhibits and interact with exhibitors about the products and services they offer. 

Appreciation is extended to all sponsors of the
2019 Canadian Occupational Health Nurses Conference!
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