2019 Dominican Republic
Mission Team
Christ Episcopal Church
Valdosta, Georgia
Our 15th Missioner -- Bishop Moisés Quezada
Julia and I have some exciting news -- the Rt. Rev. Moisés Quezada, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic, will be joining us on Saturday, June 22, and will stay overnight in the Campamento dormitory with his wife, our fellow missioner Jeannette. On Sunday morning, he and Jeannette will leave the Campamento to drive to the nearby city of Bonao for his annual visitation to the Episcopal church there. We will be leaving El Pedregal after the 9 a.m. church service to return to Santo Domingo for our overnight stay before we return to the US on Monday, June 24. As of now I don't know the time he will arrive on Saturday, but we are hoping he will be there for supper and a question-and-answer session about the diocesan ministries -- one of which is hosting about 50 mission teams like ours from the United States every year.

And more good news -- yesterday we learned that the construction of the new bedroom for our friend, Pirlulu, has started. As you will remember, Pirlulu lives in a dilapidated room made of pieces of plywood and poles attached to his grandmother Elena's house, and we are replacing that room with a sturdy one made of concrete blocks. A local contractor and friend of our team, Euclides, has taken on the job of starting the construction, and will carry it to a point where we can complete the job when we arrive in June. To see an album showing photographs of the construction process, click here.

And a note on Pirlulu -- that's his nickname, and I'm not sure how to spell it. His real name is José Aníbal Peñaló, and in the album linked above you can see his graduation diploma from the Dominican special education school he has attended since he was a child with scholarship support from our team. He is now a young adult, and capable of living almost independently.

No new information documents this week, since Julia and I are still working on the final details for our scholarship fundraiser May 3. The current list of available 2019 documents is at the bottom of the planning page here.

Speaking of the May 3 fundraiser, the current list of items on the live and silent auctions is online here . If you cannot attend that event but would like to place an initial bid on one of the live auction items, please contact me by 12 noon on May 3.

Reminder - Team Fee of $650 Was Due April 30. Problem in paying this amount? Just let me know.


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The planning webpage for the 2019 mission trip is online here. All information about the trip will be added to this page just as soon as it is available.

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